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Photography Newsletter

Sun Aug 2, 2015, 4:00 AM
This month, silber-englein highlighted a fantastic article that showed most of the CRPhotography team something that we actually didn't know. It happens. But seriously, this was something very simple, easy and important that we had no clue existed. It turns out you can put your name in your camera. This is important on so many levels, but the article that highlighted it was just amazing. A Photographer had $15k worth of gear stolen and because he named his camera he was able to get it back. Find out more here - did you know that this existed??

Let's talk about Drones. In the past few years drones have become more afordable, popular and accessible for many and that has led to an increase in air activity. Drones can capture all sorts of useful footage, they can be used to document journalism or to capture damage to rooves - there are a lot of uses. But what about when they get in the way? Petapixel recently shared an article detailing how drones hampered rescue efforts in the recent California wildfire. You can read more here. What are your thoughts? Are drones more of a hinderance or more of a help? Do you own a drone?

Finally, a hot topic this month over at hq is all about Art Theft. If you haven't joined in already check out the article here. Aside from creating, curating and enjoying Art, the one thing we have in common across the galleries here on DeviantArt is that everything and anthing can be stolen. From digital to traditional, photographic to written. Art Theft is a very real issue. Join the discussion today!

Word of the Month

Format in Photography... Are we talking about the camera format? Or the photography format? Do we talk about the Image sensor format?

The image sensor format represents the shape and size of your sensor, check it out here in this table of Medium format.
This excellent article will give you some useful insight about the topic.

The digital photo file format is meant to describe the quality of your shot recorded on the memory card of your camera. How much photographic information will you wish to store within each of your image files? How much will be thrown away? The three main image file formats are jpeg, raw and tiff. You'll get details and useful information in this article about the different files/formats of photography.

Photographers of the Day

The photographers of the day that have been featured for the past month at CRPhotography are listed below. If you'd like to see yourself featured, or a friend, send us a note!

:iconkrzysztofmarciniak: :iconnightline: :iconpierre-lagarde: :iconmoomookittens: :iconbiocity2: :icondimensionseven: :iconmasyaka-kusyaka: :iconrayi-kun: :iconzelma1: :iconfiorof: :iconone-the-fringe: :iconkmetjurec: :iconfoldedwilderness: :iconsimsalabima: :iconjessicadobbs: :iconaanemoi: :iconvinxibit: :iconhelkathon:

Contests & Challenges

Check out rainylake's 10 x 10 challenge! It's a great chance to get more active in the community and at the same time potentially win some awesome prizes. You have until August 1st! *maybe remove this if challenge not extended*

:bulletblue: Still-Life-Stills
:bulletblue: Abstract-and-Surreal
:bulletblue: CRPhotography

Abstract and Surreal

Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden: & tiganusi

9874 by dreamisdestiny1

This month we said farewell to justanothersomeone so head by his profile and thank him for his time on the team! Please send your Abstract or Surreal photography DD suggestions to the General photography team.

Animals, Plants and Nature

Community Volunteer JenFruzz

No photos! by Lion-Redmich

Check out these 12 Nature photography tips for upping your game. There's some great advice on how to improve as a nature photographer.

JenFruzz has taken up residence at SkyAndNatureClub to bring you APN themed discussions, contests, and more! She is also gathering opinions about the layout of the APN subcategories. Leave your input here!


Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

Blue mosque moon by lostknightkg

It was Architecture month at CRPhotography and Mrs-Durden put together some fantastic interviews. Furthermore, the latest issue of Photography Exposed featured some amazing architecture photographs from DeviantArt.
Artistic Nude

Community Volunteer Nyx-Valentine

*Our Artistic Nude section will often contain something that's Not Safe for Work (NSFW)*
Mrs-Durden has published another edition of The Human Form - an article series which highlights the beauty within the Artistic Nude gallery.


Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

Children are cruel II by SHA-1

Looking for inspiration? Check out thirty awesome conceptual photographs here! :la:


Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

Above it all by spilledpaint

A bizarre new EU Law could mean that you may face legal action for taking photographs of famous landmarks... At the moment, the UK, and several other EU member states, enjoy 'freedom of panorama', which allows pictures of copyrighted works in public spaces, such as the London Eye or the Angel of the North, to be used both privately and for profit (commercially).

However, the proposed changes to EU-wide law would require snappers to obtain permission from the copyright holder, even if the landmark, building or work of art is in the background of a picture. Read more here.


Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

[] * by mehrmeer

Paul Alsop is a darkroom photographer who has made the best out of the materials he had, creating his own camera and even his own Darkroom in a Caravan. He made his own 11 x 11 camera out of mahogany and brass, mixed his own chemicals and converted his garage into a darkroom. Then a 1950s Caravan came up for sale and he realised that becoming mobile and having a darkroom right there...was perfect! It feels a little like something from Breaking Bad... read more here!


Community Volunteer  Queen-Kitty

Searching for a little tenderness by jbfort

This month we have welcomed Queen-Kitty to the volunteer team! She has taken on Fashion Photography and already has her Daily Deviation guidelines up. You can read them here.

Check out Queen-Kitty's latest blog showcasing some Underappreciated works within the photography galleries.

Horror and Macabre

Community Volunteer pullingcandy

C-49 by bassqee

RockstarVanity has finally shared what we've all been waiting for! That Bloody shower tutorial! Ever wondered how she created her amazing inspiring photos?  Wonder no more! Check out the interview for full tips and guidance.

Exodus 7:19 by RockstarVanity


Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

Gustave Eiffel - Glasshouse {Infrared} by ToneeGee

It's Infared Month at CRPhotography. Check out this article to find out more!


Community Volunteer MarcosRodriguez

oo by marrgit

Macro week is coming up at projecteducate and we want you to get involved! For more information and to find out exactly how check out this article. For some Macro inspiration check out MarcosRodriguez's latest Macro Spotlight! Check out Behind The Scenes of Macro Photography by BokehLight.


Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

Aritsugu by SeGnagflow

People and Portraits

Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

Little Big Love by LyraWhite

Check out RockstarVanity's latest edition of Five on Friday. This week she has featured some stunning portraiture photography that was submitted via the group Human-Photography.

Light Stalking have recently shared an article exploring how to get sharper eyes in your portraits. Check out the article for some great tips.

It's wedding photography season - and Image Resource have shared some tips to beat wedding photography anxiety. Check out the article here.

Babies and pets - two of the trickiest moving things to Photograph! We'll work on the pets issue but for now check out these Tips for photographing newborns.

Pinup and Glamour

Community Volunteer DistortedSmile

PinUp Extrordinaire 1 by IAMTOODARKPARK

Some great tips to be found here if you'd like to feel like Marilyn Monroe.

Check out the latest edition of Lush!

Need some inspiration for your next pinup shoot? Here are 11 Classic Pinup Beauties From The Past.


Community Volunteer tanikel

Connection by JARTAS

This last month saw an awesome week of Photojournalism over at projecteducate. There were many insightful and useful articles and we got to learn more about the interesting and contrasting jobs of two of our Photojournalism experts here on DeviantArt. Huge thanks to tanikel and Timothy-Sim for sharing their insights and answering the questions that were asked of them. Thanks also to InayatShah and 1pen for their articles during the week too!

:bulletpink: What IS photojournalism?
:bulletpink: Photojournalism the Easy Way
:bulletpink: Photojournalism Questions and Answers
:bulletpink: An interview with Tanikel
:bulletpink: Basic Photojournalism tips
:bulletpink: Timothy-Sim Journalism insights and more
:bulletpink: Tim Sims fast processing tips in photojournalism
:bulletpink: The Pulitzer Prize Highlights

A recent edition of Photography Exposed focused on Military photography, what it is and some inspiring images to give you ideas about what it involves. Check out the article here.

Still Life

Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

Still Alice by Venesmir

claremanson's baking contest is back! If you've ever browsed her gallery you will see that there are so many tasty treats to aspire to create. So why not create your own??? Check out all of the information here.

If you haven't already met bittykate then where have you been?! Her tasty gallery is there waiting for you to explore it. Check out some of her work in the latest edition of Nom Nom.

Do you need advice on how to shoot food photographs with natural light? Then look no further than this article which gives you advice on how to do just that!


Community Volunteer hosagu

Kagranerplatz by batmantoo

A week was dedicated to street photography at projecteducate with the great participation of awesome and talented photographers: JACAC, IFedorovskaya, Batsceba and ZiaulKareem!
Check out some of these articles:
:bulletred: Let's talk about street baby
:bulletred: Origins of Street Photography and Jazz Music
:bulletred: The Masters: Mr Raymond Depardon
:bulletred: Tips and tricks for handling light and shadows
:bulletred: An Architect on Street
:bulletred: Eduardo Gajeiro - A Portuguese Photographer
:bulletred: Cliche's in Street Photography
:bulletred: The Masters S Leiter and A Fellig Weegee
:bulletred: Lukas Vasilikos, a contemporary street photographer
:bulletred: Gear for street photography
:bulletred: Emerging Talents in Street Photography

Also check out this incredible and beautiful selection of shots dedicated to stripes.

You'll find here a wonderful way of approaching street analog photography in this blog from Pete Davidson.

A must read and very original way of doing street photography with a fish eye lens! Check it out in this awesome article about Willem Jonkers.


Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

Open doors by Attila-Le-Ain

Jonathan Castillo brings a whole new meaning to the term 'Drive By Shooting' with his photo series of people in Los Angeles, sitting in their cars. Most people are oblivious to him and his unqiue set up - read more here.

Earlier this month, the entertainment world was rocked with the news of Amanda Peterson's death and it has been revealed that her last ever photo-shoot featured transportation. For a look at the images click here.

Nathan Fitch uses Transportation for his project taking selfies with strangers. He uses the reflection in car and train windows to capture many of his intriguing images. Check it out here.

Urban and Rural

Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

Cooling Tower C 04 by yanshee

If you're looking for Urban Photography inspiration then People have published a list of some Urban Photographers that you should be following on Instagram.

Educational Articles and Tutorials

We're encouraging you to share your 'hacks' for creating cheaper DIY photography tools or capturing awesome photos with handy hints or tips. Note CRPhotography if you have a 'hack' for next month! There are some other fabulous journals that have recently been posted and focus on educational information...

:bulletblue: Tips for Sports Photography
:bulletblue: 8 DIY smartphone tips
:bulletblue: 13 Exercises for Photographers that can Help Jump-Start Creativity

Photography Articles and News of Note

:bulletred:Frame your subject using natural objects
:bulletred:Best shutter speeds for every situation
:bulletred:The ultimate guide to image resolution
:bulletred:What is autofocus? Your camera’s AF options explained
:bulletred:An explanation of how crop factors and depth of field correlate
:bulletred:5 common mistakes beginners make when they share photos online
:bulletred:Storage for Photographers
:bulletred:How to recover deleted pictures from SD Card
:bulletred:What is Digital Asset Management and why do you need it?
:bulletred:Illuminating the face on location. With Peter Hurley.
:bulletred:Joe McNally explains TTL
:bulletred:Low budget light modifier trick for portrait photography
:bulletred:How to use your tablet or smartphone as a light source for photography
Post Processing
:bulletred:Photo editing for free – Pixls offers tutorials for open source software like Gimp and Darktable
:bulletred:Identify your habits with the analytics Dashboard For Lightroom
:bulletred:Capture One Pro 8 software review
:bulletred:Photoshop CC: 10 things beginners want to know how to do
:bulletred:How to process the Milky Way using Adobe Lightroom CC
:bulletred:The best tricks to reduce Photoshop file size
:bulletred:This tiny 4k camera is the size of a GoPro, is good in low-light, & offers interchangeable lenses
:bulletred:Sigma 24-35 f/2 HSM Art Review
:bulletred:GoPro Hero 4 Session
:bulletred:Review: The Canon 5DSR
:bulletred:AmazonBasics DSLR and Laptop Backpack
:bulletred:The world's first cinematic smartcase
:bulletred:Panasonic announces new Post Focus technology and two new lenses
:bulletred:How I built myself a large format 4×5 monorail view camera
:bulletred:8 DIY smartphone photography hacks for more creative photos
:bulletred:A $6 IKEA storage box makes for a thrifty collapsible laptop sun shade
:bulletred:The 5 minutes, $1.50 reflector and how to use it
:bulletred:DIY: making a simple but elegant leather hand strap for a DSLR
:bulletred:Understanding copyright and licensing for photography
:bulletred:How photographers can protect their copyright
:bulletred:Infographic: when do you need a model release?
:bulletred:Concert photographer, where did your integrity go?

Will you be travelling around this summer? Here are some tips for better shots. While we're discussing travelling and drones, be sure to check out some of these spectacular shots taken with drones for dronestagram.

If you're into wedding photography or would like to get into it, here are some useful articles:
:bulletblue: Post Production Workflow  :pointr: Here you'll find a useful video on the post production workflow photographer Ryan Brenizer uses for his wedding photography.
:bulletblue: Beat wedding shoot anxiety using advice from this interview with Scott Robert Lim.

Do you use watermarks for your photography? Or do you absolutely hate the use of watermarks and think they ruin the quality of images? Join the current debate going on at CRPhotography, here!

Have you ever considered self-suggesting your photography for a Daily Deviation? Mrs-Durden is calling for all photographers with photos within her area (General Photography) to send her self-suggestions! Learn more details about it here

New Equipment and Technology

Sigma dp0 Quattro Camera
Nikon D7200 Body
Olympus SH-2 Camera
Zeiss Batis 25mm f/2 and 85mm f/1.8 for Sony E-Mount
Zeiss Vario-Sonnar 16-35 and 24-70 for Sony Alpha
Manfrotto 190GO! Travel Tripod
Urban Approach 10 Mirrorless Camera Shoulderbag
Datacolor Spider5 Display Calibration Device
Epson Surecolor P800 Full-bleed 17" sheet/roll printer

Hosagu's App of the Month

Polarr is an absolute must have app on both android and ios systems. This is an app for editing your photos. There are plenty apps like these so what makes Polarr unique? Polarr is built using the same web technologies as websites: WebGL. The app was never designed based upon a specific code for ios systems or androids ones. It then means it has the ability to run on any system... Extensions and updates are then not limited.
With features matching many of those in Adobe Systems Lightroom, which sets the standard for photo editing, Polarr lets you tweak color balance, adjust specific colors, fiddle with contrast using tone curves, and a lot more. You can adjust sliders in the iOS version by tilting your phone or tablet to one side or the other, though there's a 16-megapixel file size limit. Polarr is free, with in-app purchases. Have a look on its dedicated website.

Forum Posts

:bulletgreen: Your Favourite Camera
:bulletgreen: Questions about making money!
:bulletgreen: Best camera in your opinion?
:bulletgreen: Photography and the Law
:bulletgreen: Backdrops for photography
:bulletgreen: Need Suggestions on New Camera
:bulletgreen: What is the absolute worst camera you've ever bought?
:bulletgreen: your workflow
:bulletgreen: Freedom of panorama in Europe?

Groups to Check Out!

:iconvenatoreslucis: :icondevpremium: :icondeath-chicks: :iconyoung-photo-club: :iconhuman-photography: :iconbokehlicious: :iconsoftness-art: :iconmodelmayhemmassive: :iconlightinspired: :iconbird-photography: :icondialed-in: :iconode-to-simplicity: :iconda-film-alliance: :iconfashion-show: :iconfashionelite: :iconstand-out-shots: :iconamazinglybeautiful::iconstill-life-stills::iconshopping-for-stock::icongothictemple: :iconblackwhitephotos: :iconbeautiful-bokeh::iconphotographersdream: :iconurban-and-rural: :iconabstract-and-surreal: :iconcommunityrelations: :iconprojecteducate: :iconthrough-a-lens::iconr72: :iconcritique-it: :iconphotography-inc: :iconcasualphotography: :iconphotographyworld: :iconbreathtaking-photos: :icongothictemple: :iconbeautiful-bokeh: :iconwater-dreams: :iconlovely-square-pics: :iconphotographlove: :icondevnews: :icondeviantkitchen:

Contributors this month: daguerreoty-pe, Mrs-Durden, tiganusi, Kaz-D, 3wyl, JenFruzz, silber-englein, MarcosRodriguez & hosagu.

Give me all your Lovin'...

Fri Jul 24, 2015, 1:52 PM
...And all your Daily Deviation suggestions too! I want your DD suggestions - whether they are self suggestions, you're best friends work or a complete strangers art. If it's photography and from one of the categories below then SEND it to me! You never know if you don't try... :)  I've even included ALL of the links below just to make life much easier for you...all you need to do is click and browse, what's hot, what's not, what's popular, what's not - you'll find some gems for sure.

:bulletblack: Abstract and Surreal
:bulletblack: Architecture
:bulletblack: Commercial
:bulletblack: Conceptual
:bulletblack: Darkroom
:bulletblack: Fireworks
:bulletblack: Humour
:bulletblack: Infrared
:bulletblack: Other
:bulletblack: People & Portraits
:bulletblack: Still Life
:bulletblack: Transportation
:bulletblack: Urban and Rural

"Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.”
- Marcus Aurelius


It's been AGES since I wrote a real journal with random pictures, words, and life things. Have you written one lately? Maybe it's time!

So where am I at the moment? I shall tell you. For the past six months or so, whenever I log on, my first stop is projecteducate. I live and breathe, projecteducate. Along with my fellow editing team (which is growing and is awesome) we plot and scheme and plan all sorts of weeks and if we're not running the weeks ourselves you'll often find us proof reading the articles or getting another week up and running and planned. We have Infrared, Macro, Still Life and much more coming up. I urge you to watch projecteducate - want to write an article? Note projecteducate - we want your articles!

Untitled by Kaz-D


A year has passed almost, since I moved into a brand shiny new house with TouchedD. Our bare bones house and garden which was a patch of green and nothing more has sprouted into something with plants, flowers, runner beans and even rhubarb! The house has a fireplace, furnishings, pictures, art and even a sewing box which I have yet to use... We're complete right now with our little bundle of fluff - Maisy the crazy doggeh. 365 days almost and so much has changed and we've come so far.
Untitled by Kaz-D
Untitled by Kaz-D
Untitled by Kaz-D
Untitled by Kaz-D
Untitled by Kaz-D


Maisy keeps us on our toes - we've watched two films together this week. Marley and Me followed by Life of Pi...she looooves the animals...
Untitled by Kaz-D
Untitled by Kaz-D
Untitled by Kaz-D


Last weekend I bought a new car - brand brand new. I never thought I'd get another brand new car but work got me a brilliant discount (corporate perks!) and I now have built in maps, heated seats, cruise control, city steering (which is pointless) and bluetooth! Spotify all the way! Sadly I've been grounded in the office at work due to so much paperwork to do and haven't had the chance to run it around too much....

Untitled by Kaz-DUntitled by Kaz-D


Work..where do I begin! It's also been a year and the longest I've stayed in one place since 2013...I have said it before, but I will say it again, I LOVE it. The only thing that would make it better would be if they funded me through my next degree (Social Work) but I'm going to try for that next year. I've just been given my first Supervisee - which is great experience. I just love it. Being able to go out to someone's home, assess them and make suggestions and changes to better their lives is amazing.

Holibobs and Photogs...

This week I'm on Holiday and I have another wedding to photograph...this time, one of my best friends. Pressure! The hen party was hilarious so I'm expecting big things from the wedding... the Hen party was just made up of women, then we found a bath and THEN all these men walked past having got back from the races (so dressed up) and they launched themselves into the photo...priceless!

Untitled by Kaz-D
Untitled by Kaz-D


My Grandad moved into a nursing home on Tuesday after seven months in hospital... he has just gone from strength to strength in the home and is absolutely having the best time. Short of not being able to walk, everything is amazing...
Untitled by Kaz-D
Untitled by Kaz-D

Serious Business...

And finally, that moment when the photographers stop being the photographers and use the photo-booth....first time ever!

2 by Kaz-D
1 by Kaz-D



 Photography CVs are planning a Still Life Photography education week here at projecteducate and we want you to get involved! We already have lots of lovely people to interview but we're looking for your tutorials, educational bits and pieces and more! Do you have some great tips for capturing the perfect Still Life Photos? Or maybe you have a bit of knowledge of the History of Still life Photography?  Whatever you'd like to write about, providing it relates to Still Life Photography, we want to hear from you! Just send projecteducate a note with your ideas and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Still Life Photography Week - August 31st - September 6th 2015

~ Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden and tiganusi.

Strawberry Brownie Cake by Tiefenschaerfe
Angel by SaikoXIX
One Love by frasbob

Macro Week - call for contributors!

Tue Jul 21, 2015, 8:00 AM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:

News + Happenings

August 3rd - August 9th will soon be upon us and we have a fantastic week of all things Macro planned for you! Are you a Macro expert? Or do you have some great tips or tutorials we could share? Would you like to write an article for us?  If YES! to any of the above then we want to hear from you! Just send projecteducate a note with the title 'Macro Week Article' and a brief outline of what you want to write about.

and off we go again... by clochartist-photo
Leaves of ice by ChaoticMind75

Questions and Answers

Do you have some burning questions about Macro Photography? Let's get them answered for you!  If you'd like to see your question tackled during Macro Week just note projecteducate with the title 'Macro Question' and we will tackle it for you during the week.

Beetle (TBA) by AlHabshi

If you would like to contribute to another upcoming projecteducate week check out the schedule in
Project Educate - Dates and Information! The week you would like to help with isn't there? Just note projecteducate with your suggestions and we will work with you to get something arranged! For more information on article writing for projecteducate check out How to write an article for Project Educate!

Project Educate - Newsletter

Mon Jul 20, 2015, 10:00 AM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:


We have so much coming up in the next month or so and lots of opportunities as always for the community to get involved with the group. Check out Project Educate - Dates and Information! Next week we have Traditional wek and coming very soon after we have the following:

:bulletgreen:Macro Photography Week: August 3rd - August 9th

:bulletgreen: Infrared Photography Week: August 10th - August 16th

:bulletgreen: Community Week: August 17th - August 23rd

:bulletgreen: Non-fiction and Academic Writing Week: August 24th - August 30th

:bulletgreen: Still Life Photography Week: August 31st - September 6th

If you'd like to know more about how to write an article for projecteducate then look no further than this handy guide created by Mrs-Durden. We ask that everyone reads this before or whilst compiling their articles as there is lots of useful information. Check out How to write an article for Project Educate.

Education Recap

Over the past month we have had so many awesome weeks that people have worked really hard on. The weeks don't end once the next one starts, they go on for as long as the articles are around, educating people and giving insight into many different art genres. We also had a special article from RogueMudblood who worked with DeviantArt staff to bring you Understanding the Help Desk: Appeals. If you missed a week when it went 'Live' check out the latest bits and pieces shared below...

Art History Wrap Up

A Field Guide to Modernist Literature
Salvador Dali and historical paintings.
Anime and Manga Interview - Gasara
Sculpturally Aware in Western Civilization
Representation of Sacred Traditions in Stock
Art Styles: Bridging Antiquity and Modernity
The History of the User Interface
History of the Book: A Very Brief Introduction
Perspective in the History of Drawing

Art in the Professions

Pep Talk: Artistic Skills and 'Non-Art' Jobs
Why Won't Artists Accept Rev Share or Royalties?!
Should you become a professional photographer?
The Art of Life: Biomedical Communications
Creative tourism. A step out of everydayness
Beginning Your Professional Artistic Journey
Beginner's Guide: Freelance Portrait Photograpy I
Professional Art: The Day to Day
DA Tips for the Crafty Professional
Interview with Angelus19
Stale pizza, a story about commissions.
Beginner's Guide: Freelance Portrait Photograpy II

Photomanipulation Week

Photo Manipulating and Stock Images
Quick Photo Manip Tips and Tricks
Photo Manipulation Tutorial Feature!
Interview with photomanipulator 3mmI
Unity Quilt
The Struggles of Photo Manipulation
Interview with Lauraypablo

Community Week

SMP: The Seniors' Mentoring Project
Anime and Manga Interview - automnal-glimpse
Turning Off Llama Notices
Getting Your Art Seen: Being Featured
PE: Art as a key element in Education
Personal Projects and Small Collaboration Ideas
All About Bugs (Reporting, That Is)
Art Critiques: Sometimes it's best to say no
How To Explain DA To Your Parents

Chat & Forums Week

Chats/Forums Crosswords Puzzle Contest!
PE:Interview with Chat Regulars
Using the Forums to your Benefit
Top 10 no no's of Chats and Forums
PE: Muro Challenge is Coming!
The Forums: An Interview
Fun chatrooms to start out with!

Street Photography Week

'Let's talk about Street Baby...'
Origins of Street Photography and Jazz Music
The Masters: Mr Raymond Depardon
Tips and tricks for handling light and shadows
The Masters: Mr Robert Doisneau
An architect on street
EDUARDO GAJEIRO a Portuguese photographer
Cliche's in Street Photography
The Masters: S. Leiter and A.Fellig (Weegee)
Contemporary street photographers: Lukas Vasilikos
Gear for Street Photography
Street Photography Interview with Hosagu
Emerging Talents in Street Photography - DA Artist


What IS Photojournalism?
Photojournalism The Easy Way
Photojournalism Questions and Answers
An Interview with Tanikel
Basic Photojournalism Tips
Timothy-Sim - Journalism insights and more
Tim Sim's Fast processing tips in Photojournalism
Photojournalism Authenticity
The Pulitzer Prize - Highlights

Digital Art

Digital Drawings and Paintings
PE: Painting With A Limited Colour Palette
PE:How To Achieve Smooth and Clean Lines
Space Art and Sci-Fi
PE: Digital Art - What is Photomanipulation?
Mixed Media
Vector and Vexel are NOT the same
3-Dimensional: Getting Started as a 3-D Artist
PE: Pixel Art - Definitions and Examples
The Sport of Fractalists: Pong
Quick Start to Animation

Contributors last month

Our gratitude and thanks go to the following writers over the past month or so...

Pascua-Tanya DistortedSmile  AlexanderPaupoff mondscheinsonate ever-so-excited PirateLotus-Stock RogueMudblood cinyu Beltaneh silber-englein George-B-Art GuinevereToGwen Mrs-Durden tiganusi Aaraujo SinistrosePhosphate little-owlette TheLadyJ AbbeyMarie nikkidoodlesx3 ErikShoemaker JenFruzz Khallandra TheMaidenInBlack morbidman187 Kaz-D Astralseed diphylla C-91 tanikel Timothy-Sim hosagu JACAC IFedorovskaya Batsceba ZiaulKareem InayatShah Astarsia Riemea Aeirmid Sserenita & Lyricanna

Photography Exposed: Military

Tue Jul 14, 2015, 7:41 AM
Photography exposed is a series of articles brought to you by your General Photography Community Volunteers! Kaz-DMrs-Durden and tiganusi are going to be exposing the popular and the not so popular galleries within main Photography gallery here on DeviantArt. For this edition, I've chosen to focus on Photojournalism ->Military.

What does THIS do? by HandBanana001

What is it?

Photographs of military personnel, equipment, or other related images that document the military in their activity.
I've chosen to highlight this gallery this week because of the recent projecteducate week focusing on Photojournalism. I interviewed tanikel and was absolutely fascinated by her insights into work as a military photographer. Photographs can tell 100 words and 1000 stories and can share millions of moments, truths, lies and pains. Emotions, feelings, thoughts and position can be captured in a single journalistic photo and I think that's the beauty and often rawness that surrounds photojournalism.

Shock Cone by Aventine-Images
Press the Attack (M4A1 Sherman) by DavidKrigbaum
Arnhem? by Dorota97121010-M-UY543-012 by Wright-USMC
18 by yondusHome Coming by Totes-Mcgoats
Which way to go? by Konrad22
... by my-shots

Photojournalism Authenticity

Sat Jul 11, 2015, 11:00 AM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:


Photojournalism has many sides to it the thing that seperates it out from other photographic areas is that it relies on both the photographer and the reporting to often ensure that something is factual, accurate and portrayed in the best possible way. One of the biggest problems, especially when we are surrounded by modern technology, editing programs and more is that it can often be diffcult to tell whether an image is authentic or not. There are some useful things available whether you are a journalist looking to certify an image's credibility or whether you are simply on DeviantArt wishing to suggest a Photojournalism piece for a Daily Deviation. Sometimes it's interesting to carry out that little bit of detective work!

121010-M-UY543-012 by Wright-USMC

On DeviantArt there have been some amazing journalistic pieces over the years and it has always been important to ensure that the person sharing the photography is the original shooter. There are quite a few tools out there to aid with fact checking an image to ensure that firstly it's real but to also make sure that it's the original. When scheduling Daily Deviations, many of the Community Volunteers use a handy add-on called Search Image Everywhere. It allows you to check an image via google images, tineye and a few more sites and helps with identifying whether there are replicas out there and who the original artist might be. There are other resources out there so let's take a look at a few of them...

Fuck Bush by digitalgrace 


This is a website that allows Photographers to upload their work, have it checked for authenticity i.e that it hasn't been tampered with or been faked, and then display it on the website with a certification of trust. Check it out here for more information.

Four and Six

This website has a gallery of Tampered images throughout history, bringing to your attention iconic images and famous captures that have been tampered with and are no longer authentic. For an intriguing viewing experience check it out here.

News Challenge's Check Desk

Checkdesk is a fairly new tool that's been around since last year and describes itself as an open verification toolkit for photojournalists in the Digital Age. You can read more here. Checkdesk is designed for photo-journalists that have stumbled across an iconic image and want to verify it before sending it viral. It checks the following core details:

- Reverse image search using Tineye
- Reveal the image EXIF data using
- View satellite imagery of the photo’s geolocation so you can identify landmarks
- Cross reference photo location, time and date with weather information using Wolfram Alpha

To keep up to date with things that are trending in the photojournalism world sign up to the American Press Institute's need to know newsletter.

Brand Irony 1 - Just Do It by sharadhaksar

Nom Nom 86 - Kaitlin's Creations

Thu Jul 9, 2015, 7:00 AM
This month we're looking at a Deviant rather than a specific recipe and I promise you, you will not be disappointed. The only disappointment you will feel is at the years you have spent on this website without stumbling across this amazing food queen. Have you heard of bittykate? If you have, you're lucky, you'll have seen her tasty looking food. If you haven't...prepare to be amazed...

bittykate is Whisk Kid - a twenty four year old in the USA who is absolutely amazing. Have I said that already? She blogs really cute stuff like I hope I haven't bored you yet with my breakfast food... when that is totally not possible because her breakfast food looks like this...

Bacon, Leek, Kale and Garlic Quiche by bittykate

She appears to be awesome at making cake - all kinds of amazing concotions too, like ginger and oh my gosh - the Heaven and Hell Cake which just looks like it was made just for people who appreciate cake the most...
Heaven and Hell 2 by bittykate
There's lots in her gallery and on  her website - if you're into your noms then you will be lost for hours exploring the things that she has to share. Here are a few more below...
Pear, Almond and Coconut by bittykate
Citrus Upside Down Cake by bittykate
Crepe Cake 2 by bittykate
Glazed Doughnuts by bittykate
French Quarter Beignets by bittykate
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Meet Timothy-Sim (if you haven't already!) He's a veteran of the Community Volunteer team having previously looked after the photo-journalism galleries and is here to share insight into photo-journalism this week. Tim is in a fantastic position to give insight into photo-journalism and works as a picture editor for Reuters, the global wire agency. Having been there almost half a decade he has some words of wisdom to impart...
2015 ID by Thiefoworld by Timothy-Sim

The Gear...

In general you'll see me using my staple for the past 5 years:
:bulletblack: Nikon D3
:bulletblack: Nikon D700
:bulletblack: Nikon 14-24 f2.8 (i've used this less and less over time as i've come to the realisation that not all the time the mind-blowing lens warp can be beneficial, especially if the 24-70 can do the same job if I could move with available space)
:bulletblack: Nikon 24-70 f2.8 (a dangerously beat up lens. Nikon Service Center has recently said that the lens has a COLONY of fungus :lmao: but cleaning it would pretty much cost about the same as buying a new second hand one, so i might just do the latter)
:bulletblack: Nikon 70-200 f2.8 (one of my colleague's. I use it more often, but we share it when one's not using and the other needs it. I've used it on many occasions. High time to get one myself, but easier said than done)
:bulletblack: SB-900 flash Hardly used. Most things can be done without the harsh use of flash.

I'm also armed with my trusty light MacBook Air on assignments for quick filing on the go. I also happen to own a Nikon 35mm f1.4 for times when i'm shooting weddings. Very handy. If I could go into the business, it'll be prime lenses all the way without a doubt.

Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed! Could you give us an outline of your work?

Jason and Steph by Timothy-Sim
Photography has always played a very important role in my life after my diploma, having held onto that for a good 7 years. At the picture desk, photography takes a backseat as the editing and picture judgement comes into play, making decisions to crop, tone and contrast pictures, alongside captioning them for the clients to have adequate information to work with when they see the picture. As this is my full time job, it's game on from day 1 with no room for error.

On occasion, when the local photographer is on assignment elsewhere or on vacation, I step into that role and play my part in contributing as a photographer. This really helps me keep in touch with the field and helps to hone my skills on a regular basis. I really think I get the best of both worlds, being able to photograph and edit at the same time, something not a lot of people get to see; both sides of the picture (literally speaking!)

Outside of that, I shoot concerts when I can, and the odd wedding or two for friends (lately i've been shooting a lot more, because lately, a lot more of my friends are getting married!)

How did you discover Photo-journalism? Was it on DeviantArt?

Beauty Defined by Timothy-Sim
Ties that bind by Timothy-Sim

I remember getting onto DeviantArt when I first started photography. I came in first wanting to pick up photomanipulation, HDR and as most amateurs start out, to get some recognition for the "pretty" flowers' pictures I took. When I enlisted shortly in the following months, I became a military photographer, which naturally exposed me to the world of photojournalism. It was from there that I started delving into the photojournalism genre on DA to get more out of what I was getting myself into.

How do you define Photo-journalism?

The Script 1 by Timothy-Sim

It has always been very clear to me. The unadulterated documentation of life in an unbiased, concise and accurate manner. It comes very close to street, but in street, most of the time, you're shooting with a very specific theme in mind (coincidental moments, puns, juxtaposition etc.) Not that Photo-journalism doesn't do that, but its focus is more on the documentation itself rather than the spontaneity of the moment.

How can someone get started with PJ photography? Is there a huge cost involved?

I remember writing a little something about this in my previous article! The short answer is actually YES, and the cost is actually NOTHING. These days with citizen journalism, your smart phone is your tool to news. In journalism of today, the most important thing is speed and timeliness. Unfortunately for many press agencies, if the citizen can be at the location faster than the photographer and can actually get the moment of things happening, there's a higher chance the agency could do what we call a "pick-up" of the picture and run with it, paying the citizen a mere token fee and quickly sending it out and getting much play for it. Costs the citizen nothing, costs the photographers almost everything.

However, to really be a photojournalist on the real field, in sports, concerts etc, where timeliness isn't as important as professionally done pictures, you do need the standard gear of at least one camera and a well covered spectrum of telephoto lenses. A good mid-range camera (D700) and decent range lenses (24-70 and 70-200) would be a great start. That would set you back at least $5-6,000 at the beginning.

Is there a big time commitment?

Oh absolutely. Photojournalism isn't just about going out and being happy-go-lucky with pictures. Just like how landscape photography consists of researching, scouting out the location, the best spots and doing trials before the actual thing, photojournalism is about research, knowing how to get to the place as quickly as possible, how to get out of the place as quickly as possible, knowing the inside people and how to shoot, what to shoot and when to shoot.

A very renown photojournalist in our agency, Damir Sagolj made a video on vimeo on 7 photojournalism tips that I follow myself. I think it'll be VERY rich in information.

What does the location that you are in offer you with regards to photojournalism photography?

SEA Games - High Jump 1 by Timothy-Sim
Lee Kuan Yew 3 by Timothy-Sim

Singapore Fashion Week 1 by Timothy-Sim
In sunny Singapore, there's very little to shoot in terms of the rough and tough aspects of photojournalism. There's no war, no conflict and no regularly happening riots. That being said, we've had and i've been thankful to have covered some major events happening in the year, such as the Singapore Fashion week, the passing of our first prime minister and the recent SEA Games. It's really all up to looking forward to what you can expose yourself to in the field where you are.

What are the challenges and rewards of shooting?

Working as a picture editor, I come across a lot of photographers that I respect struggle with many things. It took me a long time to understand that, coming from the perspective of a picture editor sitting in the comfort of my chair to realise the amount of crap they go through, until I had to go for assignments myself and experience their point of view.

Here's some of the things that I've seen for my very eyes that pose as a great challenge when shooting in the field:

:bulletblack: Competition. I need to file this, and I need to file this NOW. Or my competitors from the rival agencies will get their pictures out on the wire first before me, getting more play and me losing my point in even shooting in the first place. For many contract shooters, this can be the difference in paycheck as some of them are paid by the amount of pictures that they file to the wire and the amount of play they get in newspapers and magazines as compared to some who are paid for the assignment itself.
:bulletblack: No time. I'm rushing from this event, to the next. If i don't file this now, I won't be able to file it until 3 hours later when it's all over and unneeded.
:bulletblack: I need to think of perfect captions. If I don't get it right, the guys at the editing desk will give me hell for it and I have to do it all over again, which wastes time!
:bulletblack: Are my gears intact? Did anyone steal my gear?
:bulletblack: My computer has only xxx% amount of life, can't stay long to chat and figure if the pictures are good or not. Send them in, no questions, I'm logging out and checking in again later.
:bulletblack: Did I get any amazing pictures that could be highlighted around the world?
:bulletblack: I've been shooting all day since 5am til 2am, I'm beat, but I still need to file pictures.

But with all the challenges that a photojournalist faces, and I'm sure I missed out some, because I'm not full-time working as one, there are great rewards:

:bulletblack: Got my picture in the top 24hour news in the online galleries! Lots of play!
:bulletblack: My picture became a talking point about this issue!
:bulletblack: I beat my competitors!
:bulletblack: I got a fresher angle than someone else!

Is there a particular shot that you feel shines above the rest? Was it difficult to achieve?

SEA Games - Fencing 1 by Timothy-Sim

This was one of my more recently done pictures at the SEA Games. I know that in-camera multiple exposures are a common practice in many places, but knowing when to use it is so important. I had thought to try it at high jump, but some situations just don't turn out the same way you picture it to be.
On this occasion, it was difficult to achieve as I had barely any experience in this area, and it was my first time shooting fencing as well. It took many tries and a lot of patience to get exactly what I wanted, but when I got it, it was really worth it.

What advice would you give to someone starting out?

Be humble, make connections, don't be afraid to approach the big guy in the industry and shake their hands, introduce yourself. They might just take care of you and help you get to places where you don't have access and that might really bring you to a new level. Being humble and open to learning always brings favour.

Are there any deviants or groups that you would suggest could inspire someone to be a photojournalist?

I don't at present seeing how I just got back to dA not too long ago! But always start by looking at pictures of the photojournalists that create series and stories in the genres that you love and imitating their style of how they shoot before creating your own.

Is there anything about photojournalism Photography that you don't like or enjoy?

It's a really thankless job. People find photojournalists intrusive. People make life difficult for "that guy trying to take pictures of everything", even at the SEA Games, you get volunteers who "do their jobs" but don't think how it's making life difficult for the PJs to get to where they need to be and get their job done. And nobody thanks you for getting the pictures and documenting the moment down for eternity.

It's also painful when you really have to do your job on the ethical line. A house just burned down, the owners are crying, you're there, you want to sympathise with them, but you have to take their picture of them crying. So many ethical thoughts in your head, but you've got a job to do. Unfortunately, the ones doing their jobs become the villains for being "insensitive and intrusive" to the situation, a fine line that many people on both sides find so difficult to come to terms with.

 Tim1061 by Timothy-Sim
A really personal example was when I once found out that an apartment in the condominium I was staying in was on fire. A huge number of things raced through my mind as I rushed out with my camera to document it. Later I offered these pictures to the local paper since I was shooting it in my own personal context and not representing anyone else.
 Tim1055 by Timothy-Sim

It was true. The whole apartment was burning down. Good thing it was confined to just that apartment. Even the fire department had come and they were going to put it out. These were the easy pictures.  You'd say "Yea that's easy." But look, the story is never complete until you cover all angles. I saw the victims of the fire. They were cowering in the corner (alive, but very shaken) and being consoled by many people. As a human, I went to console them, but as a photographer, I needed to cover the angle. As soon as I assured them that they would be ok, they huddled together and cried.

 Tim1079 by Timothy-Sim
Now, you tell me whether you would have taken this picture or decide not to out of sympathy and respecting their privacy. It was a simple picture, but among the crowd gathered and their obvious trauma, there was a job that needed to be done, and I as the photojournalist had to do it. My question to you, the reader is: If you want to do photojournalism, can you take the harder path of walking the grey line of ethics to tell the story people need to see and hear?

An Interview with Tanikel

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Meet tanikel - our very own Photojournalism Community Volunteer. She's usually known as 'Lucky' although her name is Kristina Truluck and she has been a Combat Documentation/Production Specialist (better known as Combat Camera) for the U.S Army for just over six years. With an amazing array of experiences behind her, please enjoy this interview and get to know tanikel and her favoured gallery better.

Truluck FTX by tanikel

The Bio...

I spent a year in Afghanistan photographing and filming combat itself, Afghan life in the villages, interrogations, and the dorks that make up the Army’s fighting force.  

Now I teach the photography part of the Combat Camera military occupational speciality, concentrating  on captions (I can’t stress how important this is for the job!), ethics, air/ground accidents, and combat documentation itself.  It’s pretty amazing watching my students go from people who have never touched a DSLR before to confident military photographers! Photography factors into my life as a hobby and my full time work.  I teach more than I document for the military, but I also photograph on the side.  My side work concentrates on equine rescue and since I’m not pulling money for that, it’s considered a hobby.

Show and Tell by tanikel

The Gear...

I have two bodies - a Canon 5D MkII (my general workhorse) and a Canon 7D (used for sports and the horses).  My main lens is the 70-200mm f/2.8 , which is considered an industry standard for PJ. The lenses depend on the job, and if I don't have it in my bag, I'll rent it.  Wide angle lenses such as the 24-70mm f/2.8 are also used a lot in the industry. 

Flare by tanikel

What does your current location offer you in terms of photographic opportunities?

It offers SO MUCH.  I wish I didn’t work 14-hour days so that I could get out more.  I’m not a fan of the city life, but living so close to Washington, DC means tons of politics, rallies, protests, specialty schools, sports, and concerts. You could easily contact anyone in that list about photographing competitions or training.  We do it regularly with our students.  There’s also plenty of equestrian events to photograph in the DELMARVA area.  There’s millions of people here with millions of stories. 

Conversations by tanikel

What are the challenges and rewards of photojournalism?

I can’t speak for the civilian side, but I’m sure it rings true for them, too.  It sucks.  You’re going to get spit on, you’re going to get hurt, you’re going to have to make some tough decisions.  

But you’re also going to love it.  You have the opportunity to photograph something that others won’t.  You’ll be able to talk to people and get stories that you never would have otherwise thought of! 

Is there a particular that you feel shines above the rest?

One of my favorites is Prayer:

Prayer by tanikel

On the technical side, it wasn't all that difficult to achieve.  I knew that I didn't want to distort how the boys looked, so I knelt so that my camera was on their level.  It took getting to know their culture to find out the best times to capture it.  The Mahgrib prayer is performed at sunset, which they face.  Us photographers love the golden hour.  ;) (Wink)

A lot of military photojournalism is being at the right place at the right time.  It’s getting to know the job, knowing your equipment, learning the psychology of people, and thinking on your feet.

Medevac by tanikel

What advice would you give to someone starting out with photojournalism?

Learn how to write captions.  If photos are worth a thousand words...then captions are worth a roof over your head, food in your belly, and creating the story that gives background to said photo.  The public needs that background information!  Nod

Grow thick skin. Everyone will find a flaw in both your work and your character.  Accept it for what it is - creative or destructive criticism.  You’ll be knee-deep in horrible situations - are you going to help or are you going to document?  

Build a network.  Find influential people in the area of work you want to operate in.  Get to know them on personal and professional levels - what worked for them?  What would they do in this situation?  What makes a good story?  What’s their favorite coffee?  What drives them?  

On a similar note - make sure you have your rock.  Someone to lean on when the going gets rough.  Not if, when.  It’s going to happen.  Maybe it’s a friend, a family member, or even a teammate.  Someone that will always be there to support you and keep your head in the game.  

"You have to have guts, you have to have courage, you have to have heart.  You must think on your feet and always possess situational awareness (knowing what’s going on around you while you’re documenting)."

Huge thanks to tanikel for her insight and thoughts on such an interesting topic not to mention a fasincating career choice!

Photography Newsletter

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This month I'd like to talk about a recent Daily Deviation. It was a self suggestion, I know that the photographer won't mind me saying this and he's immensely proud of his work, that much was clear when we talked.

Colors of Ramadan by hotamr

hotamr suggested his Colours of Ramadam series to me and as soon as I saw the image I responded that the series was nice, but it looked very much like photo-manipulation. So hotamr took the time to walk me through all of the steps that he took, the lengths he went to and the hours he spent on getting the final product. I urge you to read his interview at the Phoblographer for more information. Check it out here. It was nice to be reminded of the traditional lengths that can be taken to achieve a shot rather than be walked through the history of Photoshop editing. Both do have their merits - what do you prefer?

On the topic of Self Suggestions, it's often seen as something that we should be ashamed of. I often get a lot of self suggestions with apologies in the note. Never apologise for wanting to promote your own work. As long as you believe in yourself, you should share your work and inspire others to do the same. Have faith in yourself first, and the rest will fall into place later. It helps if you share the history behind a shot, when you self-suggest, and the reasons why you think it should be a Daily Deviation. We ask for this because it helps us gain a little more insight and get to know you as a photographer - just like I did with hotamr.

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Le Temps by tuminka

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The Horseshoe Bend by Durdenyr

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Temple keeper by Vitaly-Sokol


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Bottled Dream by arefin03


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I am very hungry. by kyrytescu


Community Volunteer pullingcandy

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. CRUELLA DEVIL . by vera-baby


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All of us know history by masyaka-kusyaka


Stephanie by silkesmooth

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Self Expression by ifiam

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Community Volunteer tanikel

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Seq 2 by Matteo-Carfagno

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Genius #4 by MiriamViola

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yellow by Nilanja
brown by Nilanja
orange by Nilanja


Community Volunteers hosagu

Have No Fear by sandas04

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The Orange Curve by sullivan1985

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Gardens by the Bay by eduardj

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The not-so-tech stuff
:bulletred: Three weeks to save freedom of panorama in Europe
:bulletred: The checklist for critiquing your own photographs
:bulletred: How much post-processing is too much? Ethical visual journalism after the World Press Photo scandal
:bulletred: Let’s think a little deeper before photographing the homeless
:bulletred: Epic behind the scenes footage on making this enchantingly detailed photo

:bulletred: 9 Species of photographer you can spot in the wild

New Equipment and Technology

:bulletred: New 58mm Petzval lens touts bokeh control, classic shininess
:bulletred: The Lumigraphe lets you shoot smartphone camera obscura shots on the go
:bulletred: 5 great film cameras on a tiny budget

Groups to Check Out!

:iconvenatoreslucis: :icondevpremium: :icondeath-chicks: :iconyoung-photo-club: :iconhuman-photography: :iconbokehlicious: :iconsoftness-art: :iconmodelmayhemmassive: :iconlightinspired: :iconbird-photography: :icondialed-in: :iconode-to-simplicity: :iconda-film-alliance: :iconfashion-show: :iconfashionelite: :iconstand-out-shots: :iconamazinglybeautiful::iconstill-life-stills::iconshopping-for-stock::icongothictemple: :iconblackwhitephotos: :iconbeautiful-bokeh::iconphotographersdream: :iconurban-and-rural: :iconabstract-and-surreal: :iconcommunityrelations: :iconprojecteducate: :iconthrough-a-lens::iconr72: :iconcritique-it: :iconphotography-inc: :iconcasualphotography: :iconphotographyworld: :iconbreathtaking-photos: :icongothictemple: :iconbeautiful-bokeh: :iconwater-dreams: :iconlovely-square-pics: :iconphotographlove: :icondevnews: :icondeviantkitchen: :iconiphotograph: :iconwow-macros: :iconccc-photography: :iconthe-mirror-club:

Contributors this month:
Kaz-D Mrs-Durden hosagu silber-englein tiganusi


Street Photography

hosagu has been on DeviantArt for over four years and in that time has been a strong supporter of Street Photography, advocating for the genre time and time again. He has, more recently, become the Street Photography Community Volunteer and this article will hopefully give you a bit more insight into how he works, what inspires him and what Street Photography means to him. Houman is from New Caledonia and describes himself as a modest but passionate photographer on an eternal learning curve...

Just Id-ing... by hosagu

Tell us a bit about yourself, where you are from and how you got started with Street Photography...

I'm from Lyon in France and I'm thirty-seven years old. I have a son and have been married for twelve years. I actually live and work in New Caledonia which is a little French island located in the Pacific Ocean north East from Australia. For work, I am a miner and have been travelling for work since 2003 in various countries across the world. photography is my passion, it's an incredible part of me that was revealed when I was just sixteen years old. My Father inspired me when he began taking photos with an Analog camera, photos which he painted from.

Swallowing Bubble by hosagu
Why Street Photography? I wanted to capture instant moments, emotion and people. I wanted to shoot wider than nature and objects offered me.

The Kit...

I use all of the below, I used to have a Canon 400D and then moved to a 5D Mark II.
:bulletblack: Analog Leica M5 with a lens - Summicron 50mm f/2.
:bulletblack: Canon 5D Mark II with a Canon lens 50mm f1.4 and a 70 - 300mm lens.
:bulletblack: Fujifilm X100T - I just got this and can't wait to get started!

Oh honey, it was not a bad shot! by hosagu

What advice would you give to someone starting out with Street Photography?

Observe. Based on your mood and your heart, be humble. Have fun. Look at the people around you, at the places, at the tiny magical moments which happen around us at every corner on every street. Go to a Cafe with your camera in hand and whilst sitting, look at everything around you. Beauty is very subjective but I believe that it's everywhere. You have to shoot and shoot and shoot again to improve your techniques - let your inner emotions bloom whilst photographing.

Au Cafe des Jours Heureux... by hosagu

Do you find yourself shy or self conscious when shooting on the Street? How do you overcome these feelings?

I was when I first started out, I confess that I missed billions of occasions where I could have captured something amazing but didn't due to feeling shy. It's a human feeling. I'm still self conscious but happy. To me, a good shot has to be found sometimes by moving around the subject. Trying and looking from different angles and points of view. I do it frankly for sure, but I smile. I look at people and they quite often send the smile back and forget all about me.

dark light by hosagu

How else do you interact with people when shooting?

I have a trend not to interact. I like to be invisble. I like to be an observer who will not disrupt what is happening in front of my eyes. I guess I'm afraid that my interaction would ruin a magical moment. I'm just the guy who will shoot and capture the moment. This particular shot below is important to me...

The kid blowing the wind by hosagu

When I took this, I wasn't yet a Father. I shot it in Marseille and I remember it as being a time of my life where a lot of things were giving me headaches. Seeing children running, laughing and being free was a sort of therapy to me. I took lots of shots that afternoon and this was amongst them. The bedsheets with things written on them were an art exhibition and it was funny to see the children playing amongst them.

Smoking Duo by hosagu

Have you ever had the opportunity to photograph some journalstic events?

I have been travelling the past twelve years and haven't been particularly active in the social and political aspects of my country. I have lived through some incredible changes though, such as the two presidents being in power in the Côte d'Ivoire, or the time I was in Mali before the French Attack or in Guinea when the dictator died after twenty four years in power. I remember being part of the Je Suis Charlie walks for freedom in New Caledonia...

New Caledonia 2015 Walk for Freedom - IV by hosagu

Where do you draw your inspiration and enthusiasm from?

From my mood, feelings or sometimes both. My son inspires me and I have a lot of inspiration from other deviants here... MARX77, ZiaulKareem, JACAC, Vermontster, Batsceba, niklin1, pigarot, lightdrafter, DougNZ, sandas04, noahsamuelmosko, Canankk, SUDOR, djailledie, sagi-k, Elerko, Sanchez-B, marius1956, BautistaNY, ezkilzon, jonniedee, Ulprus, IFedorovskaya, xbastex... DeviantArt remains a place where I can involve myself in supporting the community through sharing art, discussing, debating, promoting and featuring. I like to say what I think and feel, here I can do that. I also live by some very important quotes....

"Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst."

"Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them."
-(E. Erwitt)

Photography Exposed: Infrared

Mon Jun 22, 2015, 10:00 AM
Photography exposed is a brand new series of articles brought to you by your General Photography Community Volunteers! Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden and tiganusi are going to be exposing the popular and the not so popular galleries within main Photography gallery here on DeviantArt. We're kicking off with Infrared because we can and because it's a brand shiny new sub-gallery of DeviantArt that many of you know nothing about. For more information on how and when this gallery came about check out Infrared Photography - The Gallery is here!

Squared by bamboomix

What is it? 

"Infrared photography is style that predominantly uses the infrared portion of the light spectrum to create images on photographic film or digital sensors."
If you're unsure then please hold that thought because we're going to be bringing you an awesome week focusing purely on Infrared Photography over at projecteducate on the 10th of August. So if you have questions, queries, concerns or just want to know something more about Infrared Photography then head over to projecteducate and send a note or leave a comment on this article. We'll aim to answer you by August (at least!)

Waiting for lunch by egypt04Road trip  Estrie by jfdupuis

Alone on an Island by swiftmoonphotoByways LVIII by eprowe1064 by Nigrita
Tuscany IR by insolitus85Dreaming by bamboomix
Tuscany IR - VII by DimensionSeven

IR Landscape by vw1956
IR Filter Test Shot by WMill
Infrared Nature by MBHenriksenClouds infrared ... by MichiLauke


Project Educate

We have some exciting times ahead! Photo-journalism is coming to projecteducate courtesy of tanikel, Timothy-Sim and your General Photography CVs! So we're asking you now whether you have any burning questions relating to Photo-journalism that you'd like answered, or any specific questions for tanikel and Timothy-Sim about their work. The week will launch on July 6th so you have plenty of time to think about what to ask...


Timothy Sim currently works for Reuters as a Sub-Editor at the Global Pictures Desk and therefore has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share with you all ;) Ask him about his work, his challenges and more - don't be afraid! Tim is an inspiration in the Photo-journalism community and has some incredible skills to share.

Singapore Fashion Week 1 by Timothy-Sim


Kristina is your loveable Photo-journalism Community Volunteer right now and also has so much knowledge to share. Based in the USA, she has experience of photographing all sorts. She's a combat documentation/production specialist (combat camera for us lazy folks) currently teaching the photography portion of her job. Outside of the military, she enjoys photographing for the horse rescue and the rodeo when it rolls into DC.

Medevac by tanikel

Both of these awesome people are human beings, photographing the real deal. So now is your chance to get into their heads and figure out what makes them tick and what it's like actually working out in the field. Step outside your Nature Photography comfort zones or your Portraiture peacefulness and find out what it's like working out there.   Leave your questions in the comment area of this article, note them to projecteducate or Kaz-D.

Nom Nom 85 - Chocolate

Thu Jun 18, 2015, 10:00 AM
We have had many calls for a Chocolate feature and more recently even Moonbeam13 herself has been mentioning chocolate - so here it is! Recipes for chocolate are kind of hard to think of (if you have some, share them here) and find since Chocolate as we mostly like it comes in awesome forms such as huge bars with crunchy bits in. However! All is not lost because chocolate can be used to make some incredible things, and here's one of them... It's in American style measurements, I think cups are awesome (until I broke one of mine and now I don't have 1/4 cups :(. I am reliably informed that this Gluten Free HOME MADE CHOCOLATE PIE recipe is amazing and you should all make it. Thanks Steve-C2!

Flourless Chocolate Cake

It's not got flour in - but it seems to have almost everything else... Nevermind!
1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, cut into pieces, plus more for the pan 
1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder, plus more for the pan
1 1/4 cups heavy cream (I don't know how you determine 'heavy' cream...)
8 ounces bittersweet chocolate, chopped
5 large eggs
1 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup crème fraîche or sour cream
1/4 cup confectioners’ sugar, plus more for dusting (I think this means icing sugar)

  1. Heat oven to 350° F. Butter a 9-inch springform pan and dust with cocoa powder.
  2. In a medium saucepan, heat the butter with ¼ cup of the heavy cream over medium-low heat until the butter is melted. Add the chocolate and stir until melted and smooth; remove from heat.
  3. In a medium bowl, whisk together the eggs, granulated sugar, and cocoa powder. Whisk in the chocolate mixture.
  4. Transfer the batter to the prepared pan and bake until puffed and set, 35 to 40 minutes. Let cool in the pan for 1 hour. Run a knife around the edge of the cake before unmolding.
  5. Using an electric mixer, beat the remaining 1 cup of heavy cream with the crème fraîche and confectioners’ sugar until soft peaks form. Dust the cake with cocoa (or confectioners’ sugar) and serve with the whipped cream mixture.

Chocolate egg by aoao2
is it chocolate? by fieLife
Fazer Chocolate by nnIKOO
Rich Chocolate, Oreo and Lindor Cake by claremanson
Stacks Of Chocolate by nnIKOOChoCoLaTe Balls by zverchetuChocolate 2 by ohshrubbery
chocolate by hotsunday
Strawberries and Chocolate by AmandaSupak
Chocolate by Pamplemousse02
Chocolate by darkixi
Chocolate by katekatek
Cheesecake Chocolate Cups by claremanson
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Photography Newsletter

Mon Jun 1, 2015, 7:00 AM
Something I've been exploring a lot this month is how to share photographs with my clients once a job is done. I usually put them all on a blank CD-ROM and stick it in an envelope with their names on. For Weddings I tend to jazz things up a bit more and choose a box that suits the CD-ROM and share it that way. How do you share your photographs after the event? What do you think you'd prefer to receive if you were the client waiting for their photographs?

Another hot topic this month has focused on a teenage 'hobbyist' photographer in the USA who has developed a passion for photography and who has been donating all of his 'pay' to charity. He's almost raised $3,000 and encourages other people like him to put their hobby to a good use. Which brings us nicely on to our next topic - when does a hobby become a profession? Can a profession be both a career and a hobby? What do you define your art as being?

What would you tell your college self, if you could go back in time? That's assuming you've left the college thing behind you (those were the days!) Check out this article which explores a candid letter to Photography students graduating college and entering the big wide world of work.

And finally, how far would you go for your Photography? Would you strive to exist just for creating? One Photographer talks about how he beat depression to persevere on with his passion to create. It wasn't easy, it wasn't always pretty but it definitely was inspiring. Read more here.

Word of the Month

Humility. It can make an artist go further than they imagined when creating their artwork and it can stretch across various genres to touch all aspects of Photography...
Humility for a street photographer happens when you are approaching life scenes and capturing exquisite moments. For a photojournalist Humility occurs when dealing with a story, with news, in order to capture beautifully and accurately something that's happening in the moment. Check out this example of a rich and interesting Interview focusing on three fantastic Deviants who have Humility oozing from their stories, experiences and talents.

Humility for a portrait photographer is about being able to step away from themselves and highlight the true beauty, emotion and spirit of the model in front of them. C.S Lewis coined humility perfectly in the following phrase...

“True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.”

This is how we should always aim to approach our photography - never losing our minds and always having an eye on our sense of purpose and the aim behind taking the photograph. Let's be humble next time an awe-inspiring scene plays out in front of our eyes.

Photograph of the Day

The photographers that were featured for Photograph of the Day during the past month at CRPhotography are listed below. If you'd like to see yourself featured, or a friend, suggest photographs here!

:iconrici66: :icononerupee: :iconpacifier75: :iconandrewbertgreaves: :icondanwilliamsphoto: :iconknold: :iconalyz: :icondavidgarciahernandez: :icondraken413o: :iconkixkillradio: :iconmavilaphotography: :iconvamosver: :iconvikingfox: :icondragonwolface: :iconlienskullova: :iconhoodiecatproductions: :iconragnar949: :iconanthonykoeslag: :icongutyerrez: :iconintruxion: :iconthesadstork: :icondrkitsune: :icondax2610: :iconspellboundmisfits:

Contests + Projects

:bulletgreen: CRPhotography hosts a monthly contest and you can read about the latest one 52 Week Photography challenge as well!
:bulletgreen: Still-Life-Stills have just published their Recipe challenge! Fancy winning a membership to DeviantArt? Fancy making a smoothie this month? Then this contest is for you!
:bulletgreen: Abstract-and-Surreal Host a monthly contest, head over to the group front page to find out what this month's theme is. Again you can win some fabulous prizes!

Elsewhere there are many contests to be entered with Summer fast approaching many of us. Enter the world’s richest photo competition for a chance to win $120,000. From year to year, this incredible photo contest is the worlds richest photo competition.

The Transparency International photo contest is going to close on June 12nd, so hurry up and enter! The theme is very interesting, and symbolic of many situations in countries around the world.

Have you ever heard about Life Framer's Monthly contest? If not head over and discover a contest with various monthly themes.

Shoot The Frame is an online international contest, worth having a look at and entering if you can since there are many contests going on over there.

Abstract and Surreal

Community Volunteer justanothersomeone

National Geographic has published a beautiful selection of abstract photos in this Portfolio. Check it out! Don't forget to head over to Abstract-and-Surreal and see what's going on this month...
Mono Square Series XLIV by insolitus85

Animals, Plants and Nature

Community Volunteer JenFruzz

There's a NEWBIE in town! Please join us in welcoming JenFruzz to the Community Volunteer team as the brand shiny new Animals, Plants and Nature community volunteer! Jen will now be accepting all of your APN suggestions and any outstanding in our inboxes will be forwarded to her.... give her some love!
This selection will make your jaw drop - the photos are a fantastic representation of Africa.

Ever wanted your four legged friends to be the photographers? Well want no more! Nikon have made a doggy camera mount that's triggered by heart rate. How cute and awesome! Read more about that here. These 6 tips for better photographs of plants will add some experience to your skills and attempts at photographing plants! On DA check out these beautiful photographs that won rainylake's Fields of Flowers contest!

Early Reflections by Photosbykev

Artistic Nude

Community Volunteers Nyx-Valentine

*Our Artistic Nude section will often contain something that's Not Safe for Work (NSFW)*
Check out Eric Ceccarini's site for some inspiring contemporary photography. His work is just fabulous and he plays with shadows and light. On DeviantArt check out Batsceba, a fantastic Art Nude photographer who has created a project called Non Violence. See some examples here and here. Also check out this Timeline of Artistic Nude photography which reveals some great shots and artists!
Salvation by John-Logan


Community Volunteers Kaz-D & Mrs-Durden

Check out this website which explores the mysteries of life through Conceptual Photography. Read more here.
Mother Nature. by Tooga


Community Volunteers Kaz-D & Mrs-Durden

Photographers looking to become professional or those that area already there may want to look at this article for some pointers on what may need to be included their terms and conditions. If you're working Photography then you need a contract and the article will give you a few ideas - but seek professional advice for anything official!
Js Handmade Wedding Shoes Collection 2012 by PinkFishGR


Community Volunteers Kaz-D and Mrs-Durden

Check out this article about Photo Formats! for information on what formats your work should be in. Also thanks to RockstarVanity for sharing this article which looks at the 15 best cheat sheets - printable infographics for Photographers.

i am losing heart by LostOneself


Community Volunteers Pixel-Spotlight

Zhang Jingna’s Top 10 Fashion Photography Lighting Tools will definitely help you and give you some great advice about light management! Also, don't miss this incredible Time Lapse video for retouching with photoshop. Check out the latest edition of Fashion makes the world go round courtesy of Mrs-Durden.
Back in the past II by rainris

Horror and Macabre

Community Volunteer pullingcandy

Don't miss out on Mr Hoffine's Interview - some fantastic insight into a photographer of horror!
Mickey Got Rabies by MarinaCoric

Infrared Photography

Community Volunteers Kaz-D + Mrs-Durden

It's finally here. After a lot of dedication from the Infrared Photography community, DeviantArt has created it's own Infrared photography gallery so that you have somewhere to put your works! You can read more here here and find out what it's all about.
IR Contrasts 1 by Okavanga


Community Volunteer MarcosRodriguez

Mrs-durden's journal is just an absolutely beautiful and fine selection of macro photographs that need to be checked out right now! Samuel Granger, a passionate and innovative photographer, has written a great article about Lighting in macro photography. Some great tips and tutorials to be found there. If you want to add some fine art touches to your Macro Photography then check out the article for more info.
Pearls of Nature...... by Betuwefotograaf

People and Portraits

Community Volunteers Kaz-D + Mrs-Durden

Have you heard about Kallioppe? Her work is beautiful. Have a look at her moving mirrors portraits... You won't believe it...
Never Never Land by SachaKalis


Community Volunteer tanikel

A very emotional article about the Nepal Earthquake bas been written by the great photographer Daniel Berehulak and is well worth checking out. Don't hesitate by the way to browse through the excellent Lens blog of the New York Times.

The Visa pour l'Image in France plans to open a center for photojournalism. Exciting news for residents and visitors!
Stefan Kolimechkov 2015.04.13 Gymnastics Shoot by TMProjection

Pinup and Glamour

Community Volunteer DistortedSmile

Check this article about a New York's Pinup school!A great initiative for women in New York aspiring to be part of this genre.
Ks II by taphosarts

Still Life

Community Volunteers Kaz-D & Mrs-Durden

Check out the latest Still Life Spotlight which is full of inspiration for all of you Still Life photographers out there and pretties to look at for all you admirers. As mentioned earlier, things are heating up over at Still-Life-Stills and a group facelift is in progress! If you don't want to miss out on the action then head over right now and hit the join button to get all the latest updates sent straight to your inbox. We have recently welcomed Linealonhoiden to the group who is taking over the contests and general bits so hopefully we have exciting things planned. Check out this interesting Video interview talking to Benedict Morgan, a famous still life photographer based in London. For those developing their still life skills, the Still Life Photographer's Guide to Lighting may be useful. For inspiration, check out FrancescaDelfino's Still Life Spotlight over at devPREMIUM.
Lilac I by Justysiak


Community Volunteers Kaz-D + Mrs-Durden

You may be inspired by Americanphoto Blog's article about how a social photography network might impact street photography.

Check out this video interview with Wayne Laurence which focuses on Street Photography. Don't miss out on Karl Edward's excellent blog about street photography. He is a friend of the well known Eric Kim and you'll find some great photos and articles about street photography. A journal for street photography has been curated in order to take you on a journey through the genre.
It's a woman's woman's woman's world by EyeDance


Community Volunteers Kaz-D + Mrs-Durden

Read this article on Transport photography for some tips on capturing your transportation.
Pontiac GTO by axds

Urban and Rural

Community Volunteers Kaz-D + Mrs-Durden

Check out J. Ponchak's interview for some great insight into Urbex and the wonderful images that can be obtained when you explore.
Gardens by the Bay by eduardj

Educational Articles and Tutorials

We're encouraging you to share your 'hacks' for creating cheaper DIY photography tools or capturing awesome photos with handy hints or tips. Note CRPhotography if you have a 'hack' for next month! There are some other fabulous journals that have recently been posted and focus on educational information...

:bulletred: Photography; the world's only common language.
:bulletred: Exposure blending using luminosity masks - a tutorial.
:bulletred:Your basic lighting kit: a spin around the block
:bulletred:14 tips for building a sub-$1,000 home studio
:bulletred:Lighting 101
:bulletred:Basic Portrait Lighting by KissMyHuman.
:bulletred:5 common light patterns
:bulletred: How to use flash to mimic the look of sunlight
:bulletred: 2 Minute Tutorial: Making Strobe Lighting Look Like Natural Lighting
:bulletred: Applying the sunny 16 rule to strobes and mid day shooting
:bulletred:Eliminating fill flash hard shadows – a controlled test
:bulletred: Dramatic studio lighting: using the beauty dish as a single light source
:bulletred: A lighting build for a boxer
:bulletred:Complete lighting walk-through + behind the scenes footage of a fitness photoshoot
:bulletred: Recorded webinar on complex lighting setups indoors
:bulletred: Masterclass in lighting from Oscar-winning cinematographer Dean Semler
:bulletred: The Still Life Photographer's Guide to Lighting
:bulletred:Using Leading lines
:bulletred:Should you become a professional photographer?
:bulletred:A Brief History of Classic Portrait Photography

Photography Articles and News of Note

:bulletpink:The Group-spotlight Project by Mrs-Durden will highlight a group worth knowing for it's dedication to the DA Community and Art in general.
:bulletpink:This beautiful selection will show you the incredible and beautiful aspects of design in photography.

CV's can't feature all the suggestions they receive...but they can feature them in a journal, and highlight some of the great artworks which truly deserve attention and love! Check out this selection which is a great example!

New Equipment and Technology

The Fujifilm X-T10 has just been released! Here's a review from DigitalRev.

Technically, this isn't new equipment or technology, but it's quite an interesting find. Someone recently bought this bbq grill. Imagine spending days in the sun grilling your food in a roll of film. Pretty awesome treat for a photography fan - or just extreme dedication?!

Hosagu's App of the Month

There will be two apps presented this month... I didn't want to discriminate ios users and non ios users so have explored both...
ENLIGHT is an incredible intuitive powerful app to edit your photos. Released by LightTricks, this app shows the power and treatment tools of photoshop, on your iphone, and so intuitively. My advice: Handle this app in portrait mode. Android and tablet versions are in development at the moment.
VSCO CAM is probably one of the best apps in my opinion, for photographers using Android systems. Free to download, but some add-on's to buy. This app does all: editing, filters and more.

Deviant Meets!

London: DevMeet Picnic at Albert Memorial in Hyde Park on 18th July, 2015.
Boston: Boston DevMeet on  15th August, 2015.

Groups to Check Out!

:iconcommunityrelations: :iconprojecteducate: :iconurban-and-rural: :iconabstract-and-surreal: :iconstill-life-stills: :icondevnews: :iconphotographersclub: :iconvenatoreslucis: :icondevpremium: :icondeath-chicks: :iconyoung-photo-club: :iconhuman-photography: :iconbokehlicious: :iconsoftness-art: :iconmodelmayhemmassive: :iconlensbabieslove: :iconlightinspired: :iconbird-photography: :icondialed-in: :iconode-to-simplicity: :iconda-film-alliance: :iconfashion-show: :iconfashionelite: :iconstand-out-shots: :iconamazinglybeautiful: :iconshopping-for-stock: :iconblackwhitephotos: :iconbeautiful-bokeh::iconphotographersdream: :iconthrough-a-lens: :iconr72: :iconphotography-inc: :iconcasualphotography: :iconphotographyworld: :iconbreathtaking-photos: :icongothictemple: :iconwater-dreams: :iconlovely-square-pics: :iconphotographlove: :icondeviantkitchen: :iconwow-macros: :iconiphotograph: :iconthe-mirror-club:

Contributors this month: Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden, 3wyl, hosagu, JenFruzz, silber-englein + daguerreoty-pe

Upcoming weeks need YOU!

Mon Jun 1, 2015, 6:20 AM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:

Coming Up!

We have so many exciting weeks coming up at projecteducate and many that have just happened which have brought the community some incredible resources. So how can you get involved? We're looking for people who are keen to write articles on specific topics and these articles would then be shared through the specific weeks listed below. Are you a budding Street Photographer?  Do you have secret knowledge of Infrared Photography?  Would you like to share your Calligraphy writing tips? Then we'd love to hear from you!  Just follow the below process to get in touch with us...

Send us a note

Include in the topic which medium you are wishing to write about and include in the body of your note a brief overview of what you would like to write about and what your article will involve. Your proposal will be reviewed to ensure that the topic is not already being covered and that the content is suitable and once approved you can begin working on your draft! We require that all drafts are received at projecteducate in link format no less than one week before the selected week launches.

What's coming up?

For our full schedule you should check out Project Educate - Dates and Information! For now however we are looking for articles on the following topics:

Calligraphy Week - June 22nd - June 28th

Street Photography - June 29th - Juy 5th

Photo-journalism - July 6th - July 12th

Macro Photography August 3rd - August 9th

Infrared Photography  - August 10th - August 16th

+ the photographer + by maskqueraide

When your hobby becomes a profession there's a lot to think about. The most important thing that I've found is to get yourself some terms and conditions and a contract written up so that you can make sure you cover all basis. There's nothing worse than getting your ass bit in the first few months of stepping out into a 'profession' and having your confidence knocked. With Photography there are some specific bases that need covering. The below advice is assuming that you have a booking for whereby the client will write out dates, times, location, shots and so on. Below is the advice for the contract or terms and conditions, which should go out with your booking form...

-Booking Fee
-Health and Safety
-Provision of Photographs
-The Entire Agreement

I'm not legally trained and I didn't have a lawyer or 'attorney' look at my terms and conditions (yet). If it's your full time job then you will make it your business to get this sorted out because you can't afford not to. But for now here's a bit of guidance which might just help you through. Don't forget when working with models you will also need to sort out a Model Release Form.
photographer by mataikan

Payment; It's a preference and many people don't opt for it but I like to be paid in full before I undertake a big piece of work. I.e a Wedding or event photography. I totally realise that some shoots can be last minute and you have to put your trust in the person booking you, but when you're giving up a whole day to shoot someone's Wedding and hours afterwards editing and processing you do not want to not get paid. Set it out in your terms and conditions and make sure your customer is aware of what you want. My preference is 50% deposit on booking (non-refundable, we'll go into more detail about that later) and the remaining balance one month before the event date.

Cancellation; It's up to you how you want to play this, but strictly speaking in my contract in the event of cancellation by the other party, no refunds will be made. In the event of cancellation by me, full refund will be made. If I'm not available to shoot a wedding due to ill health or equipment failure (get insurance people!) then it's my fault and I will try my best to replace me with someone else. If that's an option write it into your contract. Set out exactly what you will give people back and set out exactly what they are liable for if they cancel. Don't make it flowery or cute, just write it as it is. People like the facts.

The Tired Photographer by Usra
Copyright; This is the part where you lay out how you are going to let your client use the photographs that you take. Here you can also talk about whether images will be watermarked when they go online and you can talk about how you might use the images for future promotional materials. It's important to quote acts, legal arrangements and so on here and these might differ depending on which country you're in.

Co-operation; It's all about your clients in the end, if you get some really stroppy people who don't want their photographs taken, it's not your fault. You can't make people pose and you can't make them smile. If you're a particularly sociable photographer you may be able to work your audience around a little but you need to make sure you state that you will not be held liable if Great Aunt Gertrude is pulling a frown.

Services; This section can highlight exactly what you're going to offer, whether a second photographer will be included and you can personalise it by stipulating timings. If Wedding photography (as an example), isn't your full time job then you may wish to be a bit flexible. I tend to tell my clients that I will be with them from Makeup until first dance and then give rought guide times. I reassure them that I won't run away at seven pm if things are running behind but equally that I won't be there at 10pm when the guests start getting loud and lairy!

Photographers; It's good to talk about your photographers. You can mention whether they are DBS checked (that's the disclosure and barring service in the UK which talks about police checks) or whatever is relevant to your country. You can highlight whether it 'may' be you or someone else and any other information that might be suitable.
the photographer by michellis13

Health and Safety; You need to include this bit because whilst it's great that you can lie on the floor, climb trees or whatever else to get a shot, you need to have limits and boundaries. You also need to mention guests and anyone else that might be involved. You need to talk about whether you have public liability insurance (and you should have it) in the event of a problem.

Provision of Photographs; This section lets your client know how you will be delivering their photographs to them and in what format. It also highlights how much you'll be giving them and what they can expect. You absolutely do not want to be showered with requests for all the RAW files that you took on the day. It's a headache. Trust me, I know.

The Entire Agreement; This is just a little line at the end that states; This contract is the entire agreement between (Name) and (Client Name) and anything agreed outside of this requires modification to be made in writing. It covers you both and if any other little things are mentioned or 'alleged' to be mentioned you can refer back to whatever is in the written and signed agreement.

Other Bits
I make sure all pages are linked together with page numbers and a unique watermark of sorts (header or footer). If you ever had a problem pages can easily be separated and clients can claim they didn’t have ‘this page’ or ‘that’ page so it’s important to get as much stuff as possible on one page and particularly at the end of the terms below have a signature box for both photographers and clients. It’s also good to include your watermark/logo at the top of the page. Makes it look good too.

Once again though, I'm not legally trained and this is just my preference. At the moment it works for me and it might just help you if you're ready to pay someone to legally set it all out. If you have any tips, questions or preferences of your own share them in the comments! Happy snapping!

After many years of discussions and lots of patient waiting from the Infrared Photography community we are pleased to announce that it’s finally HERE! The Gallery Photography -> Infrared is now live! So what does this mean?  Infrared Photography is a beautiful technique used to achieve what is often described as a magical scene. The definition of Infrared Photography for the purpose of submitting to the gallery is written below..

"Infrared photography is style that predominantly uses the infrared portion of the light spectrum to create images on photographic film or digital sensors."

IR Contrasts 1 by Okavanga
Kuhdamm Berlin infrared by MichiLauke
Infrared - Am I Dreaming? by La-Vita-a-Bella
a Bugs Life - infrared by Konczey-Zsolt
A Bird View II by Phostructor

For more examples of Infrared Photography check out the Deviants below or head to r72, DeviantArt's unofficial Infrared Photography group. So what does this mean for Infrared Photography?  It means you have a dedicated category in which to place your specific Infrared works. You also have two dedicated Community Volunteers ready to promote, educate and demonstrate that category as much as possible and you can send all your Daily Deviation suggestions to us (Kaz-D or Mrs-Durden) for this category. We're also working on bringing you a contest specifically for Infrared Photography so keep your eyes open and watch out for an announcement in the near future...

Photography Newsletter

Sun May 3, 2015, 6:00 AM
DeviantArt has recently updated their watermark to reflect the new logo and changes. You can read more here. Do you Watermark your work? How do you do it? Is your watermark an advertising statement, a protection against theft or both? Link us to your watermarks in the comments of this newsletter so that we can get a discussion going about what preferences there are out there. Which brings us on to our next topic - when does imitation stop being flattering? Is it ever flattering? Read more here.

This month we're sharing a fun fact that many Photographers probably don't know about (I certainly didn't!) Did you know that you could be accused of violating copyright if you take and share photographs of the Eiffel Tower at night? Read more here.

Word of the Month

Ethics; Ethics in photography is linked to any kind of photographer, from the amateur to the professional, for the Deviants submitting their photos on DA, or other sites. What about the copyrights? How can we be protected against Art Theft? Can we shoot in the street without any authorization? What are the differences between editorial photogaphy and commercial photography? There are many questions and many grey areas that try to answer them. Check out this link to read more thoughts on the subject.

Photograph of the Day

The photographers that were featured for Photograph of the Day during the past month at CRPhotography are listed below. If you'd like to see yourself featured, or a friend, suggest photographs here!
:iconyorkshiresam: :iconart0fck: :iconbr53199: :iconkparks: :iconporbital: :iconannamazur: :icongetcarter: :icondavid-plastique: :iconalmost-human-cosband: :iconkarz09: :iconharrietsfriend: :iconvenesmir: :iconroman-gp: :iconwolfling01: :iconravenajuly: :iconredanshy: :iconjmadphoto: :iconxthumbtakx: :iconjakezdaniel: :icong-p-photography: :iconchaerul-umam: :iconsesjusz:

Contests & Projects

If you'd like to see your contest, project or challenge featured here then just send CRPhotography a note with the details and we'll promote it next month!
:bulletgreen: CRPhotography's monthly contest is up very soon! Watch the group for more updates.
:bulletgreen: Still-Life-Stills's are asking if they should think about Bringing Contests Back?
:bulletgreen: Abstract-and-Surreal's MAY CONTEST (PARADISE) AND APRIL WINNERS
:bulletgreen: Check out the Earth Day 2015, Project Going Green

General Photography News

Community Volunteers Kaz-D & Mrs-Durden

techgnotic published an article in the DeviantArt Road Trip series this time featuring Kaz-D's works and her experience of the Isle of Wight in the UK. Check it out here. At CRPhotography this month we've been debating D-SLR Cameras Versus Bridge cameras - what do you think?

projecteducate needs you and we're looking for writers - we want people who will write about anything and everything educational to do with Art and that includes Photography! Check out Project Educate - Dates and Information! for more information on how to get involved. We have an Art History Week coming up that we would LOVE to have you participate in!

Abstract and Surreal

Community Volunteer justanothersomeone

You'll find some fantastic Surreal Photography here, as well as some shots from Sanja Marusic and on this Website great shots about the surreal vision of photographers working on surreal photography. Are you a Surreal Photographer? What do you consider your vision to be?

There's a great selection from Nikola Olic's shots which can hopefully inspire you to create. Also, check out these naturally beautiful shots captured in a gallery from National Geographic.

The Disappearance Of Ms. G - State Of Levitation by AlexandruCrisan

Animals, Plants and Nature

Community Volunteers Kaz-D & Mrs-Durden

ElyneNoir invites us to take a photographic journey with her into small worlds - a beautiful collection of photographs which allow us a closer look at the beauty we can't always see with the naked eye. Mrs-Durden compiled a feature in honor of Earth Day for us to enjoy the beauty that nature offers us, check it out here. rainylake is regularly posting amazing features of photographs from the APN galleries, check out her recent Border Collie Love feature here. Check out JenFruzz's APN Adventures! A wonderful collection of all types of APN photography! And finally, Tools for Photographing the Night Sky was released by Kaz-D for projecteducate! Check the article for some helpful tips!

Humpback Breach by Nimkish

Artistic Nude

Community Volunteers Nyx-Valentine

*Our Artistic Nude section will often contain something that's Not Safe for Work (NSFW)*
Get a look at this very fine selection where maternity is incredibly well illustrated and the beauty of pregnancy is celebrated.

Roarie 3 by Plage-Photo


Community Volunteers Kaz-D & Mrs-Durden

the-mirror-club has launched a new themed collection for conceptual photography, titled "Silence". They invite you to submit conceptual photos fitting this theme or create your own! More information here. Mikael Aldo is an Indonesian conceptual photographer, and you'll find in this article a selection of his work and the way he shots through his very artistic and conceptual point of view.


Community Volunteers Kaz-D & Mrs-Durden

Commercial Photography is usually a very quiet gallery but this month we have a fantastic article to share with you! For projecteducate, Kaz-D has written an article sharing Six tools for Product Photography.

coffe time by e-M-D-e


Community Volunteers Kaz-D & Mrs-Durden

The Online Darkroom is a great blog dedicated to analog and traditional photography. You'll find both types of artists featured but also useful tips and informations about darkroom photography. For example, check out thisseries of articles about using a Leica, or this article about a great Turkish photographer, with some english translations of his own blog.

t r e i b s a n d by ra-gro


Community Volunteers Pixel-Spotlight

Check out the tenth edition of the monthly feature Fashion Makes the World go Round by Mrs-Durden. The recent Monday Munchies issue featured the amazing Aisii! Check it out here.

Madonna by Widmanska

Horror and Macabre

Community Volunteer pullingcandy

Paul Koudounaris is a photographer with a personal vision in his photography about death.
Elena Helfrecht is illustrated here through her incredible and very powerful shots with a very personal and beautiful signature. On DeviantArt this month pullingcandy has shared her Daily Deviation features for April in her April 2015 Spooky DD Round-Up.

*schlrp* by BW-999


Community Volunteer MarcosRodriguez

Have a look here at the macro spotlight by one of our great CVs MarcosRodriguez, and don't hesitate to check out the previous ones!

Kristallwelt by Ikarusthefirst


Community Volunteers Kaz-D & Mrs-Durden

For interviews featuring photographers who are experienced in horror & macabre, darkroom and transportation photography (among others), have a look here.

People and Portraits

Community Volunteers Kaz-D & Mrs-Durden

Read here for an interesting view of a professional photographer who started his career with some difficulties when approaching people to make their portraits. You'll find some great shots taken by a Japanese Photographer Yuki Aoyama whose interesting shots explore the lives in uniforms. (Japanese speaking only but the images tell a story themselves!)

Korra's Lookout Point by XenochromeX

Pinup and Glamour

Community Volunteer DistortedSmile

Highlighting talent in the Pin-up and Glamour Community, DistortedSmile has published another article in the series Under the Skin which focuses this time on abclic. Also, be sure to check out the latest instalment of LUSH! featuring a selection of beautiful pin-up and glamour photographs. Latest: 22nd Apr | 15th Apr | 8th Apr | 1st Apr |

Check out Hell on Heels: a feature of the Pin up and Glamour group Death-Chick's latest submissions of ladies rocking heels. Go to this excellent blog held by two adorable pin up fashion victims about vintage and glamour pin ups, rockabilly, and so on!

A boombox can change the world by LandOfTheLoost


Community Volunteer tanikel

Did you know about the New York times' site: Lens? A great photo site about visual journalism. For example, check this article about Dennis Hopper's camera works. The Week's site proposes a fine selection of worldwide events through excellent shots. You'll find in this Time's article some odd news about what the future could hold...

No to Racism! by DegsyJonesPhoto

Still Life

Community Volunteers Kaz-D & Mrs-Durden

This month our tasty looking Nom Nom series focused on Easter! If you would like to see your favourite tasty morsel featured just note CRPhotography with your idea. We share recipes and feature still life deviations each month!

Check out this roundup from FrancescaDelfino that shares all of the Still Life Spotlights that premium have published.

Burger by Delahkel


Community Volunteers Kaz-D & Mrs-Durden

On DA: do you know about Batsceba's Progressive street journal ? If not, here is an example. You can find in the group Progressive-Street, some fine selections of street shots from DA Artists!
She also managed to gather for the same city (Milano...) two deviants, two photographers, and their street shots in the same city... Two visions! Street Milano part 1 and Street Milano part 2.

niklin1 is on the move! This deviant, a fantastic street photographer, has been on DA for 1 year and is already a great devious member... Check out his actual live shots taken from his trip here.

A long read for a blog post, but Eric's Kim tips are to be studied carefully, about how to express yourself as an Artist and a photographer... A great thing for all those who share and love Street Photography.

You'll find Guardian's post a great selection of Weegee's shots, famous New York Photographer who shot during the 30's and 40's (yes! nearly a century ago...) There's a blast from the past...

To finish this months series...An absolute must read: go and check out this astonishing and passionate, vibrant text about street photography. Originally a syndicated blog spot, which has been republished with permission on the excellent Phoblographer blog.

no title by kaminsky


Community Volunteers Kaz-D & Mrs-Durden

The April Contest at CRPhotography was about "other" photography, with the transportation category in it. Don't miss the results of this great contest to come and give love to the artists featured in April contest: Other Photography.

WWII by nigel3

Educational Articles and Tutorials

We're encouraging you to share your 'hacks' for creating cheaper DIY photography tools or capturing awesome photos with handy hints or tips. Note CRPhotography if you have a 'hack' for next month! There are some other fabulous journals that have recently been posted and focus on educational information...

:bulletred: An article about photography skill levels - link
:bulletred: The trap of a big following - link
:bulletred: TEDx Talk about finding photos right before your eyes - link
:bulletred: Volunteering as a photographer, how and when - link
:bulletred: Movies about photography - link

:bulletred: Theory: using television to improve your knowledge of lighting - link
:bulletred: Theory: how to take better photos at home - link
:bulletred: Theory: what is color temperature? - link

:bulletred: Tutorial: 1h20m tutorial on Light Painting and night photography - video
:bulletred: DIY: how to build a pinhole lens for your DSLR - link
:bulletred: Gear: what causes memory cards to corrupt? - link
:bulletred: Gear: how to get the best result from your lenses - link

:bulletred: LR/PS: understanding the differences between Lightroom and Photoshop - link
:bulletred: LR: how Lightroom works and where it keeps your images - link
:bulletred: LR: a simple way to rate and keyword pictures - link
:bulletred: LR: implementing a controlled vocabulary for keywords - link
:bulletred: LR: Lightroom CC is here! - link

DeviantArt Photography News of Note...

Here in the Monthly Feature: Members Interview!, a multiple interview which explores some of the great artists on DA: MarinaCoric, lightdrafter, CenobiteAdnaloy, shadeley, arslanalp, Neo-Anima, Vermontster, and MARX77.

For more great artists to stumble upon this weekend, check out the feature series  made by silber-engleinSpecial Feature III: Shonika and Special Feature IV: losesprit, giving you the opportunity to discover great artists on DA!

hosagu's App of the Month!

Welcome to this new section of the Newsletter edited and researched by hosagu! We'll mention here an app for phones and tablets which is linked to photography, either for photo editing or related to photography in some way. If you'd like to share your experience of a specific App then please note CRPhotography for next month!

This month we're looking at: Nat Geo View. This application from National Geographic is just outstanding. The design is absolutely beautiful, and the idea is that day by day, you'll get free access to photos chosen on various topics, and if you want more: you'll get access to the past seven days. These photos are all chosen from submissions of people like you and me! So check it out! And sorry: this one is just for IOS devices. If you don't have one, tell one of your friend who might have an ios device!

New Equipment and Technology

:bulletblack:A must read about Timelapse and photography, this site provides great and incredible shots.

:bulletblack:An opportunity not to miss!!!! This Nasa lensis for you, depending on your... Budget, of course!

:bulletblack:It looks like Sony would like to develop a Touchless Shutter, which would allow us to trigger without... triggering, check it out!

Forum Posts

-First DSLR suggestions?
-Hydrogen-alpha and IR filters for cameras?
-using RAW

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