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Photography Exposed: Infrared

Mon Jun 22, 2015, 10:00 AM
Photography exposed is a brand new series of articles brought to you by your General Photography Community Volunteers! Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden and tiganusi are going to be exposing the popular and the not so popular galleries within main Photography gallery here on DeviantArt. We're kicking off with Infrared because we can and because it's a brand shiny new sub-gallery of DeviantArt that many of you know nothing about. For more information on how and when this gallery came about check out Infrared Photography - The Gallery is here!

Squared by bamboomix

What is it? 

"Infrared photography is style that predominantly uses the infrared portion of the light spectrum to create images on photographic film or digital sensors."
If you're unsure then please hold that thought because we're going to be bringing you an awesome week focusing purely on Infrared Photography over at projecteducate on the 10th of August. So if you have questions, queries, concerns or just want to know something more about Infrared Photography then head over to projecteducate and send a note or leave a comment on this article. We'll aim to answer you by August (at least!)

Waiting for lunch by egypt04Road trip  Estrie by jfdupuis

Alone on an Island by swiftmoonphotoByways LVIII by eprowe1064 by Nigrita
Tuscany IR by insolitus85Dreaming by bamboomix
Tuscany IR - VII by DimensionSeven

IR Landscape by vw1956
IR Filter Test Shot by WMill
Infrared Nature by MBHenriksenClouds infrared ... by MichiLauke


Project Educate

We have some exciting times ahead! Photo-journalism is coming to projecteducate courtesy of tanikel, Timothy-Sim and your General Photography CVs! So we're asking you now whether you have any burning questions relating to Photo-journalism that you'd like answered, or any specific questions for tanikel and Timothy-Sim about their work. The week will launch on July 6th so you have plenty of time to think about what to ask...


Timothy Sim currently works for Reuters as a Sub-Editor at the Global Pictures Desk and therefore has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share with you all ;) Ask him about his work, his challenges and more - don't be afraid! Tim is an inspiration in the Photo-journalism community and has some incredible skills to share.

Singapore Fashion Week 1 by Timothy-Sim


Kristina is your loveable Photo-journalism Community Volunteer right now and also has so much knowledge to share. Based in the USA, she has experience of photographing all sorts. She's a combat documentation/production specialist (combat camera for us lazy folks) currently teaching the photography portion of her job. Outside of the military, she enjoys photographing for the horse rescue and the rodeo when it rolls into DC.

Medevac by tanikel

Both of these awesome people are human beings, photographing the real deal. So now is your chance to get into their heads and figure out what makes them tick and what it's like actually working out in the field. Step outside your Nature Photography comfort zones or your Portraiture peacefulness and find out what it's like working out there.   Leave your questions in the comment area of this article, note them to projecteducate or Kaz-D.

Nom Nom 85 - Chocolate

Thu Jun 18, 2015, 10:00 AM
We have had many calls for a Chocolate feature and more recently even Moonbeam13 herself has been mentioning chocolate - so here it is! Recipes for chocolate are kind of hard to think of (if you have some, share them here) and find since Chocolate as we mostly like it comes in awesome forms such as huge bars with crunchy bits in. However! All is not lost because chocolate can be used to make some incredible things, and here's one of them... It's in American style measurements, I think cups are awesome (until I broke one of mine and now I don't have 1/4 cups :(. I am reliably informed that this Gluten Free HOME MADE CHOCOLATE PIE recipe is amazing and you should all make it. Thanks Steve-C2!

Flourless Chocolate Cake

It's not got flour in - but it seems to have almost everything else... Nevermind!
1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, cut into pieces, plus more for the pan 
1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder, plus more for the pan
1 1/4 cups heavy cream (I don't know how you determine 'heavy' cream...)
8 ounces bittersweet chocolate, chopped
5 large eggs
1 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup crème fraîche or sour cream
1/4 cup confectioners’ sugar, plus more for dusting (I think this means icing sugar)

  1. Heat oven to 350° F. Butter a 9-inch springform pan and dust with cocoa powder.
  2. In a medium saucepan, heat the butter with ¼ cup of the heavy cream over medium-low heat until the butter is melted. Add the chocolate and stir until melted and smooth; remove from heat.
  3. In a medium bowl, whisk together the eggs, granulated sugar, and cocoa powder. Whisk in the chocolate mixture.
  4. Transfer the batter to the prepared pan and bake until puffed and set, 35 to 40 minutes. Let cool in the pan for 1 hour. Run a knife around the edge of the cake before unmolding.
  5. Using an electric mixer, beat the remaining 1 cup of heavy cream with the crème fraîche and confectioners’ sugar until soft peaks form. Dust the cake with cocoa (or confectioners’ sugar) and serve with the whipped cream mixture.

Chocolate egg by aoao2
is it chocolate? by fieLife
Fazer Chocolate by nnIKOO
Rich Chocolate, Oreo and Lindor Cake by claremanson
Stacks Of Chocolate by nnIKOOChoCoLaTe Balls by zverchetuChocolate 2 by ohshrubbery
chocolate by hotsunday
Strawberries and Chocolate by AmandaSupak
Chocolate by Pamplemousse02
Chocolate by darkixi
Chocolate by katekatek
Cheesecake Chocolate Cups by claremanson
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Photography Newsletter

Mon Jun 1, 2015, 7:00 AM
Something I've been exploring a lot this month is how to share photographs with my clients once a job is done. I usually put them all on a blank CD-ROM and stick it in an envelope with their names on. For Weddings I tend to jazz things up a bit more and choose a box that suits the CD-ROM and share it that way. How do you share your photographs after the event? What do you think you'd prefer to receive if you were the client waiting for their photographs?

Another hot topic this month has focused on a teenage 'hobbyist' photographer in the USA who has developed a passion for photography and who has been donating all of his 'pay' to charity. He's almost raised $3,000 and encourages other people like him to put their hobby to a good use. Which brings us nicely on to our next topic - when does a hobby become a profession? Can a profession be both a career and a hobby? What do you define your art as being?

What would you tell your college self, if you could go back in time? That's assuming you've left the college thing behind you (those were the days!) Check out this article which explores a candid letter to Photography students graduating college and entering the big wide world of work.

And finally, how far would you go for your Photography? Would you strive to exist just for creating? One Photographer talks about how he beat depression to persevere on with his passion to create. It wasn't easy, it wasn't always pretty but it definitely was inspiring. Read more here.

Word of the Month

Humility. It can make an artist go further than they imagined when creating their artwork and it can stretch across various genres to touch all aspects of Photography...
Humility for a street photographer happens when you are approaching life scenes and capturing exquisite moments. For a photojournalist Humility occurs when dealing with a story, with news, in order to capture beautifully and accurately something that's happening in the moment. Check out this example of a rich and interesting Interview focusing on three fantastic Deviants who have Humility oozing from their stories, experiences and talents.

Humility for a portrait photographer is about being able to step away from themselves and highlight the true beauty, emotion and spirit of the model in front of them. C.S Lewis coined humility perfectly in the following phrase...

“True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.”

This is how we should always aim to approach our photography - never losing our minds and always having an eye on our sense of purpose and the aim behind taking the photograph. Let's be humble next time an awe-inspiring scene plays out in front of our eyes.

Photograph of the Day

The photographers that were featured for Photograph of the Day during the past month at CRPhotography are listed below. If you'd like to see yourself featured, or a friend, suggest photographs here!

:iconrici66: :icononerupee: :iconpacifier75: :iconandrewbertgreaves: :icondanwilliamsphoto: :iconknold: :iconalyz: :icondavidgarciahernandez: :icondraken413o: :iconkixkillradio: :iconmavilaphotography: :iconvamosver: :iconvikingfox: :icondragonwolface: :iconlienskullova: :iconhoodiecatproductions: :iconragnar949: :iconanthonykoeslag: :icongutyerrez: :iconintruxion: :iconthesadstork: :icondrkitsune: :icondax2610: :iconspellboundmisfits:

Contests + Projects

:bulletgreen: CRPhotography hosts a monthly contest and you can read about the latest one 52 Week Photography challenge as well!
:bulletgreen: Still-Life-Stills have just published their Recipe challenge! Fancy winning a membership to DeviantArt? Fancy making a smoothie this month? Then this contest is for you!
:bulletgreen: Abstract-and-Surreal Host a monthly contest, head over to the group front page to find out what this month's theme is. Again you can win some fabulous prizes!

Elsewhere there are many contests to be entered with Summer fast approaching many of us. Enter the world’s richest photo competition for a chance to win $120,000. From year to year, this incredible photo contest is the worlds richest photo competition.

The Transparency International photo contest is going to close on June 12nd, so hurry up and enter! The theme is very interesting, and symbolic of many situations in countries around the world.

Have you ever heard about Life Framer's Monthly contest? If not head over and discover a contest with various monthly themes.

Shoot The Frame is an online international contest, worth having a look at and entering if you can since there are many contests going on over there.

Abstract and Surreal

Community Volunteer justanothersomeone

National Geographic has published a beautiful selection of abstract photos in this Portfolio. Check it out! Don't forget to head over to Abstract-and-Surreal and see what's going on this month...
Mono Square Series XLIV by insolitus85

Animals, Plants and Nature

Community Volunteer JenFruzz

There's a NEWBIE in town! Please join us in welcoming JenFruzz to the Community Volunteer team as the brand shiny new Animals, Plants and Nature community volunteer! Jen will now be accepting all of your APN suggestions and any outstanding in our inboxes will be forwarded to her.... give her some love!
This selection will make your jaw drop - the photos are a fantastic representation of Africa.

Ever wanted your four legged friends to be the photographers? Well want no more! Nikon have made a doggy camera mount that's triggered by heart rate. How cute and awesome! Read more about that here. These 6 tips for better photographs of plants will add some experience to your skills and attempts at photographing plants! On DA check out these beautiful photographs that won rainylake's Fields of Flowers contest!

Early Reflections by Photosbykev

Artistic Nude

Community Volunteers Nyx-Valentine

*Our Artistic Nude section will often contain something that's Not Safe for Work (NSFW)*
Check out Eric Ceccarini's site for some inspiring contemporary photography. His work is just fabulous and he plays with shadows and light. On DeviantArt check out Batsceba, a fantastic Art Nude photographer who has created a project called Non Violence. See some examples here and here. Also check out this Timeline of Artistic Nude photography which reveals some great shots and artists!
Salvation by John-Logan


Community Volunteers Kaz-D & Mrs-Durden

Check out this website which explores the mysteries of life through Conceptual Photography. Read more here.
Mother Nature. by Tooga


Community Volunteers Kaz-D & Mrs-Durden

Photographers looking to become professional or those that area already there may want to look at this article for some pointers on what may need to be included their terms and conditions. If you're working Photography then you need a contract and the article will give you a few ideas - but seek professional advice for anything official!
Js Handmade Wedding Shoes Collection 2012 by PinkFishGR


Community Volunteers Kaz-D and Mrs-Durden

Check out this article about Photo Formats! for information on what formats your work should be in. Also thanks to RockstarVanity for sharing this article which looks at the 15 best cheat sheets - printable infographics for Photographers.

i am losing heart by LostOneself


Community Volunteers Pixel-Spotlight

Zhang Jingna’s Top 10 Fashion Photography Lighting Tools will definitely help you and give you some great advice about light management! Also, don't miss this incredible Time Lapse video for retouching with photoshop. Check out the latest edition of Fashion makes the world go round courtesy of Mrs-Durden.
Back in the past II by rainris

Horror and Macabre

Community Volunteer pullingcandy

Don't miss out on Mr Hoffine's Interview - some fantastic insight into a photographer of horror!
Mickey Got Rabies by MarinaCoric

Infrared Photography

Community Volunteers Kaz-D + Mrs-Durden

It's finally here. After a lot of dedication from the Infrared Photography community, DeviantArt has created it's own Infrared photography gallery so that you have somewhere to put your works! You can read more here here and find out what it's all about.
IR Contrasts 1 by Okavanga


Community Volunteer MarcosRodriguez

Mrs-durden's journal is just an absolutely beautiful and fine selection of macro photographs that need to be checked out right now! Samuel Granger, a passionate and innovative photographer, has written a great article about Lighting in macro photography. Some great tips and tutorials to be found there. If you want to add some fine art touches to your Macro Photography then check out the article for more info.
Pearls of Nature...... by Betuwefotograaf

People and Portraits

Community Volunteers Kaz-D + Mrs-Durden

Have you heard about Kallioppe? Her work is beautiful. Have a look at her moving mirrors portraits... You won't believe it...
Never Never Land by SachaKalis


Community Volunteer tanikel

A very emotional article about the Nepal Earthquake bas been written by the great photographer Daniel Berehulak and is well worth checking out. Don't hesitate by the way to browse through the excellent Lens blog of the New York Times.

The Visa pour l'Image in France plans to open a center for photojournalism. Exciting news for residents and visitors!
Stefan Kolimechkov 2015.04.13 Gymnastics Shoot by atmp

Pinup and Glamour

Community Volunteer DistortedSmile

Check this article about a New York's Pinup school!A great initiative for women in New York aspiring to be part of this genre.
Ks II by taphosarts

Still Life

Community Volunteers Kaz-D & Mrs-Durden

Check out the latest Still Life Spotlight which is full of inspiration for all of you Still Life photographers out there and pretties to look at for all you admirers. As mentioned earlier, things are heating up over at Still-Life-Stills and a group facelift is in progress! If you don't want to miss out on the action then head over right now and hit the join button to get all the latest updates sent straight to your inbox. We have recently welcomed Linealonhoiden to the group who is taking over the contests and general bits so hopefully we have exciting things planned. Check out this interesting Video interview talking to Benedict Morgan, a famous still life photographer based in London. For those developing their still life skills, the Still Life Photographer's Guide to Lighting may be useful. For inspiration, check out FrancescaDelfino's Still Life Spotlight over at devPREMIUM.
Lilac I by Justysiak


Community Volunteers Kaz-D + Mrs-Durden

You may be inspired by Americanphoto Blog's article about how a social photography network might impact street photography.

Check out this video interview with Wayne Laurence which focuses on Street Photography. Don't miss out on Karl Edward's excellent blog about street photography. He is a friend of the well known Eric Kim and you'll find some great photos and articles about street photography. A journal for street photography has been curated in order to take you on a journey through the genre.
It's a woman's woman's woman's world by EyeDance


Community Volunteers Kaz-D + Mrs-Durden

Read this article on Transport photography for some tips on capturing your transportation.
Pontiac GTO by axds

Urban and Rural

Community Volunteers Kaz-D + Mrs-Durden

Check out J. Ponchak's interview for some great insight into Urbex and the wonderful images that can be obtained when you explore.
Gardens by the Bay by eduardj

Educational Articles and Tutorials

We're encouraging you to share your 'hacks' for creating cheaper DIY photography tools or capturing awesome photos with handy hints or tips. Note CRPhotography if you have a 'hack' for next month! There are some other fabulous journals that have recently been posted and focus on educational information...

:bulletred: Photography; the world's only common language.
:bulletred: Exposure blending using luminosity masks - a tutorial.
:bulletred:Your basic lighting kit: a spin around the block
:bulletred:14 tips for building a sub-$1,000 home studio
:bulletred:Lighting 101
:bulletred:Basic Portrait Lighting by KissMyHuman.
:bulletred:5 common light patterns
:bulletred: How to use flash to mimic the look of sunlight
:bulletred: 2 Minute Tutorial: Making Strobe Lighting Look Like Natural Lighting
:bulletred: Applying the sunny 16 rule to strobes and mid day shooting
:bulletred:Eliminating fill flash hard shadows – a controlled test
:bulletred: Dramatic studio lighting: using the beauty dish as a single light source
:bulletred: A lighting build for a boxer
:bulletred:Complete lighting walk-through + behind the scenes footage of a fitness photoshoot
:bulletred: Recorded webinar on complex lighting setups indoors
:bulletred: Masterclass in lighting from Oscar-winning cinematographer Dean Semler
:bulletred: The Still Life Photographer's Guide to Lighting
:bulletred:Using Leading lines
:bulletred:Should you become a professional photographer?
:bulletred:A Brief History of Classic Portrait Photography

Photography Articles and News of Note

:bulletpink:The Group-spotlight Project by Mrs-Durden will highlight a group worth knowing for it's dedication to the DA Community and Art in general.
:bulletpink:This beautiful selection will show you the incredible and beautiful aspects of design in photography.

CV's can't feature all the suggestions they receive...but they can feature them in a journal, and highlight some of the great artworks which truly deserve attention and love! Check out this selection which is a great example!

New Equipment and Technology

The Fujifilm X-T10 has just been released! Here's a review from DigitalRev.

Technically, this isn't new equipment or technology, but it's quite an interesting find. Someone recently bought this bbq grill. Imagine spending days in the sun grilling your food in a roll of film. Pretty awesome treat for a photography fan - or just extreme dedication?!

Hosagu's App of the Month

There will be two apps presented this month... I didn't want to discriminate ios users and non ios users so have explored both...
ENLIGHT is an incredible intuitive powerful app to edit your photos. Released by LightTricks, this app shows the power and treatment tools of photoshop, on your iphone, and so intuitively. My advice: Handle this app in portrait mode. Android and tablet versions are in development at the moment.
VSCO CAM is probably one of the best apps in my opinion, for photographers using Android systems. Free to download, but some add-on's to buy. This app does all: editing, filters and more.

Deviant Meets!

London: DevMeet Picnic at Albert Memorial in Hyde Park on 18th July, 2015.
Boston: Boston DevMeet on  15th August, 2015.

Groups to Check Out!

:iconcommunityrelations: :iconprojecteducate: :iconurban-and-rural: :iconabstract-and-surreal: :iconstill-life-stills: :icondevnews: :iconphotographersclub: :iconvenatoreslucis: :icondevpremium: :icondeath-chicks: :iconyoung-photo-club: :iconhuman-photography: :iconbokehlicious: :iconsoftness-art: :iconmodelmayhemmassive: :iconlensbabieslove: :iconlightinspired: :iconbird-photography: :icondialed-in: :iconode-to-simplicity: :iconda-film-alliance: :iconfashion-show: :iconfashionelite: :iconstand-out-shots: :iconamazinglybeautiful: :iconshopping-for-stock: :iconblackwhitephotos: :iconbeautiful-bokeh::iconphotographersdream: :iconthrough-a-lens: :iconr72: :iconphotography-inc: :iconcasualphotography: :iconphotographyworld: :iconbreathtaking-photos: :icongothictemple: :iconwater-dreams: :iconlovely-square-pics: :iconphotographlove: :icondeviantkitchen: :iconwow-macros: :iconiphotograph: :iconthe-mirror-club:

Contributors this month: Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden, 3wyl, hosagu, JenFruzz, silber-englein + daguerreoty-pe

Upcoming weeks need YOU!

Mon Jun 1, 2015, 6:20 AM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:

Coming Up!

We have so many exciting weeks coming up at projecteducate and many that have just happened which have brought the community some incredible resources. So how can you get involved? We're looking for people who are keen to write articles on specific topics and these articles would then be shared through the specific weeks listed below. Are you a budding Street Photographer?  Do you have secret knowledge of Infrared Photography?  Would you like to share your Calligraphy writing tips? Then we'd love to hear from you!  Just follow the below process to get in touch with us...

Send us a note

Include in the topic which medium you are wishing to write about and include in the body of your note a brief overview of what you would like to write about and what your article will involve. Your proposal will be reviewed to ensure that the topic is not already being covered and that the content is suitable and once approved you can begin working on your draft! We require that all drafts are received at projecteducate in link format no less than one week before the selected week launches.

What's coming up?

For our full schedule you should check out Project Educate - Dates and Information! For now however we are looking for articles on the following topics:

Calligraphy Week - June 22nd - June 28th

Street Photography - June 29th - Juy 5th

Photo-journalism - July 6th - July 12th

Macro Photography August 3rd - August 9th

Infrared Photography  - August 10th - August 16th

+ the photographer + by maskqueraide

When your hobby becomes a profession there's a lot to think about. The most important thing that I've found is to get yourself some terms and conditions and a contract written up so that you can make sure you cover all basis. There's nothing worse than getting your ass bit in the first few months of stepping out into a 'profession' and having your confidence knocked. With Photography there are some specific bases that need covering. The below advice is assuming that you have a booking for whereby the client will write out dates, times, location, shots and so on. Below is the advice for the contract or terms and conditions, which should go out with your booking form...

-Booking Fee
-Health and Safety
-Provision of Photographs
-The Entire Agreement

I'm not legally trained and I didn't have a lawyer or 'attorney' look at my terms and conditions (yet). If it's your full time job then you will make it your business to get this sorted out because you can't afford not to. But for now here's a bit of guidance which might just help you through. Don't forget when working with models you will also need to sort out a Model Release Form.
photographer by mataikan

Payment; It's a preference and many people don't opt for it but I like to be paid in full before I undertake a big piece of work. I.e a Wedding or event photography. I totally realise that some shoots can be last minute and you have to put your trust in the person booking you, but when you're giving up a whole day to shoot someone's Wedding and hours afterwards editing and processing you do not want to not get paid. Set it out in your terms and conditions and make sure your customer is aware of what you want. My preference is 50% deposit on booking (non-refundable, we'll go into more detail about that later) and the remaining balance one month before the event date.

Cancellation; It's up to you how you want to play this, but strictly speaking in my contract in the event of cancellation by the other party, no refunds will be made. In the event of cancellation by me, full refund will be made. If I'm not available to shoot a wedding due to ill health or equipment failure (get insurance people!) then it's my fault and I will try my best to replace me with someone else. If that's an option write it into your contract. Set out exactly what you will give people back and set out exactly what they are liable for if they cancel. Don't make it flowery or cute, just write it as it is. People like the facts.

The Tired Photographer by Usra
Copyright; This is the part where you lay out how you are going to let your client use the photographs that you take. Here you can also talk about whether images will be watermarked when they go online and you can talk about how you might use the images for future promotional materials. It's important to quote acts, legal arrangements and so on here and these might differ depending on which country you're in.

Co-operation; It's all about your clients in the end, if you get some really stroppy people who don't want their photographs taken, it's not your fault. You can't make people pose and you can't make them smile. If you're a particularly sociable photographer you may be able to work your audience around a little but you need to make sure you state that you will not be held liable if Great Aunt Gertrude is pulling a frown.

Services; This section can highlight exactly what you're going to offer, whether a second photographer will be included and you can personalise it by stipulating timings. If Wedding photography (as an example), isn't your full time job then you may wish to be a bit flexible. I tend to tell my clients that I will be with them from Makeup until first dance and then give rought guide times. I reassure them that I won't run away at seven pm if things are running behind but equally that I won't be there at 10pm when the guests start getting loud and lairy!

Photographers; It's good to talk about your photographers. You can mention whether they are DBS checked (that's the disclosure and barring service in the UK which talks about police checks) or whatever is relevant to your country. You can highlight whether it 'may' be you or someone else and any other information that might be suitable.
the photographer by michellis13

Health and Safety; You need to include this bit because whilst it's great that you can lie on the floor, climb trees or whatever else to get a shot, you need to have limits and boundaries. You also need to mention guests and anyone else that might be involved. You need to talk about whether you have public liability insurance (and you should have it) in the event of a problem.

Provision of Photographs; This section lets your client know how you will be delivering their photographs to them and in what format. It also highlights how much you'll be giving them and what they can expect. You absolutely do not want to be showered with requests for all the RAW files that you took on the day. It's a headache. Trust me, I know.

The Entire Agreement; This is just a little line at the end that states; This contract is the entire agreement between (Name) and (Client Name) and anything agreed outside of this requires modification to be made in writing. It covers you both and if any other little things are mentioned or 'alleged' to be mentioned you can refer back to whatever is in the written and signed agreement.

Other Bits
I make sure all pages are linked together with page numbers and a unique watermark of sorts (header or footer). If you ever had a problem pages can easily be separated and clients can claim they didn’t have ‘this page’ or ‘that’ page so it’s important to get as much stuff as possible on one page and particularly at the end of the terms below have a signature box for both photographers and clients. It’s also good to include your watermark/logo at the top of the page. Makes it look good too.

Once again though, I'm not legally trained and this is just my preference. At the moment it works for me and it might just help you if you're ready to pay someone to legally set it all out. If you have any tips, questions or preferences of your own share them in the comments! Happy snapping!

After many years of discussions and lots of patient waiting from the Infrared Photography community we are pleased to announce that it’s finally HERE! The Gallery Photography -> Infrared is now live! So what does this mean?  Infrared Photography is a beautiful technique used to achieve what is often described as a magical scene. The definition of Infrared Photography for the purpose of submitting to the gallery is written below..

"Infrared photography is style that predominantly uses the infrared portion of the light spectrum to create images on photographic film or digital sensors."

IR Contrasts 1 by Okavanga
Kuhdamm Berlin infrared by MichiLauke
Infrared - Am I Dreaming? by La-Vita-a-Bella
a Bugs Life - infrared by Konczey-Zsolt
A Bird View II by Phostructor

For more examples of Infrared Photography check out the Deviants below or head to r72, DeviantArt's unofficial Infrared Photography group. So what does this mean for Infrared Photography?  It means you have a dedicated category in which to place your specific Infrared works. You also have two dedicated Community Volunteers ready to promote, educate and demonstrate that category as much as possible and you can send all your Daily Deviation suggestions to us (Kaz-D or Mrs-Durden) for this category. We're also working on bringing you a contest specifically for Infrared Photography so keep your eyes open and watch out for an announcement in the near future...

Photography Newsletter

Sun May 3, 2015, 6:00 AM
DeviantArt has recently updated their watermark to reflect the new logo and changes. You can read more here. Do you Watermark your work? How do you do it? Is your watermark an advertising statement, a protection against theft or both? Link us to your watermarks in the comments of this newsletter so that we can get a discussion going about what preferences there are out there. Which brings us on to our next topic - when does imitation stop being flattering? Is it ever flattering? Read more here.

This month we're sharing a fun fact that many Photographers probably don't know about (I certainly didn't!) Did you know that you could be accused of violating copyright if you take and share photographs of the Eiffel Tower at night? Read more here.

Word of the Month

Ethics; Ethics in photography is linked to any kind of photographer, from the amateur to the professional, for the Deviants submitting their photos on DA, or other sites. What about the copyrights? How can we be protected against Art Theft? Can we shoot in the street without any authorization? What are the differences between editorial photogaphy and commercial photography? There are many questions and many grey areas that try to answer them. Check out this link to read more thoughts on the subject.

Photograph of the Day

The photographers that were featured for Photograph of the Day during the past month at CRPhotography are listed below. If you'd like to see yourself featured, or a friend, suggest photographs here!
:iconyorkshiresam: :iconart0fck: :iconbr53199: :iconkparks: :iconporbital: :iconannamazur: :icongetcarter: :icondavid-plastique: :iconalmost-human-cosband: :iconkarz09: :iconharrietsfriend: :iconvenesmir: :iconroman-gp: :iconwolfling01: :iconravenajuly: :iconredanshy: :iconjmadphoto: :iconxthumbtakx: :iconjakezdaniel: :icong-p-photography: :iconchaerul-umam: :iconsesjusz:

Contests & Projects

If you'd like to see your contest, project or challenge featured here then just send CRPhotography a note with the details and we'll promote it next month!
:bulletgreen: CRPhotography's monthly contest is up very soon! Watch the group for more updates.
:bulletgreen: Still-Life-Stills's are asking if they should think about Bringing Contests Back?
:bulletgreen: Abstract-and-Surreal's MAY CONTEST (PARADISE) AND APRIL WINNERS
:bulletgreen: Check out the Earth Day 2015, Project Going Green

General Photography News

Community Volunteers Kaz-D & Mrs-Durden

techgnotic published an article in the DeviantArt Road Trip series this time featuring Kaz-D's works and her experience of the Isle of Wight in the UK. Check it out here. At CRPhotography this month we've been debating D-SLR Cameras Versus Bridge cameras - what do you think?

projecteducate needs you and we're looking for writers - we want people who will write about anything and everything educational to do with Art and that includes Photography! Check out Project Educate - Dates and Information! for more information on how to get involved. We have an Art History Week coming up that we would LOVE to have you participate in!

Abstract and Surreal

Community Volunteer justanothersomeone

You'll find some fantastic Surreal Photography here, as well as some shots from Sanja Marusic and on this Website great shots about the surreal vision of photographers working on surreal photography. Are you a Surreal Photographer? What do you consider your vision to be?

There's a great selection from Nikola Olic's shots which can hopefully inspire you to create. Also, check out these naturally beautiful shots captured in a gallery from National Geographic.

The Disappearance Of Ms. G - State Of Levitation by AlexandruCrisan

Animals, Plants and Nature

Community Volunteers Kaz-D & Mrs-Durden

ElyneNoir invites us to take a photographic journey with her into small worlds - a beautiful collection of photographs which allow us a closer look at the beauty we can't always see with the naked eye. Mrs-Durden compiled a feature in honor of Earth Day for us to enjoy the beauty that nature offers us, check it out here. rainylake is regularly posting amazing features of photographs from the APN galleries, check out her recent Border Collie Love feature here. Check out JenFruzz's APN Adventures! A wonderful collection of all types of APN photography! And finally, Tools for Photographing the Night Sky was released by Kaz-D for projecteducate! Check the article for some helpful tips!

Humpback Breach by Nimkish

Artistic Nude

Community Volunteers Nyx-Valentine

*Our Artistic Nude section will often contain something that's Not Safe for Work (NSFW)*
Get a look at this very fine selection where maternity is incredibly well illustrated and the beauty of pregnancy is celebrated.

Roarie 3 by Plage-Photo


Community Volunteers Kaz-D & Mrs-Durden

the-mirror-club has launched a new themed collection for conceptual photography, titled "Silence". They invite you to submit conceptual photos fitting this theme or create your own! More information here. Mikael Aldo is an Indonesian conceptual photographer, and you'll find in this article a selection of his work and the way he shots through his very artistic and conceptual point of view.

Swan Lake by KatelinaArt


Community Volunteers Kaz-D & Mrs-Durden

Commercial Photography is usually a very quiet gallery but this month we have a fantastic article to share with you! For projecteducate, Kaz-D has written an article sharing Six tools for Product Photography.

coffe time by e-M-D-e


Community Volunteers Kaz-D & Mrs-Durden

The Online Darkroom is a great blog dedicated to analog and traditional photography. You'll find both types of artists featured but also useful tips and informations about darkroom photography. For example, check out thisseries of articles about using a Leica, or this article about a great Turkish photographer, with some english translations of his own blog.

t r e i b s a n d by ra-gro


Community Volunteers Pixel-Spotlight

Check out the tenth edition of the monthly feature Fashion Makes the World go Round by Mrs-Durden. The recent Monday Munchies issue featured the amazing Aisii! Check it out here.

Madonna by Widmanska

Horror and Macabre

Community Volunteer pullingcandy

Paul Koudounaris is a photographer with a personal vision in his photography about death.
Elena Helfrecht is illustrated here through her incredible and very powerful shots with a very personal and beautiful signature. On DeviantArt this month pullingcandy has shared her Daily Deviation features for April in her April 2015 Spooky DD Round-Up.

*schlrp* by BW-999


Community Volunteer MarcosRodriguez

Have a look here at the macro spotlight by one of our great CVs MarcosRodriguez, and don't hesitate to check out the previous ones!

Kristallwelt by Ikarusthefirst


Community Volunteers Kaz-D & Mrs-Durden

For interviews featuring photographers who are experienced in horror & macabre, darkroom and transportation photography (among others), have a look here.

People and Portraits

Community Volunteers Kaz-D & Mrs-Durden

Read here for an interesting view of a professional photographer who started his career with some difficulties when approaching people to make their portraits. You'll find some great shots taken by a Japanese Photographer Yuki Aoyama whose interesting shots explore the lives in uniforms. (Japanese speaking only but the images tell a story themselves!)

Korra's Lookout Point by XenochromeX

Pinup and Glamour

Community Volunteer DistortedSmile

Highlighting talent in the Pin-up and Glamour Community, DistortedSmile has published another article in the series Under the Skin which focuses this time on abclic. Also, be sure to check out the latest instalment of LUSH! featuring a selection of beautiful pin-up and glamour photographs. Latest: 22nd Apr | 15th Apr | 8th Apr | 1st Apr |

Check out Hell on Heels: a feature of the Pin up and Glamour group Death-Chick's latest submissions of ladies rocking heels. Go to this excellent blog held by two adorable pin up fashion victims about vintage and glamour pin ups, rockabilly, and so on!

A boombox can change the world by LandOfTheLoost


Community Volunteer tanikel

Did you know about the New York times' site: Lens? A great photo site about visual journalism. For example, check this article about Dennis Hopper's camera works. The Week's site proposes a fine selection of worldwide events through excellent shots. You'll find in this Time's article some odd news about what the future could hold...

No to Racism! by DegsyJonesPhoto

Still Life

Community Volunteers Kaz-D & Mrs-Durden

This month our tasty looking Nom Nom series focused on Easter! If you would like to see your favourite tasty morsel featured just note CRPhotography with your idea. We share recipes and feature still life deviations each month!

Check out this roundup from FrancescaDelfino that shares all of the Still Life Spotlights that premium have published.

Burger by Delahkel


Community Volunteers Kaz-D & Mrs-Durden

On DA: do you know about Batsceba's Progressive street journal ? If not, here is an example. You can find in the group Progressive-Street, some fine selections of street shots from DA Artists!
She also managed to gather for the same city (Milano...) two deviants, two photographers, and their street shots in the same city... Two visions! Street Milano part 1 and Street Milano part 2.

niklin1 is on the move! This deviant, a fantastic street photographer, has been on DA for 1 year and is already a great devious member... Check out his actual live shots taken from his trip here.

A long read for a blog post, but Eric's Kim tips are to be studied carefully, about how to express yourself as an Artist and a photographer... A great thing for all those who share and love Street Photography.

You'll find Guardian's post a great selection of Weegee's shots, famous New York Photographer who shot during the 30's and 40's (yes! nearly a century ago...) There's a blast from the past...

To finish this months series...An absolute must read: go and check out this astonishing and passionate, vibrant text about street photography. Originally a syndicated blog spot, which has been republished with permission on the excellent Phoblographer blog.

no title by kaminsky


Community Volunteers Kaz-D & Mrs-Durden

The April Contest at CRPhotography was about "other" photography, with the transportation category in it. Don't miss the results of this great contest to come and give love to the artists featured in April contest: Other Photography.

WWII by nigel3

Educational Articles and Tutorials

We're encouraging you to share your 'hacks' for creating cheaper DIY photography tools or capturing awesome photos with handy hints or tips. Note CRPhotography if you have a 'hack' for next month! There are some other fabulous journals that have recently been posted and focus on educational information...

:bulletred: An article about photography skill levels - link
:bulletred: The trap of a big following - link
:bulletred: TEDx Talk about finding photos right before your eyes - link
:bulletred: Volunteering as a photographer, how and when - link
:bulletred: Movies about photography - link

:bulletred: Theory: using television to improve your knowledge of lighting - link
:bulletred: Theory: how to take better photos at home - link
:bulletred: Theory: what is color temperature? - link

:bulletred: Tutorial: 1h20m tutorial on Light Painting and night photography - video
:bulletred: DIY: how to build a pinhole lens for your DSLR - link
:bulletred: Gear: what causes memory cards to corrupt? - link
:bulletred: Gear: how to get the best result from your lenses - link

:bulletred: LR/PS: understanding the differences between Lightroom and Photoshop - link
:bulletred: LR: how Lightroom works and where it keeps your images - link
:bulletred: LR: a simple way to rate and keyword pictures - link
:bulletred: LR: implementing a controlled vocabulary for keywords - link
:bulletred: LR: Lightroom CC is here! - link

DeviantArt Photography News of Note...

Here in the Monthly Feature: Members Interview!, a multiple interview which explores some of the great artists on DA: MarinaCoric, lightdrafter, CenobiteAdnaloy, shadeley, arslanalp, Neo-Anima, Vermontster, and MARX77.

For more great artists to stumble upon this weekend, check out the feature series  made by silber-engleinSpecial Feature III: Shonika and Special Feature IV: losesprit, giving you the opportunity to discover great artists on DA!

hosagu's App of the Month!

Welcome to this new section of the Newsletter edited and researched by hosagu! We'll mention here an app for phones and tablets which is linked to photography, either for photo editing or related to photography in some way. If you'd like to share your experience of a specific App then please note CRPhotography for next month!

This month we're looking at: Nat Geo View. This application from National Geographic is just outstanding. The design is absolutely beautiful, and the idea is that day by day, you'll get free access to photos chosen on various topics, and if you want more: you'll get access to the past seven days. These photos are all chosen from submissions of people like you and me! So check it out! And sorry: this one is just for IOS devices. If you don't have one, tell one of your friend who might have an ios device!

New Equipment and Technology

:bulletblack:A must read about Timelapse and photography, this site provides great and incredible shots.

:bulletblack:An opportunity not to miss!!!! This Nasa lensis for you, depending on your... Budget, of course!

:bulletblack:It looks like Sony would like to develop a Touchless Shutter, which would allow us to trigger without... triggering, check it out!

Forum Posts

-First DSLR suggestions?
-Hydrogen-alpha and IR filters for cameras?
-using RAW

Groups to Check Out!

:iconthe-mirror-club: :iconcommunityrelations: :iconprojecteducate: :iconurban-and-rural: :iconabstract-and-surreal: :iconstill-life-stills: :icondevnews: :iconphotographersclub: :iconvenatoreslucis: :icondevpremium: :icondeath-chicks: :iconyoung-photo-club: :iconhuman-photography: :iconbokehlicious: :iconsoftness-art: :iconmodelmayhemmassive: :iconlensbabieslove: :iconlightinspired: :iconbird-photography: :icondialed-in: :iconode-to-simplicity: :iconda-film-alliance: :iconfashion-show: :iconfashionelite: :iconstand-out-shots: :iconamazinglybeautiful: :iconshopping-for-stock: :iconblackwhitephotos: :iconbeautiful-bokeh::iconphotographersdream: :iconthrough-a-lens: :iconr72: :iconphotography-inc: :iconcasualphotography: :iconphotographyworld: :iconbreathtaking-photos: :icongothictemple: :iconwater-dreams: :iconlovely-square-pics: :iconphotographlove: :icondeviantkitchen:

:bulletblack:Through-a-Lens are looking for new admins to help their group! Find out how you can apply here

Huge thanks to the newsletter contributors this month: Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden, 3wyl, hosagu, silber-englein & daguerreoty-pe

Artists Tools - It's a wrap!

Sat May 2, 2015, 11:57 PM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:

Artists Tools

This week, thanks to some awesome Deviants, we have had a huge range of articles to share with you covering lots of different topics. We hope that you've found something useful and have picked up something new this week. Below is our roundup of all the articles published in the past seven days - don't forget to fav the articles if you enjoyed reading them! Thanks go to this weeks contributors: ParadisiacPicture, Kaz-D, Tudalia, George-B-Art, Mrs-Durden, Khallandra, Xadrea, JosephBlakeParker, MarcoEmma and RogueMudblood. Thanks go to our editors this week JenFruzz and Mrs-Durden. If you'd like to participate in Project Educate and find out more, check out Project Educate - Dates and Information!

:bulletpink: 5 DIY Photography Gadgets
:bulletpink: Six tools for Product Photography
:bulletpink: 10 Steps for making a Good Tutorial
:bulletpink: George's Traditional Art Tools
:bulletpink: Photoshop: The Unsharp Tool
:bulletpink: PE: Tips for Blending with Markers
:bulletpink: Resin Casting
:bulletpink: Joseph Blake Parker's Writing Tools
:bulletpink: MarcoEmma's Prompt Bank
:bulletpink: Tools for Making a Pattern
:bulletpink: Finding The Fourms

Joseph Blake Parker's Writing Tools

Fri May 1, 2015, 2:00 AM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:

Artists Tools

projecteducate have interviewed JosephBlakeParker this week in order to find out more information about the Tools for Writers that he is working on. Joseph is working on a series of articles which have all been shared through DeviantArt so far and which will one day become a book encouraging  Anyone to become a writer.

About the Writer...

My name is Joseph Blake Parker, but I go by Blake and on DeviantArt I am JosephBlakeParker. I grew up between the United States and the country of Bolivia. During that time growing up, I had an insatiable appetite for stories in whatever form I could find them—plays, local legends, movies, books, comics. And I think the story that then influenced me unlike any other was Batman the Animated Series. It taught me many life-lesson about the sort of person I wanted to be—and through that, the power of story to change a person's life, and give them purpose. And so I went to school at ORU, where excellent writing professors taught me many skills in storytelling, including how to dissect stories and find the elements that I wanted for my own work. There, I got my degree in writing, attended every conference I could find on the subject of stories, and ran a literary magazine. Now, I'm working on trying to refine and publish my first Young Adult-Urban Fantasy novel, working on early drafts of at least three other novels, and putting out tutorial articles on how to write.

6 Steps to Writing a First Turning Point6 Steps to Writing a First Turning Point (Call to Action)
Anybody Can Write a Novel
Chapter 4 “Plot Points” – Section 3 “The First Turning Point”
With Links to Supplementary Material
We have finally arrived to the last part of Act I in your story, when your Protagonist-driven story will really take off. The First Turning point, also called the “Call to Action” or the “Minor Inciting Incident,” can be thought of as a tremor event after the earthquake, (Inciting Incident) that disrupted the balance that was your protagonist's life. Only this time, it will drive your protagonist to specific action.
Step 1: Connect some dots between your planned
6 Steps to Writing Your Story's Rising Action6 Steps to Writing Your Story's Rising Action
Anybody Can Write a Novel
Chapter 4 “Plot Points” – Section 4 “The Rising Action”
With Links to Supplementary Material
Welcome to Act II of your story, where we are going to start by discussing Rising Action. Rising Action is a series of events or chapters that occur after your protagonist realizes how they are going to resolve their problem in the First Turning Point. For me, this is often the most fun, lighthearted, and enjoyable part of any novel I write—and I will provide so

About the Series...

I'm currently working on a series of articles (to later become an actual book), currently titled “Anybody Can Write a Novel.” The project started out when I was looking for a guide for adept writers who knew the basics of writing, but wanted to figure out how to improve from there. I didn't find one that quite fitted what I was looking for and so, in frustration, I just jotted down the few things that I had learned so far that I'd never seen in any sort of guide or any lecture. To my surprise, this little journal was well-received by the Deviant Art community, and the process of writing it helped me to actually sit at my desk and think about parts of a story in terms of its elements—figuring out what added to a story and what detracted from it. This quickly evolved to a realization that one could actually take apart and analyze every element in writing—from the plot, to the paragraphs, to the characters. So I began to do just that, and then explained them in a simple and straight-forward way that anyone could understand. I hope that people will take my guides, not as a universal set of writing laws, but as a resource by which they can begin to look at their own stories in terms of pieces that serve specific functions. That way, aspiring writers can not only use those pieces with a sense of purpose, but also be encouraged by the fact that writing is a craft that can be taught to anybody who is passionate enough about it to learn. And because my guide works as a tool to encourage critical thinking, my target audience are beginning writers and experienced ones alike.

5 Steps to Writing Good Foil Characters5 Steps to Writing Good Foil Characters
Anybody Can Write a Novel
Chapter 3 “Characters” – Section 7 “Foil Characters”
With Links to Supplementary Material
A Foil—which is a character that contrasts the protagonist or another major character—is a character that most writers and readers do not pay very close attention to, and for two reasons. First, a well crafted story interweaves the Foil so well that he/she is often difficult to identify. And second, the foil always falls into Another Character Type. Today, I'm going to talk about what makes a good foil—and how to use that role to enhance the qualities of your
6 Steps to Creating Universe Filler Characters6 Steps to Creating Great Universe Filler Characters
Anybody Can Write a Novel
Chapter 3 “Characters” – Section 6 “Universe Filler Characters”
With Links to Supplementary Material
Everybody is the Protagonist in the story of their own life—including the side-characters that may only have one line of dialogue in your entire novel—not even enough for them to be considered Supporting Characters. Unlike in bad action movies, Universe Filler Characters are not just stupid pedestrians that stand and point or scream helplessly as life-threatening danger comes their way. Nor should they be. Good U

The Writing Style...

What is my writing style? That one is difficult for me to answer—I've never been asked before. My style was heavily influenced by the works of Stephen King and Nancy Farmer. Both wrote with the conviction of writing well but without flowery language and sentence structures, and without plot elements that serve to make the author feel smarter than the reader. Also, both believe in writing in a way that is inclusive to all people while still being dynamic and stimulating—as opposed to writing solely for the literary elite. I don't really have a name for that style, but it's what I hope to aspire to.

One Piece of Advice...

If I could could give only one piece of advice to a writer, it would be to never give up on your story. Stories are made through countless revisions and rewrites—and each time you rewrite your story, you learn invaluable lessons about your characters, your plot, and the craft of writing. You might have to change the genre of your story, the characters, the plot, and throw away entire drafts—I certainly have. But every time you do, you learn something unexpected, and the next draft will come out infinitely better—until you revise it yet again and are horrified. Be joyful in your horror! It is the sign that you have grown enough as a writer to realize your mistakes, and improve.

Six tools for Product Photography

Tue Apr 28, 2015, 9:00 AM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:

Artists Tools

1) Seamless Background Paper

This is great for getting those blemish and crease free backgrounds to put your products up against. The papers are non-reflective, you can get it in a huge variety of colours, and they save you the hassle of ironing fabric backdrops especially if you just want a plain block colour look. You can find it on amazon in the USA here.

Earth, fire, water, air by Joffi

2) Seamless background curve

This is a luxury - probably something to invest in if you're really branching out into Commercial photography and making some money from it! But it's also a genius idea and gives you much more opportunity - more than you would get with a light box or tent. The 90 degree angle allows you to shoot at a wider range with a seamless finish. You can also find that on Amazon if in the USA here.

Toaster by one-shot-below

3) Homemade light boxes

There's nothing like a bit of DIY and I'm always an advocate of creating something yourself if you can rather than buy it. Photography is an expensive hobby and an even more expensive career path so if there are little photo-hacks we can make along the way then why not! Check out this tutorial for making your own lightbox.

DIY Photo Light Box Setup by Azmal

4) Olloclip

People are starting to rave about this tool that launched as a kickstarter project. I was curious when I got my first iPhone and invested in those cheap little 'stick on' lenses that everyone said would take amazing photos. They didn't. But the Olloclip seems to be well thought out, professional and a great solution if you haven't got a DSLR but need some decent product photos. You can find out more about the various lenses available here.

5) Free Presets

There is a fantastic website that offers free Presets for Lightroom saving you a lot of time and often, money. You can check it out here. They are also doing Project 365 - a preset for free everyday throughout the year. It's definitely a site to bookmark.

6) Online Background removal

There are sites out there that will remove backgrounds for you - for a very small fee as well. If you're not happy with the background you have and you need something more seamless you can try places like Remove the background who promise to turn around within 24 hours.

Artists Tools Week - The Schedule!

Sun Apr 26, 2015, 11:14 PM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:

Artists Tools

This week we have  another huge range of articles exploring Artists Tools and giving you an insight into some of the tools of the trade. We have articles looking at:

:bulletblue: DIY Photography Equipment
:bulletblue: Commercial Photography Tools
:bulletblue: Photoshop Tools
:bulletblue: Traditional Art Tools
:bulletblue: Resin Casting
:bulletblue: Tips for blending with markers
:bulletblue: Tools for making a pattern
:bulletblue: Tools for anyone to write a novel
:bulletblue: Prompt Tools
:bulletblue: Tools for making tutorials
:bulletblue: Tools for finding the forums

This weeks contributors include MarcoEmma, Mrs-Durden, ParadisiacPicture, Tudalia, George-B-Art, Xadrea, Khallandra, and RogueMudblood. Huge thanks go to this weeks editors JenFruzz and Mrs-Durden. If you want to find out more about projecteducate and how you can get involved just check out this article.

To Last a Lifetime

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 26, 2015, 9:06 AM
Firstly, I wanted to say thank you to everyone for the Birthday wishes. I barely have had time to be on DeviantArt longer than it takes me to do various bits and pieces needed but I did read through the lovely comments & notes and appreciate every single one.

I've learned more this year than I've ever learned in any previous year before now. I've developed a knowledge about what is important in life, and what actually can just be let go. I exhausted myself once I moved into a house with my partner, I exhausted myself fighting every tiny battle I could to get everything right. When you buy a brand new home you get a brand new shiny warranty with it and limited time to battle it out to get everything fixed and just right. A lot of my time an energy until Christmas went into this. Then everything changed.

The day after Boxing Day, my Grandad got out of bed and fell over. At first we thought that it would just be another one of his falls - enough to shake his confidence, but he'd be fine. We were wrong. By the early evening we were waiting outside A & E, the family trickling in bit by bit, because he had a bleed on his brain. The weeks and months that would follow have become a blur but I wrote about some of my frustrations  here and some of my elations here. My Grandad remained in hospital until Friday just gone when after an extremely long battle and a lot of insider knowledge of the 'system' we were able to get an agreement for him to be moved to Rehab (in the same town as us - he's finally 'home.')

Seeing how my Grandad was treated, and seeing the results we got only because we pushed hard for them made me feel sorry for all the people left in the ward who didn't have family fighting for them. I am not exaggerating. In that hospital, people of a certain age were left to die. They were not offered drink, they were not fed. If they were asleep when the meal came round, it was taken away. If they couldn't feed themselves, they were half heartedly given five minutes of a nurses time. There are more things that happened, which I can't talk about.

Rehab - it's only been two days but already my Grandad is feeding himself, using a cup himself and starting to support himself. Things the doctors and nurses told us would never happen. My Grandad walked into that hospital on 27th December - he likely will never walk again. How is that right?

During the past two weeks however, my Mother ended up in hospital. Together we were battling a chest infection/cold type thing and hers was made worse by her drive to continue visiting my Grandad, driving there, supporting my Grandma and everything else. She had to be hospitalised when her breathing began to struggle, which again put a strain on us seeing as she was in the same hospital as my Grandad and we now had two people to keep an eye on to ensure they were treated properly. She wasn't. She was so desperate to get away from there that she insisted on discharging herself. The recovery has been slow, but gradually she's getting there.

In the meantime my Grandma has just had her pre-op for a procedure she will need to have next Friday. My partners sister who is a similar age to me, has just had a cancerous lump removed and is waiting to find out where else the cancer might be in her body. At work, people have asked me how I'm still standing and I honestly can't tell them. I don't know. Work is keeping me going though, working in the care sector is such a help at this time and it's probably the best job I think I've ever had.

Despite everything, we're taking time to be a family. We've learned how to convert old traditions like meals out together, into new traditions which usually mean we crowd around Grandad's hospital bed. We're planning on taking him fish and chips tomorrow, something he absolutely used to adore and he's really excited about it. I didn't think I could ever live without my Grandad, he means so much to me, and when I look back now at the ways in which he has slowly been taken away from us and replaced with different versions, I realise that perhaps this is what we as a family needed. We could have lost him on the 27th December last year. Instead, we still have his smile, his humour, his voice (which is gradually making sense again) and him. He still knows who we are, he can just about feed himself after months of not being able to at all. We're making do with what we've been given and I never would have thought it would be enough, but my God it is and for as long as it can continue, it will.

I will say this though. I'm a Care Manager day to day and that involves assessing people in their homes, to establish what can be put in as early intervention or prevention for needing a care package/care home or something else life-changing. I'm trained to look at what can be a hazard to trips and falls, at what could be put in to make people's lives easier. I'm trained to look for carer breakdown, where a husband or wife can no longer continue to care for their loved one or who is at risk of struggling. Please look at your relatives, in particular your elderly relatives. Falls can be avoided. I'm not saying that every single fall can be prevented, my Grandad's couldn't and ultimately people want to live the way they live. More education about what you can do in a person's house to help them is needed and I'm so so passionate about this topic.


CSS Journal Coded by FleX177


Calendar and Info!

projecteducate was founded seven years ago by Moonbeam13 and since then has been a project run by the Community Volunteer team. The group is aimed at providing educational information for artists who want to learn about all sorts of art genres or who want to contribute their own knowledge for others to read about.

Weeks are usually allocated in seven day blocks unless there is a lot to cover and for general weeks a Community Volunteer will take the lead and bring you seven days of awesome in the form of articles, features, chat events, interviews and maybe even a contest or two. The volunteer will share their knowledge about the gallery that they oversee on DeviantArt or if they are a Chat & Forums volunteer they will give you insight into how things work over there. But now we have more and more involvement from the Community and we have themed weeks, which give anyone the chance to participate!

To participate in any of the below Themed Weeks or any of the scheduled Community Volunteer weeks just note projecteducate with your thoughts. We will discuss your ideas with you and help you all the way from the drafting to the final editing and beyond! You just need to note your ideas to the group at least two weeks before the start date and final drafts must be in one week beforehand. Once your idea has been approved, you will be provided with all the guidelines, journal CSS info and anything else that you need. Scroll down for some background info on our themed weeks and the dates for when each week will next be launched!

Community Weeks

These are weeks that are opened up to anyone on DeviantArt who has a wish to write about something art focused and educational. All we ask is that the topic hasn't been covered recently and that you be sure to credit any sources that you link. You can find all of the previous Community Week articles in this gallery.

Artists Tools

These are weeks which are completely dedicated to the Tools of the Trade! Whether you're a digital artist, traditional, photographer or something else - we want your knowledge about the tools you use to get creative. As long as your article focuses on an Art based tool or an interview discussing tools - or even a feature - then we'd love to hear from you. For previous topics that have been covered during Artists Tools Weeks visit this gallery.

Art History

Art History is all about delving into the past to find out who & what has shaped us into the artists that we have become today. If you have a specific forte about a period of Art History then we'd love to hear from you. You can write about art styles, artists, periods of time or something else as long as it's historical and has an educational twist. For previous Art History Weeks visit this gallery.

Art in the Professions

Art in the Professions week is dedicated to bringing education and awareness of the many ways in which art can become a career or play a significant role within a career. Through interviews, personal accounts, advice and guidance, articles during the week aim to give the community a taste of how they might be able to make art their profession whether it be within their career or as a job on the side.

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These are short and concise blogs that we post through the group when things are quiet. You can work with us to find an empty slot in the schedule for posting these blogs. Hints & Tips blogs need to be brief and if possible include an illustration or photograph for those who prefer visual learning. For information on our previous Hints and Tips blogs, visit this gallery.

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June 29th - July 5th
Street Photography with hosagu & Kaz-D and MOAR!

July 6th - July 12th
Photojournalism with tanikel, Timothy-Sim  & Kaz-D

July 13th - July 19th
Digital Art with diphylla and Aeirmid

July 20th - July 26th
Photography as a medium with justanothersomeone

July 27th - August 2nd
Traditional Art with Agaave

August 3rd - August 9th
Macro Week with Kaz-D and MarcosRodriguez

August 10th - August 16th
Infrared Photography with Kaz-D, 3wyl and Mrs-Durden

August 17th - August 23rd
Community Week with cinyu

August 24th - August 30th
Non-fiction and Academic Writing with tiganusi & LiliWrites on behalf of CRLiterature

Meet Twindisch

Mon Apr 13, 2015, 10:00 AM
Meet twindisch (Thomas) a photographer based in Graz, Austria. Thomas explores many of his countries hidden and often neglected landscapes and buildings and is fast becoming well-known for his Urbex (Urban Exploration) Photography.
You can find Thomas on DeviantArt, Facebook, Flickr or his website. Thomas has been on DeviantArt for three years but has only in recent months become more active on the site.

:~ flour selfie ~ by twindisch

The Beginning...

I started Photography about 2 years ago on my 30th birthday because I thought I was now old enough to value photography itself. So I bought a starter camera with kit lens and gave it a go.

I soon got into urbex photography because I always liked to explore something new and understand how things work. I have to admit, that I´m at least as interested in how these buildings were used and the things left behind as in the buildings itself. It´s pretty awesome to see for example a fully equipped production hall of an abandoned paper factory and understand how paper was produced there. Nowadays you can´t just go to a factory like “Hey, I´m interested in what you´re doing, can you show me around and tell me how it works?” Well you can, but they won´t let you because you might see things you should not see or they fear industrial espionage.
And of course decay and nature taking most of these buildings back, adds a bit of a surreal and mystic touch to the locations which makes them unique and even more interesting.

The Gear

:bulletblack: Canon EOS 5D Mark III; Lens: EF 16-35mm f/4L IS USM (because it’s the sharpest wide angle lens currently available, especially in the border areas)
:bulletblack: EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM for details.
:bulletblack: And of course a reliable Manfrotto tripod.

Your gallery features an amazing collection or Urban Exploration captures, what tips do you have for photographers looking to capture abandoned places like you have?

As the places often have great differences in brightness, I take most of the shots as an AEB (7 images, up to +/- 6 f-stops) on a tripod, and merge them to a HDR in postprocessing. I also shoot the brackets in live view to minimize the vibrations in the camera. I always try to keep the mood of light and if that doesn´t work, I pick a single shot.

As urban exploring as a hobby gets more and more popular these days, I want to take the chance and write a few lines about risks and safety. I know of some people who suffered serious injuries while exploring abandoned places, one of them even died. And I saw so many daredevils on my tours you wouldn´t believe.
The risks are very specific and depend on the locations you visit. I always do risk assessments and prepare accordingly in advance, but just to give you an idea: Places in urban territory, for example hotels or houses, are often mould-infested, contain asbestos or dove droppings with resistant bacteria and parts of the buildings may collapse over or under you. On industrial sites you may come across various toxic substances. While exploring underground bunkers or mines you may lose communication with the outside world, encounter mine gas or just become lost. When doing abandoned locations in the balkan states countryside, I always stay on concrete or beaten paths (there are still some active minefield leftovers from the war, especially around former military locations and border areas) and watch out for snakes, spiders and bears.

~ sundown at the orient express ~ by twindisch

Do you have specific safety tips for people out exploring?

- Never go alone and make sure a 3rd person not on the tour knows where you are. Agree on reporting points and if missed which further actions should be taken.
- Do research and a risk assessment on every location you visit and prepare accordingly. Think of risks "normal" people don´t think of, for example poisonous insects or animals, hazardous substances and things like that.
- Test and build up trust in your equipment before a tour. Always have first aid with you and don´t save money on safety gear like glow sticks, triple batteries or communication.
- Dress and equip appropriate. I´ve seen people exploring large underground bunker complexes in shorts and flip-flops with a cellphone display as only light source.
- Trust your gut instincts. If you have a bad feeling leave and come back another day.

This photograph below is so emotive - What's the history behind this capture?

~ sold out ~ by twindisch

The shot was taken in an abandoned asylum in Italy. Beside quarters and medical facilities, they had a small church and even this theatre there: The theatre of decay. There are some really emotive places out there; Just to mention 3: Chateau Lumiere has a unique light setting due to its architecture - we arrived in the dark and left 3 hours after sunrise. It was just incredible.

~ Chateau Lumiere Atrium ~ by twindisch
~ take a seat ~ by twindisch

Dr. Rossetti´s asylum in Italy gave me some heartattacks Sweating a little... A huge location which sets could be taken from any good horror movie, long overgrown hallways, dead silence, a door slams in the wind and stuff like that. And Noah´s Ark (below) was just impressive, standing in front of such a big ship, just wow.

~ naval architecture ~ by twindisch

Does the area that you live in offer much chance for exploring abandoned places or do you have to travel further afield?

I would say in a 100 mile radius around my hometown I´ve explored almost everything worth to see. In 2014 I spent 5 weeks visiting over a hundred locations in 8 different countries and did about ~12.500 miles on the road. Except for the number of countries, I´ll most likely double that in 2015.

~ insomnia ~ by twindisch

Do you ever get caught out exploring places that you shouldn't?

I´ve been “lucky” so far, only happened to me once in Italy – The guy shouted at us to leave, otherwise he would let his dogs after us. But we had some awkward situations on different locations with copperthieves, aggressive masked teenagers, former prisoners or a local biker gang dealing with drugs in the perimeter. They really didn´t want us there especially not with a camera.

~ welcome to the jungle ~ by twindisch

Not only have you photographed abandoned places as they look right now, but you've also got creative in some of them. How did you achieve this shot?

~ powerwoman ~ by twindisch

First my friends and me placed a few hundred tealights to light up the tunnel. Anne, our “model”, had to stand still for 30 seconds and Christoph was light painting with sparklers around her while I operated our cameras. We made a few different shots there.

This shot below is just incredible, it looks like a posh 'active' hotel - but it's abandoned. What is the strangest or most amazing thing you've found on your travels?

~ silver swan ~ by twindisch

Well it´s hard to say, i come across so many fascinating but also weird things. For example a handcrafted leather book with b/w wedding portraits from the early ages of photography. I also found journals of people who got arrested (and worse) because of their political attitude, patient files and x-rays, hand-drawn porn books from the 60´s or shotgun shells. I even found a single human lower leg bone. But if I got to pick an interesting-looking one, its definitely this washbasin...

~ source of life ~ by twindisch

Nom Nom 84 - Easter

Thu Apr 9, 2015, 9:00 AM

Easter Biscuits

These are traditionally made on Easter Sunday and given as a gift - they're light, fruity and spiced with a lovely flavour and tasty crunch.


  • 200g McDougalls Plain Flour (Americans, you may not have McDougalls - it doesn't matter!)
  • Pinch salt
  • 1 tsp mixed spice
  • 75g caster sugar
  • 100g butter
  • 1 medium egg, separated
  • 50g currants
  • 2 Tbsp warm milk
  • Pinch saffron (optional, mixed with milk)
  • Caster sugar, to dredge


  1. Preheat oven to fan 180°C, conventional 200°C, gas 6.
  2. Grease two baking trays.
  3. Sift the flour, salt and spice into a small bowl and set aside.
  4. Using an electric whisk, cream sugar and butter together until light and fluffy. Beat in the egg yolk.
  5. Fold in the flour, salt and spice, currants, milk and saffron if adding, to form a fairly soft dough.
  6. Knead lightly on a floured surface and roll out thinly.
  7. Using a 7.5cm fluted round cutter, cut into rounds rerolling where necessary.
  8. Place onto baking trays and bake for 8 minutes.
  9. Remove from the oven, brush with remaining egg white, sprinkle over sugar and bake for a further 3 minutes until golden brown.
  10. Cool on a wire rack. 

Easter Biscuits by claremanson
Ultimate Easter Cupcakes by Cailleanne
Easter Cake by Caro51092
Baby Chick Cupcakes by theresahelmerMini Egg Cake Bites by claremanson
Easter wreath by PaSt1978
Happy Easter by Ana-D
Easter eggs by kupenska

Mini Finger Cakes (w/ Simple Instructions) by theresahelmer
Easter Egg Nest Cake by claremanson
Easter Cake Pop by Deathbypuddle
Chocolate Chip Hot Cross Buns by claremanson
Happy Easter by ieatSTARS
Easter Cupcakes by Deathbypuddleeaster. by magnesina

Happy Easter! by Obsessed-by
Easter Lemon Jello Dessert by theresahelmer
Easter Dinosaur Egg Cookies by claremanson

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Get your Tools out!

Wed Apr 8, 2015, 10:52 PM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:

Artists Tools

projecteducate is looking for contributors for the next Artists Tools week! Due to the success of the recent week that just literally finished - we've got another one lined up with lots more useful articles exploring various Art tools and sharing tips and tutorials on how to use them. Why not talk about your favourite tool of the trade? We can help you structure your article if needed and have lots of guidelines for how everything works. If you're interested then note projecteducate with your idea and we'll talk! For ideas and to see what has been previously written visit this gallery.

Artists Tools Week - 27th April 2015 - 3rd May 2015.

Artists Tools - The Roundup

Sun Apr 5, 2015, 10:00 AM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:

Artists Tools

There has been something for everyone during this latest Artists Tools week - huge thanks go to everyone who was involved in writing some pretty amazing articles. Before we round up - due to the success of this week we have another scheduled for April 27th - May 3rd 2015. If you want to get involved and write an article about your favourite Artists Tools then please note projecteducate with your idea. The deadline for drafts is April 20th 2015! Without further ado here is the roundup from last week...


Photography Newsletter

Sun Apr 5, 2015, 6:00 AM
One of the categories that has been highlighted in the theme of the month is Darkroom. There are many ways these days that Darkroom Photography can be made. But from Analog to Digital Photography the processes which involved are endless. Check out the basics and the fun you can get with a pinhole camera. You'll find in the tutorial section of this newsletter, some links which may be useful in creating it. Stefan Bucher, a great photographer provides some fascinating examples about this type of photography.

The other topic for discussion this month is Categories. How do you consider categories for photography when submitting your work to DA? Have you ever stopped to think about whether you are categorizing your work properly and gaining it the maximum exposure? Do you often run into the problem of having your work fit into more than one category? When Community Volunteers select works for Daily Deviations they have to check the category and if your work is incorrectly placed you may lose out...

Kamrette have released something they are calling the first leather camera bag. What do you think? Check it out here. Is it a sensible solution that you would splash out for or just a glorified handbag? (Purse to you Americans..)

Word of the Month

Exposure simply refers to the amount of light recorded on the film or sensor.
It is all related to ISO setting and aperture setting. When dealing properly with these two parameters, you will find you are on your way to take great photos consistently.

Photographers of the Day

The photographers of the day that have been featured for the past month at CRPhotography are listed below. If you'd like to see yourself featured, or a friend, send us a note!

:iconherculanum: :iconkristynakvapilova: :iconmichalobrzut: :iconwizardhat: :iconhorstschmier: :iconandy-j-s: :icondunvael: :icong-p-photography: :iconsarahredhead: :icondreaervin: :iconalexandrucrisan: :icon60india: :icontwindisch: :iconrhcheng: :iconstrych9ine: :iconalicenatalie: :iconmiobi: :iconezkilzon: :iconericseye: :iconcsyyt: :iconoaykee: :iconlain-awakeatnight: :iconanchorup: :iconyorkshiresam: :iconart0fck: :iconbr53199: :iconkparks: :iconporbital: :iconannamazur:

Contests & Projects

General Photography News

We said farewell to 3wyl at the beginning of March as she stepped down after three years of being awesome on the Community Volunteer team. If you haven't already, drop by her page and show her some love - she's still around as well in her groups including CRPhotography!

In order to highlight more deviants and their fantastic photography we have started another interview series at CRPhotography. If you'd like to be interviewed and have your work showcased just note Kaz-D. In the meantime check out the latest articles and meet the photographers that they explore...

Mrs-Durden has also started a new article series in which she highlights the Daily Deviation suggestions that she does not feature, into a comprehensive article including both the photographs and their suggestors! Check it out here!

Abstract and Surreal

Community Volunteer justanothersomeone

Walking on Windows by TylerFortierPhoto

There has been lots of awesome news this month focusing on Abstract and Surreal photography. Check out Abstract and Surreal Spotlight Vol. 67 and the Nature-Abstracted : February Selection, 2015. Also don't forget to browse MarinaCoric's Light Hunters Feature #106. There's also an article which will show how you can become Obsessed with Elle Moss.
And if you don't know about him check out Stefan Gerrits and you'll discover some great natural abstract photos.

Animals, Plants and Nature

Community Volunteers Kaz-D and Mrs-Durden

After our eyes, as photographers our second most important body part is our hands. this article gives you some tips for keeping warm on cold days and isn't just for the nature photographers (but we are bound to be the coldest of them all!) One of the most useful things that I have is a tripod with 'leg warmers.' It's much nicer to grip when it's cold! (Leg warmers made from carbon fibre material).

Bison 03 by Lenore49

Artistic Nude

Community Volunteer Nyx-Valentine

*Our Artistic Nude section will often contain something that's Not Safe for Work (NSFW)* There has been a lovely feature shared lately by ZephyraMilie check it out -> Artistic Nude Feature #3. Elsewhere online, 20 Korean Men show how artistic nude photography can be. And here you can find an Unusual exhibition with Milo Moire..

Dreaming by Anthony25v


Community Volunteers Kaz-D and Mrs-Durden

silber-englein is relaunching a popular Conceptual Photography group the-mirror-club - and is looking for members and people to join the admin team. Check out the journal - Conceptual Photography Community. MarinaCoric has released another feature Conceptual Spotlight Vol. 122. Elsewhere online check out this Series of articles about Conceptual Photography. And finally, check out Conceptual Madness #3.
The Keeper of Fairytales by parvanaphotography


Community Volunteers Kaz-D and Mrs-Durden

Schnitzelyne has released another feature - Darkroom Feature - 4 which showcases some wonderful works. And PsycheAnamnesis has put together a feature as well which is very inspiring... prohibited conversations in the darkroom. You will likely be amazed when you look at Diane Gabriel's Website showing amazing and beautiful Darkroom photography.
Lady Bay Sun Passage by heeeeman


Community Volunteer Pixel-Spotlight

Mrs-Durden has published her latest edition of Fashion Makes the World go Round in which amazing fashion photography and news have been featured. Check it out here.

Autumn Ophelia by AlRocksUrSocks

Pin Up & Glamour

Community Volunteer DistortedSmile

The LUSH! Articles focus on some beautiful features from the Pinup & Glamour galleries, you can see the latest articles here: 4th Mar | 11th Mar | 18th Mar
A collection of Chicks in Corsets was recently published highlighting some of the glamour and pin up photographs from Death-Chicks!

Pretty in Pink by Lily-Liddell


Community Volunteer MarcosRodriguez

If you want to get started in Macro photography or you already do it but you are lacking in ideas, check out these nine tutorials at, you will find a tutorial about different techniques of doing Macro, a couple that will inspire you to get original pictures and also some "how to" articles.
Color Spectrum by SamanthaElisa

People and Portraits

Community Volunteers Kaz-D and Mrs-Durden

It was People and Portraits month at CRPhotography this month which means there have been lots of useful articles and features. Firstly there has been the CV Features: People and Portraits which is a collection of the Community Volunteers chosen images. There was also the March contest: People and Portraits. And finally an article looking at People and Portraits Challenge Vol. 1. Want some tips for capturing portraits with a 50mm lens? Check out this entry on the excellent Phoblographer Blog.
Flow by DanOstergren


Community Volunteer tanikel

Get into the habit of staying tuned to our world news throughout the eyes of these great photo-reporters - you can find shots and articles over here (Reuters).

Ta Phrom Tree Children by little-spacey

Still Life

Community Volunteers Kaz-D and Mrs-Durden

Over at Still-Life-Stills lots has been going on! Nom Nom 83 - Salami features a tasty looking food item this month! The What You Love - Contest Winners! have been announced and finally, the photographer of the week is back up and running. Photographer of the Week: ifsantag. Why not get some advice  about how to make your own still life personal studio? If you're looking for some reasons to make still life photography, find them here!

crepe by TheAutumnLeaves


Community Volunteers Kaz-D and Mrs-Durden

Garry Winogrand is described as the Man who defined Street Photography. If you haven't read about him already but you're an avid participant or fan of Street Photography then you honestly should. During the 50s and 60s, Winogrand stalked the sidewalks of New York to capture scenes in the decades that followed the second world war. His work is and will remain fresh, a clear definition of street photography that will leave you with no doubt about what the genre involves and how your work should be constructed if you want it to fit in. Check out more information here.
An interesting and great start of thinking about the feelings we can get when taking photos in the street, especially when it is linked to the ethics of taking photos of homeless people, from the excellent blog The Phoblographer.

Street Photography has hit the news once more. Did you know that the Arkansas senate has passed a bill to try and make Street Photography illegal? Check it out here for further details. You'll find on the excellent blog of Eric Kim a very interesting view about how to learn street photography.
Jack Garofalo if you don't know him is the object of this great article about his works : the
1970s Harlem In Street.

Street Photography BW 270 by sagi-k

Urban and Rural

Community Volunteers Kaz-D and Mrs-Durden

The latest edition of Urbex has been released and this month has focused on Staircases. Things of such beauty but that are often abandoned without a thought and forgotten. Check out the article here. If you'd like to see a topic or some of your own work featured as part of the series just note Kaz-D and I will see what I can do!
Vernazza by hanciong

Educational Articles and Tutorials

We're encouraging you to share your 'hacks' for creating cheaper DIY photography tools or capturing awesome photos with handy hints or tips. Note CRPhotography if you have a 'hack' for next month! There are some other fabulous journals that have recently been posted and focus on educational information...

:bulletred: A fun weekend project to Turn Your Street Photos into Still Life Photos!
:bulletred: Beginner’s guide to light painting
:bulletred: How to improve your posing skills without memorization
:bulletred: Berenice Abbott: the photography trailblazer who had supersight
:bulletred: The checklist for narrowing down your photography portfolio
:bulletred: This bioluminescent forest wonderland is the result of a projector and a computer

:bulletred: Gear: Making 'Art': we go inside Sigma's lens factory
:bulletred: Gear: Did you know about the rear gelatin filter slot on some wide angle lenses?
:bulletred: Gear: 7 Simple maintenance and care tips to keep your digital camera in great shape
:bulletred: Gear: Don’t be afraid of manual focus

:bulletred: Light: How to use a gridded softbox for portrait photography
:bulletred: Light: Five places for perfect natural portrait lighting
:bulletred: Light: The magic of motivated key lights in portrait photography
:bulletred: Light: How to create dark moody low-key portraits with minimal gear
:bulletred: Light: Studio lighting: an introduction for amateur or semi-pro photographers

:bulletred: PS: How to easily correct colors in old photos using the levels tool in Photoshop
:bulletred: PS: A primer on using Photoshop’s liquify filter for realistic retouching
:bulletred: PS: Which is right for you: Lightroom or Photoshop (or both)?
:bulletred: PS: Unleash your workflow by learning to use Lightroom & Photoshop synergistically
:bulletred: PS: 4 Ways to use the warp command in Photoshop
:bulletred: PS: How to use Lightroom + Photoshop auto-blend focus stacking
:bulletred: PS: A practical guide to creating superresolution photos with Photoshop
:bulletred: LR: Hidden secrets to fast, easy photo publishing

:bulletred: PS: Photoshop experts try to use Photoshop 1.0

:bulletred: How To make A Pinhole Camera is a good way to start understanding pinhole cameras.
:bulletred: The Dirkon Camera is a famous one to add to your collection if you are fond of analog cameras. Patience, folding (you'll need cissors!) and an analog film will get you back to the first ever made cameras, but elegantly :)

DeviantArt Photography News of Note...

A Devious Interview of great artists over DA (Andaelentari, JACAC, Cyril-Helnwein, Batsceba, Pierre-Lagarde, ZiaulKareem, ZephyraMilie, wwwcine), in different art types, but mostly photography.

If you are interested in supporting the Photography Community on DeviantArt, consider applying for an admin position at PhotographersClub! Check out the available positions here. :la:

silber-englein has an awesome daily photography series, "Best in Photography Today"! If you would like to look at gorgeous photographs on DeviantArt, check them out! #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10

New Equipment and Technology

:bulletred: The Nikon D7200 got announced
:bulletred: News: Apple Photos, a first look
:bulletred: Gear: Canon 5Ds vs 5DsR, canon cancels low-pass filter effect with second low-pass filter

Dev Meets!

There's going to be a Boston Dev Meet in August courtesy of the group EastCoastDA! You can note AshleyxBrooke or JenFruzz for more information and you can read more here.

Forum Posts

Creating a photography portfolio? When did you start yours? (Also, a question about printing!)
photographing at an aquarium
New to film, need some advice.
How far have you come?

Groups to Check Out!

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Photographers Tools for Keeping Warm

Sun Apr 5, 2015, 3:00 AM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:

Artists Tools

After our eyes, as photographers our most important body part is our hands. For many of us photography means venturing out into icy cold winds and bitter weather at certain times of the year and there are a few basic things you can do to keep you or your equipment warm. (For those who have just read Tools for photographing the night sky this is the article for you!)

Tripod Leg Warmers
It sounds ridiculous, but they are so simple and your tripod possibly comes with them without you even knowing. But tripods are one of the first bits of equipment to get icy cold and carrying them around isn't much fun when they're giving you frost burn. Leg warmers are carbon fibre materials that also help to provide some handy grip. You can see them on this tripod below...

Source: picclick UK

There are other variations too and specific pockets you can get for your tripod if it's going to get really cold. Check out these handy Zippable leg warmers from Wex Photographic. If your tripod doesn't have leg warmers then there is a very simple tutorial which you can pick up the gist of by visiting
this forum.

Warm your camera

Make sure you've got your camera and vital gear stashed away in a camera bag when you venture outside but do remember that if the temperature differences are really huge between indoor and outdoor, you may inadvertently cause some damage to your camera when you get back home. If you're worried, bag it. Seal your camera in a plastic bag, pack it away and wait for it to reach a good temperature before you bring it inside. A cold camera in a warm room can cause moisture to condense into water droplets which could impact upon your electrical equipment.

Breathe In

Don't let vapour from your breath ruin your photographs! But equally at times it can cause an amazing misty type effect. Just be careful when you're breathing especially when doing long exposures for night photography as you really don't want to ruin a shot that you can't easily review until you get home.

Take extra batteries

Batteries drain quicker in the cold. I've had that happen a lot. Take lots of spare fully charged batteries with you but a great tip I've found is to hold a discharged battery in your hand or pocket until it's fairly warm and you should find that it gets a little bit stronger and will see you through a few more shots.

Protect your memory cards

The moisture can be a pain but dropping a memory card in snow or ice can be even worse. Make sure you store your cards in waterproof casing until you need them. There are a great range of Memory Card Holders out there and also the small plastic cases that some often come with might suffice.

Do you have any additional cold weather tips or tricks that you use? Share them on this article and we'll add them in!