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Masters of Darkroom

Wed Sep 16, 2015, 11:00 AM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:

Darkroom Photography

The first photograph created was an image produced in 1826 by Nicephore Niepce. He did this on a polished pewter plate covered with a petroleum derivative called Bitumen of Judea. The image required an eight hour exposure time in bright sunshine. We've come so far since those days and those lengths of times to achieve an amazing image - but at the same time it's great to give a nod to the past, learn the basics from the basics and turn to the masters of their field for some inspiration and reminders about just how rewarding Darkroom photography can be.

Henri Cartier-Bresson

One of the greats of his time, Cartier-Bresson worked almost exclusively in Black and White photography. His tragedy is that he gave up photography long before he died, choosing instead to paint (which is awesome too!) and locking away his camera and forgetting the craft.

Source: Magnum Photos

Julia Margaret Cameron

"I longed to arrest all the beauty that came before me and at length the longing has been satisfied."

Cameron started her photographic career fairly late on in life, not undertaking photography until she was forty-eight years old. Cameron's goal was to capture beauty. Her subjects often sat for hours and hours whilst she laboriously coated, exposed and processed each wet plate. She was often mocked by her contemporaries for her devotion, her long hours and the iconic blurs that often developed along with her photographs due to the lengths of which her subjects had to remain still.

Albumen silver print from glass negative (Source: Met Museum

Pablo Inirio

Pablo Inirio is a master darkroom printer for the prestigious Magnum photo agency. He has the responsibility of making prints of some of the most iconic black and white images in history. Inirio is all about the Art of printing - someone else created the image and that in itself is Art but the production of that image, the actual creation of it to hold in the physical world, is all done to Inirio. Check out the amazing image below which shows the lengths that have to be undertaken to make notes about editing and developing an original image. You can read more about how photographs are edited in Darkrooms by clicking here.

Source: Magnum Photos

Ansel Adams

Adams is a well known expert in the Darkroom. Traditional and true to photographys roots, Adams creates amazing dodge and burn effects in his darkroom images without using photoshop. Definitely one to learn from if you are looking for original inspiration.

Clyde Butcher

A Floridian photographer and author, Butcher has become famous for his iconic black and white images of the Florida Everglades (amongst other places!) Although he is famed for his deep expressive images of the Everglades and will always be recognised for his talent here, Butcher is dedicated to documenting and capturing precious landscapes across the world.

Source: Clyde Butcher

Developer Trays from the Greats

For some inspiration and some absolutely historical images, check out John Cyr's project in which he obtains and photographers the Developer trays of many famous photographers from across the years even accessing Smithsonian collections. Read more here.


Tue Sep 15, 2015, 2:00 AM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:

Darkroom Photography

When you see the word 'Darkroom Photography' or you peruse the gallery here on DeviantArt, thoughts about where the photographs actually originate from are often rare. So let's talk about Darkroom in the raw sense of the word.

darkroom by thebiscuit

What is a Darkroom?

In this modern day with photography available to us at the click of a button and within seconds of upload, many of us have forgotten where it all started. Soon, in generations to come, Darkroom will be a thing of the long forgotten past and people won't readily know the origins of Photography and how important Darkrooms were to starting it all off. So let's remind ourselves!

A Darkroom is a room that can be made completely dark in order to allow light to be processed to create sensitive photographic materials. If you're lucky, you may have a dedicated Darkroom for your image processing. If you're not so lucky, you may have sacrificed a spare room, a toilet or a home-made shed. If you're this guy you may have gone one step further and have converted a caravan into a mobile darkroom.

Source: Petapixel

A darkroom is not just important for your work, it's vital to understand the basics of Photography and to be familiar with the traditional photographic processes. As a photographer, there's nothing more humbling than watching your own image grow whilst your work, a refreshing experience that makes a change from the instant uploading we can do these days. If you've not tried developing before, give it a go! There are lots of articles and tutorials out there for Creating your own Darkroom.

Photographic Enlarger by DisconnectedHeart

Darkroom Equipment

Enlargers: these are specialised transparency projects which produce photographic prints from film or glass negatives.

Safelights: these are used when making black & white prints and illuminate the area that you are working in. Different types of safelights can be used for different material processing.

Different types of Safelights

Black & White photographic printing usually requires an amber or red safelight. Photographic papers are sensitive only to blue and green light in this process.

Orthochromatic papers & films are sensitive to yellow light and must only be used with a deep red safelight, not amber.

Panchromatic papers & films are normally sensitive to the complete spectrum. There are ways around this, Koda produce a Panchromatic paper which can allow careful use of a safelight but others need to be handled in complete darkness.

Most films available these days are panchromatic and most papers are Ortho.

Remember - Safelights are only safe if you expose material to them for short and measured amounts of time. Short amounts of time can be longer than you might think though... you can get four or five minutes on a sheet of Orthochromatic paper before it begins to fog.

Other Darkroom Uses

In addition to printing, Darkrooms can be used for loading film in and out of cameras, spools or film holders. All of these processes require complete darkness. However if you need to do this and don't have a Darkroom then there are always Changing Bags which are photographic bags designed to be completely light proof whilst using them, often with useful arm holes for easy access!

Photography Exposed - Transportation

Mon Sep 14, 2015, 9:00 AM
Photography exposed is a series of articles brought to you by your General Photography Community Volunteers! Kaz-DMrs-Durden and tiganusi are going to be exposing the popular and the not so popular galleries within main Photography gallery here on DeviantArt. For this eleventh edition I've chosen to focus on Transportation!
Going nowhere by Dee-ehn
Out to plunder by kellebass

The boat II by k-simir
The Boat II by iandeluna
Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXT by Daniel-Wales-Images

Nervudo by Attila-Le-AinDream... by skarzynscy

260 by leoatelier
Coming Home by chevyhax
Fastback 1967 by AmericanMuscle

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Photography Newsletter

Sun Sep 6, 2015, 4:06 AM
Big news this month for all you Instagram lovers. They've broken the frame! Instagram has been well-known and even famed for its iconic square format, with many printing companies offering the 'Instagram' style print these days. So why have they changed? 1 in 5 images posted on the photo sharing platform had whitespace around them because the image was captured with another app that didn't have restrictions - You can read more here. So what are your thoughts? Do you agree that Instagram had to move with the times or do you think it should have stuck with Nostalgia? If you're up for a debate today then check out Photography Debates: Color vs Monochrome and share your thoughts...

Let's talk about Daily Deviations. We not only want your suggestions, we crave them. We want to know what you're enjoying on DA right now, what you want to see up on the DD page. Send us your suggestions! Drop us a few lines explaining why - do it now! And if you don't want to do that then consider getting involved in the Daily Deviation Highlights project! Want to know more - check out My Daily Deviation Highlights.

Finally, for a roundup of the August Daily Deviations awarded by Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden and tiganusi look no further than General Photography DDs - August 2015 !

Word of the Month

Let's talk about camera RAW (or camera raw) files. While RAW files take up much more space on our memory cards than JPEG, the uncompressed data can help us to edit our photos with amazing results. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the difference between RAW and JPEG, this article as well as this one provide very good explanations. In short, RAW files keep more photo data. It is considered the digital version of a film negative in that it is not suitable for printing without being processed and it keeps all of the original (raw) data from the camera's sensor. This means you'll have much more control over the final image than if you saved it as a JPEG.

Questions for the Reader: "Do you shoot RAW, JPEG or both? If you shoot RAW, when did you start experimenting with it and what made you try it for the first time?"

Photographers of the Day

The photographers of the day that have been featured for the past month at CRPhotography are listed below. If you'd like to see yourself featured, or a friend, send us a note!

:iconikulestrange: :iconriskonelook: :iconxavierrey: :iconpaulmachikhin: :icontomhaider: :iconvolkmaritsch: :iconarkanumtenebrae: :iconandy-j-s: :iconmina-ficent: :iconmarsiams: :iconfruity-nut-bats: :iconcitizenfresh: :iconbebefromtheblock: :iconllisitsa: :iconshortcircuit123: :iconorneryamerican: :iconkyleandtheclassics:
Contests & Projects

:bulletblue: Still-Life-Stills are hosting their monthly contest again! Check out September - New challenge and winners.
:bulletblue: Abstract-and-Surreal Head over to the group for news about their latest contest which runs every month!
:bulletblue: CRPhotography are hosting their monthly contest again, head over to the group for more info!
:bulletblue: rainylake's animals in action contest. More info here.

Abstract and Surreal

Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

Celestial Navigation for the Pluto Flyby by kparks

Animals, Plants and Nature

Community Volunteers JenFruzz

Dog frisbee by Ksuksa-Raykova

This open letter to landscape photograhers addressing etiquette is a must read if you do landscape photography!

Do you think that cats are just cold and aloof all the time? Think again. One Philadelphia photographer makes it his mission to show their many (often goofy) faces.

Artistic Nude

Community Volunteer Nyx-Valentine

*Our Artistic Nude section will often contain something that's Not Safe for Work (NSFW)*

Fine-Art-Nudes is hosting a hidden beauties contest. "The idea behind the contest is to have the model hidden among the landscape, or background."

Check out The Human Form: Light which is a wonderful feature from Mrs-Durden.


Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

The Inbetween by manuelestheim

This month, we looked at conceptual photography in our Photography Exposed series and featured some beautiful conceptual work.

If you're looking to discover some beautiful conceptual photography, be sure to keep an eye out on MarinaCoric's Conceptual Spotlight feature series.

Would you like to be more active on the DA conceptual scene? the-mirror-club, a group dedicated to featuring conceptual photography, is looking for passionate conceptual photographers and appreciators to join their admin team!


Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

.. by Foba

Commercial photography has many branches and photographer Quinn Chandler has found his niche in commercial jewellery photography. This article offers an account of how he got into it and why it was a very smart decision. For some commercial inspiration check out one of the latest editions of Photography Exposed - Photography Exposed: Products and Services.


Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

Lose Yourself by LashelleValentine

ElyneNoir posts a regular feature of captivating darkroom photography pieces. Have a look! This 32-year-old banker quit his job to pursue his passion: photography. The linked article shows his adventures in pinhole photography. And finally, if you are interested in writing a Darkroom Educational article for projecteducate there are still a couple of slots left - note tiganusi right now!


Community Volunteer  Queen-Kitty

Anna by uglybug

Here's an interesting interview on The Photoblographer with Ken Kiefer about underwater fashion photography. Check out the latest edition of Fashion Makes the World go Round XIII for some DA inspiration!

Horror and Macabre

Community Volunteer pullingcandy

-Smk- by Alanwarner


Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

Park panorama #2 by seba-j

We had a projecteducate week focused purely on Infrared Photography - the very first of its kind over at projecteducate! Check out all the awesome news, links, tutorials and more that the team shared during the week:

A guide to getting into Infrared
An Interview with LDFranklin
A Rationale for Infrared
Infrared Photography Tutorials
Digital Infrared Photography ? Very Easy!
Simple Guide to Infrared Photography II
Digital Infrared Equipment and Options
An Interview with Michilauke
Lensbaby Infrared Photography
Hot Spot Thots
Editing of infrared photographs using Photoshop
Editing IR: Glow Effect
Infrared Photography Wrap up and Contest RESULTS!


Community Volunteer MarcosRodriguez

Bye , bye fly ... by cigane13

Check out MarcosRodriguez's latest Macro Spotlight which has some amazing inspiration! It was also Macro Week over at projecteducate last month and we shared tons of useful articles, interviews and tutorials. Check out the list below...

Creating a Tiny world
Getting started with Macro
Interview with GrotesqueDarling13
An Interview with MarcosRodriguez
Interview with IndigoSummerr
Cheap and Cheerful Macro
Interview with BokehLight
DIY + Macro for less $
Interview with SheilaBrinson
How I achieve Macro
Interview with Enkased
Macro and Lightroom


Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

Untitled by milkychild

People and Portraits

Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

Lonely Wilderness by RaphaelleM

Check out Mrs-Durden's edition of Photography Exposed published last week! It focuses completely on Classic Portraiture. For inspiration and some awesome works check out Photography Exposed: Classic Portraits. For Daily Deviations across the board that we haven't been able to feature this month check out Mrs-Durden's Photography Suggestions Spotlight IV.

Pinup and Glamour

Community Volunteer DistortedSmile

Check out the latest beautiful edition of LUSH! Pinup and Glamour Features from DistortedSmile. For some more inspiration check out one of Mrs-Durden's features of the month Ladies in Color.
Glamour Boy by ToddParis


Community Volunteer tanikel

Joey D by ShiftonePhotography

Mark Thiessen, a National Geographic photographer trained as a firefighter, gives a close-up look at what firefighters go through in their battle to keep wildfires under control.

Still Life

Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

brot by stachelpferdchen

Have you met Eric the stormtrooper? He's got a pretty awesome life.

Food bloggers in Germany might be at risk of facing legal action for taking photographs of elaborately arranged food. There are not yet any known cases of the chef taking legal action, but it is possible, as detailed in this article. Over at projecteducate last month Khallandra wrote a fantastic article looking at PE: Beginners Action Figure Still Life Photography. In the Forums, the theme recently has been Desserts - for some tasty morsels head over there and peruse Forum Features #59: Dessert!

Check out Still-Life-Stills latest contest! Are you feeling the Autumn chill creeping in?  Why not consider shooting something for the theme 'Cosy?!' Read more in  September - New challenge and winners.


Community Volunteer hosagu

Instant 3603 by SUDOR

On DeviantArt, find here: and here: two great themed features on sliding scales and rain by myraincheck and niklin1 who are great and famous street photographers.

What would you put or not in your frame? This article will give you useful hints for your street photography shots.
Takashi Yasui's street photography is a must see. First because the photographies will be in colors, and then because the poetry through andbeyond this great photographer's shots are worth a click to see more of his talented work.
Thisarticle about Jack Simon will let you discover a famous and great modern street photographer.
Eventually, and because we are reaching the end of a particular hot summer, let's cool down with
some fresh photography by Ruben Natal San Miguel...

Over at CRPhotography the theme last month was Street Photography and there have been lots of awesome themed journals shared with the group. Check out September: Street for more info!


Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

Different by Foenix11

Urban and Rural

Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

Miranda - Lecon de desolation by William-D-WILD

Educational Articles and Tutorials

We're encouraging you to share your 'hacks' for creating cheaper DIY photography tools or capturing awesome photos with handy hints or tips. Note CRPhotography if you have a 'hack' for next month! There are some other fabulous journals that have recently been posted and focus on educational information...

Aussie photographer Dylan Goldby gives some useful advice on deciding on your next lens, taking into account things such as field of view, perspective distortion, depth of field and your approach.

Take a look at this article on five business mistakes photographers make all the time so future you can thank you.

If you're looking to test out underwater photography or looking for some good advice on how to improve your work, read this detailed article on what to expect and how to make it work.

Photography Articles and News of Note

This article takes a glimpse into photography in Cuba since the 1950s in a fascinating timeline.

In this article, seven photographers talk about what they love and what they hate about their jobs. It's an interesting read that offers perspectives across various photography branches.

Have you ever done a photoshoot and something went terribly wrong? It probably wasn't as bad as what happened to this photographer in Detroit. He accidentally let a tiger loose!

:bulletred:When to use spot metering
:bulletred:6 things you don’t know about ISO, but probably should
:bulletred:Why using your gear should always be the easiest part of every shoot
:bulletred:2 Huge benefits of photographing in RAW
:bulletred:The essential sense of self awareness as a photographer
:bulletred:The complete mobile imaging workflow for iphone photographers
:bulletred:How to choose asset management software for your digital picture archive
:bulletred:How to add metadata to your images in Photoshop
:bulletred:Are your photo backups rock solid?
:bulletred:Flickr brings back its “Pro” subscription plan
:bulletred:How to get started with off-camera flash photography – start with one!
:bulletred:On assignment: the light you don't see
:bulletred:do different strobe/modifier brands create distinct "qualities of light?" I don't think so
:bulletred:Using virtual copies in Lightroom—the “no risk” way to experiment
:bulletred:Fixing lens distortion issues with lightroom
:bulletred:3 ways to avoid "loading..." slowdowns in Lightroom
:bulletred:When your subject is in the shadows
:bulletred:Beginners guide to creating and applying texture overlays using Photoshop
:bulletred:Your personal brand just got more personal
:bulletred:Knobroom: Adobe Lightroom MIDI Control = Fast Photo Editing
:bulletred:iPad, the Photographer’s Friend
:bulletred:How to choose a DSLR lens
:bulletred:Introduction to the Kiev 88, a.k.a Hasselbladski
:bulletred:RawDigger: detecting posterization in SONY cRAW/ARW2 files
:bulletred:How to create a spectacular background using an el bokeh wall
:bulletred:How to build a DIY light blaster
:bulletred:How i turned a caravan into a mobile darkroom for wet plate photos
:bulletred:How to create a photography light stick for a speedlight (DIY under $50)
...some other stuff
:bulletred:The magic of winning a National Geographic Traveler photo contest
:bulletred:This is how press photos were transmitted back in the 1970s
:bulletred:How your web browser affects the way colors are rendered
:bulletred:The power of previsualization in photography
:bulletred:Photography: what are you trying to say here?

New Equipment and Technology

Need some help with your composition? New software has been developed to give feedback on digital photographs.

Have you heard of the Panono camera? This camera would allow you to take a 360° photograph when you toss it in the air! Here are some photos of what the shots look like.

Are you looking to take your lensbaby shots mobile? Here's a review of the lensbaby mobile photography kit.

Hosagu's App of the Month

Let's get back not to the future but to the past with a creation from the Hipstamatic's makers: Tintype.
For the definition of it: "A tintype, also known as a melainotype or ferrotype, is a photograph made by creating a direct positive on a thin sheet of metal coated with a dark lacquer or enamel and used as the support for the photographic emulsion. Tintypes enjoyed their widest use during the 1860s and 1870s, but lesser use of the medium persisted into the early 20th century and it has been revived as a novelty in the 21st." (Wikipedia).
With this app available on both android and IOS systems, you will be in position to empower your shots and to create impressive portraits
Just know that it will cost you 99 cents to get this app, but it's eventually worth it.
I like the hipstamatic design of the app, and its very intuitive controls.
You will be stunned by the results you might get!

Forum Posts

:bulletgreen: Mirror lens
:bulletgreen: Taking pictures of people
:bulletgreen: Where do you sell your non-stock photos?
:bulletgreen: Flash and Portraits
:bulletgreen: Editing Photos?
:bulletgreen: What camera for a begginer/amateur photographer?
:bulletgreen: Rule of Thirds
:bulletgreen: What are the best photography portfolio hosting sites?
:bulletgreen: Night photo editing - help?

Groups to Check Out!

:iconvenatoreslucis: :icondevpremium: :icondeath-chicks: :iconyoung-photo-club: :iconhuman-photography: :iconbokehlicious: :iconsoftness-art: :iconmodelmayhemmassive: :iconlightinspired: :iconbird-photography: :icondialed-in: :iconode-to-simplicity: :iconda-film-alliance: :iconfashion-show: :iconfashionelite: :iconstand-out-shots: :iconamazinglybeautiful::iconstill-life-stills::iconshopping-for-stock::icongothictemple: :iconblackwhitephotos: :iconbeautiful-bokeh::iconphotographersdream: :iconurban-and-rural: :iconabstract-and-surreal: :iconcommunityrelations: :iconprojecteducate: :iconthrough-a-lens::iconr72: :iconcritique-it: :iconphotography-inc: :iconcasualphotography: :iconphotographyworld: :iconbreathtaking-photos: :icongothictemple: :iconbeautiful-bokeh: :iconwater-dreams: :iconlovely-square-pics: :iconphotographlove: :icondevnews: :icondeviantkitchen:

Contributors this month: daguerreoty-pe hosagu silber-englein Kaz-D  Mrs-Durden 3wyl.

My Daily Deviation Highlights

Wed Sep 2, 2015, 9:00 AM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:

Another edition of the Community Volunteer led project in which we will be highlighting our favourite Daily Deviations featured within the recent weeks! We would like to encourage the community to join in on this project by simply going through the Daily Deviations page and collecting some of their favourite pieces of art within a journal titled "My Daily Deviation Highlights"! We hope this project will help spread awareness and love for Daily Deviations and our fellow deviant artists!

Use the hashtag #DDHighlights so we can find your journals! Love
Green flash hummingbird by photographyflower
She was like a rose VI by drizzledust
It's Not My Fault!! (LEGO) by shadowfax412
Dream by Nikolaj-Arndt
Drow by TheLadyFalcon
Octopus :D by cnerone21
Adventures. by OliviaMichalski
Rich chocolate cake by topolinodelburro
Lutz by sollenafotografie


Community, Respect, Excellence, Artists, Trust, Empower.


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Community Groups

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Project Educate - Newsletter

Tue Sep 1, 2015, 12:39 PM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:


We have had another great few months with lots of educational articles and happenings. Coming up we have Art in the Professions week with Mrs-Durden, Darkroom week with tiganusi, Anime & Manga with cinyu and Fan Art with Lyricanna. If you want to participate in any of those weeks then note the relevant lead involved! Hurry though, time is ticking! For our full schedule check out Project Educate - Dates and Information! If you want to know more about how to write an article for projecteducate then check out How to write an article for Project Educate by Mrs-Durden.

Education Recap

Throughout the end of July and into August we have had some fantastic articles. We have had a Traditional Art Week with Agaave, Macro with Kaz-D and MarcosRodriguez, Infrared with Kaz-D + 3wyl and a Community Week with cinyu

Traditional Art

Special Uses Of Some Watercolors
Painting With A Knife! (The Practical - 1)
Mixed Media Colouring Tutorial
PE: Comparing Copics and Watercolours
Drawing the Figure in Ink
Precautions While dealing with Sketches
Drawing the Portrait
The Theory Of Realism
Introduction to ACEOs
Stop the fade: Protecting your work.
Pinspiration for Deviants
Watercolour Experiments

Macro Photography

Creating a Tiny world
Getting started with Macro
Interview with GrotesqueDarling13
An Interview with MarcosRodriguez
Interview with IndigoSummerr
Cheap and Cheerful Macro
Interview with BokehLight
DIY + Macro for less $
Interview with SheilaBrinson
How I achieve Macro
Interview with Enkased
Macro and Lightroom

Infrared Photography

A guide to getting into Infrared
An Interview with LDFranklin
A Rationale for Infrared
Infrared Photography Tutorials
Digital Infrared Photography ? Very Easy!
Simple Guide to Infrared Photography II
Digital Infrared Equipment and Options
An Interview with Michilauke
Lensbaby Infrared Photography
Hot Spot Thots
Editing of infrared photographs using Photoshop
Editing IR: Glow Effect
Infrared Photography Wrap up and Contest RESULTS!

Community Week

To Share or Hide - That is the Question
Being Motivated on DA
Enabling the Stick Menu
How to avoid Spam on DeviantArt
Novels and Shorts - Plotting the Easy Way
PE: What is Patreon?
PE: Beginners Action Figure Still Life Photography

Next Community Week - October 19th - October 25th. Note projecteducate NOW to get involved!

A Thank You!

Project Educate wouldn't be so active and informative without these amazing contributors. Please join me in thanking the below Deviants who helped out this month!

Tudalia, Goodnight-Melbourne, Eleweth, Khallandra, spligity, ThanasisTzortzis, Agaave, jenthestrawberry, STelariMarcosRodriguez, RockstarVanity, Astrikos, mIkeschwaRz, MichiLauke, 3wyl, LDFranklin, vw1956, RogueMudblood, Pascua-Tanya, BloodSplotchedInk and cinyu.

Photography exposed is a series of articles brought to you by your General Photography Community Volunteers! Kaz-DMrs-Durden and tiganusi are going to be exposing the popular and the not so popular galleries within main Photography gallery here on DeviantArt. For this tenth edition I've chosen to focus on Still Life - Dolls and Figures and what this gallery actually is!

"Photographs of inanimate models and figurines, often small in size to be used as something to play with."

Most of the frequent Dolls and Figures photographers here on DeviantArt are seriously into their collections and generally the dolls aren't something that they place with! But this gallery is for your ornaments, your pretty figurines from holidays in the past just as much as it is for your captures of BJD's (ball-jointed dolls) and pokemon toys! Don't be afraid to explore this gallery, see what it has to offer and how you can contribute.

Advance by ZahirBatin
White Dream by BellechanThe PokeCafe by Bimmi1111
Nendoroid Mako and Guts by frasbobschizophrenia 2 by xXxCyberDiamondXxXFor You.. by Lady-Tori

I love this boy .2 by Y-n-YI wish I were you by hiritai
New chance by lipslock
WALL E 2 by A-D-I--N-U-G-R-O-H-O

Previous Installments

My Daily Deviation Highlights!

Sat Aug 22, 2015, 3:00 AM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:

Welcome to a Community Volunteer project in which we will be highlighting our favourite Daily Deviations featured within the recent weeks! We would like to encourage the community to join in on this project by simply going through the Daily Deviations page and collecting some of their favourite pieces of art within a journal titled "My Daily Deviation Highlights"! We hope this project will help spread awareness and love for Daily Deviations and our fellow deviant artists!

Use the hashtag #DDHighlights so we can find your journals! Love

Leafeons Photosynthesis by DiarisAfternoon Tea by FlabnBone
I Against I by MissSoulsA cozy place by flaviobolla

p u r i f y i n g by silvia-giuliUntitled by Panteleev-Ilya
Untitled by JuleOfJune
HOLD my hand and Lets DAnce by Nopel-Opzan

bloodlines by toxic-nebulae

You may choose to feature deviations from all categories, or you can focus your journals on a specific category such as Photography, Fan Art, Manga/Anime or whatever suits you! This is a very open project in which creativity in the way you choose to highlight Daily Deviations is welcome and encouraged!

What have you LOVED this week?

cinyu, alierturk, MichiLauke, Kendra-Paige, RhynWilliams, Astralseed and silber-englein !


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Infrared Photography

We have had a fantastic week here at projecteducate focusing on Infrared Photography. Huge thanks go to all those involved who have made this week possible because it was the first of its kind on this theme and we needed to hit Infrared hard. How have we done?  Have you got more answers than questions about Infrared Photography now? How has the week impacted, helped or stimulated you? We would LOVE to have your feedback. Here's an overview of what went on this week:

A guide to getting into Infrared by mIkeschwaRz
An Interview with LDFranklin by Kaz-D
A Rationale for Infrared by mIkeschwaRz
Infrared Photography Tutorials by MichiLauke
Digital Infrared Photography ? Very Easy! by MichiLauke
Simple Guide to Infrared Photography II by 3wyl
Digital Infrared Equipment and Options by mIkeschwaRz
An Interview with Michilauke by Kaz-D
Lensbaby Infrared Photography by LDFranklin
Hot Spot Thots by mIkeschwaRz
Editing of infrared photographs using Photoshop by vw1956

We launched the week with a brief outline of Infrared Photography Week + Contest! Many thanks to those who shared their Infrared photographs and left them open for editing. Their own edits are displayed below followed by a selection of pieces from their gallery, so go check them out! :la:

1 by mIkeschwaRz by 3wyl 2 by mIkeschwaRz by 3wyl
The Storm by mIkeschwaRz Andor by mIkeschwaRz

mIkeschwaRz's Photographs!

Crops.n.Mom.n.Son by mIkeschwaRz Castle Lichtenstein on the Rocks by mIkeschwaRz Little Angel by mIkeschwaRz

3 by MichiLauke by 3wyl 4 by MichiLauke by 3wyl
Summer Time infrared by MichiLauke A Walk In The Park infrared by MichiLauke

MichiLauke's Photographs!

Power Wheel infrared by MichiLauke Arboretum-Pano Infrared... by MichiLauke German Oak Tree infrared... by MichiLauke

5 By Vw1956 by 3wyl Reichstag720 by vw1956

vw1956's Photographs!

a stranger II by vw1956 Lakeside Panorama by vw1956 Varlamuse 720nm by vw1956

As for the winner of the contest...

Congratulations cloe-patra!

a walk through the park by cloe-patra
You win a 3 Month Core Membership and 150 :points:!

If you would like to learn more about Infrared Photography, or participate in another Infrared Photography contest, head over to CRPhotography as this month's theme is Infrared! :la:

An Interview with Michilauke

Fri Aug 14, 2015, 2:00 AM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:

Infrared Photography

Meet Michael - known on DeviantArt as MichiLauke he is one of the frontline deviants for Infrared Photography. His enthusiasm and passion has driven him over the years to create, inspire and teach others. Living in Berlin, Germany, Michael enjoys world music, international cooking and travelling. He has been on DeviantArt since 2004 - over a decade - and has so much to share about his passion for Infrared Photography. You can find Michael here on DeviantArt or over on his here.

The Bio...

Michael was born in Saxony in 1945. Currently retired, he had had a varied career as a musician, a music producer, and a music journalist, among other things. He enjoyed traveling from an early age, taking black and white photos of his travels, and processing and printing them for himself.

The Gear...

I currently use 2 Sony F828 (one converted), Sony F727, Canon 20D, Samsung all day pocket camera, converted Panasonic DMC-ZS8, iPhone, iPad, Infrared Filters 950nm and Hoya r72, several small and big tripods, 2 GoPros.

Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed Michael! Could you outline how Photography factors into your life at the moment?

Photography has always been my hobby since youth. There were times when I did it just for fun and times when I earned money with it. At the age of 15 and again at the age of 17, I won national photo prices and sold pictures to newspapers and weekly magazines. But I went on to become a musician, music producer and radio music journalist. I’m retired now and rediscovered photography as my hobby and that's where my passion currently lies at the moment.

Home Tree VII infrared... by MichiLauke

What does the location that you are in offer you with regards to infrared photography?

Nearly every place is fine for infrared photography. But of course "Mother Nature’s" fantastic landscapes and lonely trees are still the most fascinating. I also look around for dramatic clouds in the sky, I love capturing weather and that happens a lot here.

Castle Avenue infrared by MichiLauke

When you are travelling, every moment could possibly transform into a fantastic situation for an infrared photo. So on every trip I have at least one converted infrared camera in my pocket. If I am planning a photo tour I take my "big" Sony F828 compact camera with me which is excellent for b+w infrared photography.

Is there a particular shot that you feel shines above the rest? Was it difficult to achieve?

I was several times in my life just in the right moment at the right place. In such dramatic moments I feel my whole body in the hands of Mother Nature. Bliss is all around. The lights are fantastic. I can't stop shooting pictures. Back at home I mostly have fantastic results. These are moments of pure happiness.

Phoenix infrared... by MichiLauke

What advice would you give to someone starting out with infrared?

Just start! Don't get confused by equipment. Buy the cheapest eBay HongKong 950nm infrared filter and be a little bit patient with yourself. Digital photography allows you to gain a lot of experience without extra costs in comparison to expensive film techniques. And the success will lead you (hopefully) day by day to higher quality levels. There are so many tutorials around to help you in every situation. And many members of infrared groups will be willing to support you.

Tree infrared... by MichiLauke

Are there any deviants or groups that you would suggest could inspire someone to start shooting in Infrared?

Just find those infrared pictures you like most in the Infrared Gallery  here on DeviantArt. If you have questions don't hesitate to contact the original photographers directly. I’m sure they like comments, favs and questions. And ask to join r72, an Infrared Group here on DeviantArt if you want to meet some inspiring Infrared Photographers.

Thanks :devmichilauke for the insight and information!

Berlin Auerbachstr. 2 Infrared by MichiLauke
Dream Walk infrared by MichiLaukeKiez Berlin infrared by MichiLauke

An Interview with LDFranklin

Tue Aug 11, 2015, 12:00 AM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:

Infrared Photography

Meet Lindsay, an Infrared Photographer in the USA. She has been on DeviantArt for just over eleven years and agreed to be interviewed to provide us with some insight into Infrared Photography and in particular to find out more from someone who has converted their camera specifically for Infrared Photos!
White Tree Tops by LDFranklin

The Bio...

I first got interested in photography 12 years ago when I got my first point and shoot digital camera. I’ve been hooked ever since! I started out teaching myself, but then took a few photography classes in college to hone my craft. I joined DeviantArt back in 2004. My day job is working as a preschool teacher, so photography is just a hobby/side gig.

Chicago ID by LDFranklin

The Gear...

My main camera is a Nikon D300. I also have a Sony NEX-3 that I use quite frequently because it is convenient and super lightweight! My infrared camera is a Nikon D50. I also have a few back up Nikon DSLRs, as well as various other cameras such as point and shoots, Lomography and toy cameras, a GoPro, etc. As far as infrared goes, besides my infrared converted DLSR, I also have a few infrared filters. I have a variety of lenses, but my favorite lenses to use are my Lensbabies.

Wonderland Road by LDFranklin

How does photography factor into your life at the moment?

Photography is currently mostly a hobby. I do make some money from photography (I shoot the occasional wedding, and also sell stock photography and photo prints of my work) but it is not my main source of income.

White Pines by LDFranklin

How did you discover infrared photography? Was it on DeviantArt?

I believe it was on dA, but it was so long ago I don’t really remember the specifics!

Bond Park IR IV by LDFranklin

How can someone get started with infrared photography? Is there a huge cost involved?

On you can pick up an infrared filter for about $10. Obviously when it comes to quality, you get what you pay for. But an inexpensive filter is a great way to test the waters and see if IR photography is something that interests you. If it is something you decide you want to pursue further, then you can then invest in higher quality equipment.

Bond Park IR II by LDFranklin

Is there a big time commitment?

No more than any other type of photography! IR photographs do require post processing, but the post processing they require doesn’t take much longer than regular post processing.

What does the location that you are in offer you with regards to infrared photography?

I live in an area with a lot of parks and lakes which makes for great infrared landscape shots. I’ve just recently started taking my IR camera long with me when I travel though!

What are the challenges and rewards of shooting infrared?

One challenge is that there is a lot of experimenting. It’s not easy to tell by looking at a specific subject what it might look like in infrared. So there is a lot of trial and error. Sometimes you are pleasantly surprised by how an infrared photo came out. Other times your subject doesn’t work so well in infrared. Also, the colors aren’t correct when you first take the picture. You need to do some post-processing to get the colors correct. So when you first look at a shot, it’s not always easy to picture exactly how the final product will look on the spot. Occasionally you will get a purely magical, surreal shot and that is definitely one of the rewards!

Lovely Lake Crabtree IR II by LDFranklin

Is there a particular shot that you feel shines above the rest? Was it difficult to achieve?

MV IR XII by LDFranklin

This shot is my favorite that I’ve taken. I used a 10mm wide angle lens. My favorite thing about the shot is the clouds. It was not difficult to achieve, but just lucky that the sky looked that way on that day.

What advice would you give to someone starting out with Infrared?

Keep shooting! Like anything, practice makes perfect. The more pictures you take, the better you are going to get.

Are there any deviants or groups that you would suggest could inspire someone to do infrared photography?

I belong to Infrared-Club, r72, Infrared-Anonymous and Beyond-Visible

Could you explain the process that you do after you have taken a photograph? For example, photoshop/post-processing/etc.

After taking a picture, I use the Channel Mixer tool in Photoshop to switch the red and blue channels. That’s the only difference between editing IR photos and regular photos.

Lovely Lake Crabtree IR XI by LDFranklin

What is your favourite kind of wavelength and why?

I shoot at 720 nm which is pretty standard for IR. I haven’t really tried out any other wavelengths.

Is there anything about Infrared Photography that you don't like or enjoy?

I chose to convert a camera to shoot infrared by changing the internal filter, instead of purchasing filters to go on the lens. I chose to convert a Nikon D50. At this point, that is now a 10 year old camera. I would like to upgrade to a newer camera, but the infrared conversion is pretty expensive. So for the time being I’m stuck with a 10 year old camera. That’s really the only complaint I have.

IRT Trees III by LDFranklin

What are the main assumptions or incorrect information about Infrared Photography?

I guess that it’s intimidating or challenging to get into. That is not true at all! If you’re thinking about it, but think it’s too hard… don’t let that stop you from trying! Once you get the hang of it, it’s no different from any kind of photography!

Why did you choose camera conversion to achieve infrared photography, instead of filters?

I started with filters. With a filter, you have to use a long exposure and a tripod. This wasn’t always convenient. Sometimes I needed to travel light and couldn’t bring my tripod. Also, I wanted to experiment with taking IR photos of people, my pets, etc. And that was impossible to get that kind of subject to sit still for that amount of time. With the camera conversion, you just point and shoot. No long exposure needed. So I decided to go with camera conversion for the convenience and the ability to experiment with different subjects.

Lake Crabtree IR I by LDFranklin

Could you explain your decision in choosing LifePixel, in particular, for the conversion? For example, why not go to an independent specialist or other companies? Why LifePixel?

LifePixel was the only place I was aware of that would do infrared conversion at the time I was looking to convert my camera.

Could you tell us your experiences with LifePixel. For example, did you have to send your lens or camera in? How long did you have to wait? etc.

I did not send my camera into LifePixel. I chose the “Do It Yourself” option. I bought the IR internal filter for my camera from LifePixel. They mailed it to me. It only took a few days to arrive. I downloaded the conversion instructions from the LifePixel website. And I followed the instructions and replaced the internal filter with the IR filter they sent me.

Thank you LDFranklin for the insight and advice!

Infrared Photography Week + Contest!

Mon Aug 10, 2015, 12:00 AM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:

Infrared Photography

Welcome to the first every Infrared Photography week at projecteducate! With the introduction of the Infrared Photography gallery here on DeviantArt we thought it would be a great time to bring you some tips, tutorials, interviews, features and more to help you get stuck into what the genre has to offer. We also have a contest that will hopefully test and develop your Infrared Photography skills and give you the chance to win some prizes.

What can you expect this week?

Behind the scenes, prominant members of the Infrared Photography community have been working on putting lots of articles together. Be prepared for some fascinating insight, tutorials and tips from Infrared Veterans such as MichiLauke, vw1956 and mIkeschwaRz. Stand by for 3wyl and LDFranklin who are sharing their experiences of Infrared and how to go about getting started and delve into some interviews by Kaz-D with some fabulous Infrared Photographers.

The Contest

We understand that many photographers don't have infrared filters or converted cameras, so we have devised an awesome contest that relies on your editing and post-processing skills instead! All you need is a photo editing software (e.g. Photoshop, Lightroom, Gimp, etc.) with the ability to mix channels. By participating in this contest, we hope you get a taste of infrared photography and the opportunities it provides you, while having some fun and earning some prizes along the way. :la:


:bulletpink: The photographs below are not aesthetically infrared, which is where you come in! Using a photo editing software, edit one photograph below so that it is a complete infrared photograph. Feel free to edit other things such as brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.

1 by mIkeschwaRz by 3wyl 2 by mIkeschwaRz by 3wyl 3 by MichiLauke by 3wyl 4 by MichiLauke by 3wyl 5 By Vw1956 by 3wyl

Many thanks to mIkeschwaRz, MichiLauke and vw1956 for providing these images! These awesome infrared photographers have presented one half of the infrared photographs for you. You have to go the rest of the way by editing the photographs.

:bulletpink: Once you have edited the photograph, upload the photograph to DeviantArt as a Scrap. Please mention the photographer who created the image and link back to this journal in the artist's description/comment.

Submission: Once you have uploaded the edited photograph to your Scraps, send it to projecteducate via note. Make sure that you have read and fulfilled the Guidelines of this contest!

Tip: If you don't know how to edit an infrared photograph, look out for articles this week and check out this simple guide, especially if you have Elements!

Prizes: Three lucky winners will receive a 3 Month Premium Membership! :points: may also be given out! :la:

Deadline: Friday 14th August, Midnight Pacific

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Most of all, have fun! :eager:

DeviantArtist Questionnaire

Fri Aug 7, 2015, 12:00 AM

In honour of DeviantArt's birthday I'm joining in with the DeviantArtist Questionnaire! You can join in too. The questions are listed at the bottom of my questionnaire.
  • How long have you been on DeviantArt?

I've been on DeviantArt for eleven years now. I joined in 2004 but became properly active in 2005. It's just a number by wow has it flown by. The years have merged and blurred and I can't believe it's been this long. Offline I've not been part of anything for as long as this...other than education :D

  • What does your username mean?

It's my nickname ( Kaz which is short of Katy) and the first letter of my surname. I don't know how it came about though, just sort of happened. :D I don't get called Kaz in real life, mostly Katy, Kate or Kathryn courtesy of TouchedD who has 'full named' me since the day we met.

  • Describe yourself in three words.

Loyal, Forgetful, Creative. I used to have this amazing memory especially in my early CV days on DeviantArt and I was able to retain, do, promote, encourage and whatever else without a second thought. I now have a really highly strung job which takes up all available capacity in my memory and takes most of my ability to appear organised online, away. :D

  • Are you left or right handed?

Right handed when writing, eating, doing most things but both handed when playing sports. No idea why!

  • What was your first deviation?

You wont win your war....London- We are still standing
A day that won’t be forgotten,
The whole country has been stilled,
There is emptiness so eerie,
And a space that’s unfulfilled.
They’ve tried to slice our moral,
They tried to instil fear,
But instead they made us stronger,
And fight for what is dear.
We are a Kingdom of survivors,
Just one heart, that shares a tear,
We live to serve the memory
And we wont give in to fear.
Brothers, sisters cousins,
We lost family and friends,
But we have made a choice to not forget,
Their lives and tragic ends.
We had our share of troubles,
But we put them all aside,
Because today we became equals,
And defended ourselves with pride.
This morning people awoke,
To face a beautiful brand new day,
But a cold hearted terrorist,
Came and stole that gift away.  
The moving of the afternoon wind,
Settles the swirling of the dust,
And through dark and empty stations,
We hear the cries for the lost.
But you have not won your war,
You will not succeed, you

I was on DeviantArt before 2005, but I lurked. I was driven to write and create when the London Bombings happened in 2005 (July) and I was on the next train going into London. I had overslept otherwise I would have been on the tube that was directly hit, and probably not alive today. The chaos, stress and memories drove me to write - and brought me to DeviantArt. I sent the poem to radio stations, newspapers, and the mayor of London got hold of it and wrote to me personally about it. It was quite poignant.

  • What is your favourite type of art to create?

I love writing - I'm a photographer these days, and I love that too. But I feel so proud when I can write something that I would want to read, and can then share it with the community. It sounds vain but something I love doing is reading through my old deviations from time to time and getting lost in the words. At one point I ran out of books to read (awful I know) and so I decided to write what I would want to read and then it just stemmed from there.

  • If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

I'd love to be able to be a master at painting, water-colour, oils, whatever. I'd love to be able to do it. I've dabbled but nothing major. My Grandad is an amazing painter, and inspires me to create and always has. When I was young and stayed on the Island where he lived, we painted pebbles from the beach and glued them together to make ducks :aww:.

  • What was your first favourite?

libre 7 by purplelampinabox

  • What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

Photography definitely. Photography is easy to view, a photo can tell so much but one glance can give an impression. These days I'm all about the things that are easy to digest, but I occasionally delve into literature when I know I can give it the time it deserves.

  • Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

There are so many! For literature I would choose LiliWrites - she has inspired me from the moment I stumbled upon her gallery. For Photography I would choose Timothy-Sim. His work is just amazing but not only that, he's an awesome dude who is willing to share and teach what he knows to others.

  • If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

I'd love to meet 3wyl - firstly so I can photograph her wedding :evileye: but secondly because I think we'd have tons to talk about. Then I'd like to meet Mrs-Durden because we talk so much online and it would just be easier to be face to face - and also hosagu to check if he's as super bouncy and enthusiastic in real life as he is in writing ;) There are loads more I'd love to meet so don't be offended if you're not here! (blame the memory...)

  • How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

ScENeYmE taught me how to adjust the white balance/exposure in skies. It was a tiny tip that she probably forgot she told me about by now but it changed how I edited my photographs, made me learn more and ultimately allowed me to expand my work and professional photography. Moonbeam13 has impacted my life because here I am, volunteering in the photography galleries. All those years ago she took my gentle persuasion to take on Abstract and Surreal and ever since, being a member of the volunteer team has given me opportunities, and highlighted artworks that have changed my life. Many others have impacted me, with what they've written or images they have shared. Far too many to name them all. Mrs-Durden keeps me on track and grounded in the moment, she reminds me of stuff I forget and pokes me appropriately now and then. 3wyl - my retired partner in crime in the Photography galleries, we just thought of so much together from groups to contests to projects and together we expanded and embarked on wonderful DA things. Well that's what I think anyway. :) 

  • What are your preferred tools to create art?

Sony D-SLR, tripod and a handful of lenses. UV filter of course and occasionally some props (fishing wire, marbles, orbs for reflection) - and a dog for the long walks!

  • What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

Outside, in a beautiful landscape or in a rainstorm, watching a lightning show or at a public event, by the sea or sitting by a lake - everywhere, the world is my muse. My most inspirational place of all time is the Isle of Wight. You can read more about it in DeviantArt Road Trip: Isle of Wight.

  • What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

Skype calls with ScENeYmE, MyntKat, PurpelBlur, Exillior and more - they were hilarious. I can't pinpoint any one moment or one thing, I just remember the insane feelings of laughter :) 

Your Turn! Don't forget to tag your journal DeviantArtquestionnaire

  • How long have you been on DeviantArt?
  • What does your username mean?
  • Describe yourself in three words.
  • Are you left or right handed?
  • What was your first deviation?
  • What is your favourite type of art to create?
  • If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
  • What was your first favourite?
  • What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
  • Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
  • If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
  • How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
  • What are your preferred tools to create art?
  • What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
  • What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

Skin by Dan Leveille

An Interview with MarcosRodriguez

Wed Aug 5, 2015, 2:00 AM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:

Macro Photography

Meet Marcos - our loveable Macro Photography Community Volunteer who was absolutely made for the job not least because of his talents - but also because his name makes Macro! Marcos is from Galicia which is located in the North-Western area of Spain. He is known on DeviantArt for his passion and insight with regards to Macro Photography and can be found on DeviantArt as MarcosRodriguez.

ID by MarcosRodriguez

The Bio...

I've been working in a car factory since 2012. I fell in love with photography about 7 years ago, when my girlfriend gave me my first digital compact camera. I always did every kind of photography, for me it's a pleasure to take pictures of anything in any situation, my girlfriend sometimes says that I love my camera more than her... (that's not true), but what I like the most is Macro Photography.

The Gear...

Now I have a Nikon D600 as main camera body, I also have a D3000, my first DSLR. My main lenses are a Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 and a Tamron 90mm macro lens. I also have a Nikkor 50mm f1.8 and a Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 for the D3000. Apart from that I have a Kenko extension tubes kit and a Sigma EF 610 flash.

What IS Macro Photography?

Technically a Macro photograph is the one that shows a subject which is life size if compared with the size of a 35mm sensor/film, what ususally is known as a 1:1 ratio aspect. The Macro gallery on DeviantArt is one of a few which is based on a photographic technic not on a subject. We have three subcategories of Macro Photography:

:bulletblue: Macro Human, which are photos that capture features of a human being on a macro level, for example, a single human eye, lips, etc.
:bulletblue: Macro Nature, photos that capture nature on a macro level, as depicted in water droplets or insects.
:bulletblue: Macro Objects, which are photos that capture objects on a macro level, where objects are typically small and inanimate.

Where do you find inspiration for your Macro Photography shots?

Mostly in Nature, what better place than in our garden. On a rainy day I love to search for drops hanging from pieces of moss or leaves.

Autumnia by MarcosRodriguez

Does where you live inspire you to create?

For my Macro photography I usually don't need to go out of home, our garden is very big and full of possibilities to take pictures. But I do love to take my camera with me when I go anywhere.

Sharp by MarcosRodriguez

Any tips or hints for a newbie Macro photographer?

When I started taking Macros I always searched for inanimate subjects. You need to find them as still as possible because you have to focus very close and just a tiny breeze of air can make your subject be out of focus. And of course, practice, practice, practice....!

two by MarcosRodriguez

What's your favourite macro photograph?

UFFFF!! I feared this question!! Sweating a little... There are such a bunch of fantastic pictures in our Macro gallery.... I fear I'm leaving too many great shots out....but these are just a few of my favourites.

Lower Eyelash by SheilaBrinson
Day 3 by Z-Nous
Cellar Spider by BokehLight

Any tips for those water droplet shots?

As I said I love to go out on a rainy day ( sometimes I don't wait till it stops raining ), and try to find those tiny jewels hanging from everywhere. The best hours to do it is early in the morning or late in the afternoon, when the ambient light is a bit softer and there is less wind.

Pear-fect by MarcosRodriguez

How do you capture a shot like this?

valley by MarcosRodriguez
These pieces of moss are great to take good Macros, because they accumulate a lot of drops and they are strong enough not to move with the wind. For this shot I used my macro lens combined with the extension tubes. I also used my flash combined with a DIY flash extender/modifier done with an orange juice package, that helps me illuminate the scene properly.

Thank you Marcos for your fantastic insight!

Creating a Tiny world

Tue Aug 4, 2015, 2:00 AM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:

Macro Photography

DIY: A Tiny World by Rick-TinyWorlds
Many of you may know Rick-TinyWorlds - he has a gallery full of fairytales and magical things. His Photography goes beyond the boundaries of everyday photographs and he even shares with us exactly how he achieves his results.

According to Rick, creating a tiny world is very easy. Here's how you can do it...

"Much like on a big scale a mini water cycle establishes. Water from the dirt vaporizes due sunlight and condensates on the cold glass, coming back down as droplets.

The reason why you don't need to add fresh air is because the plants convert O2 to CO2 during the night. Now when it's daytime again the plant has new CO2 for their photosynthesis. The only thing they need from outside is a bit of sunlight.

Avoid too much sunlight, though - it will cook the plants! Instead place it in a shady spot.
Add very few water in the jar before you close it - I lost some terrariums to mold and moist.
My oldested terrarium so far is now about 6 months old. Never opened, still a fresh and green world.

Oh, and don't place living snails in them - that's only an empty shell in the video :D"

My Rainy Autumn Day by Rick-TinyWorlds

Photography Exposed: Surreal

Mon Aug 3, 2015, 9:00 AM
Photography exposed is a brand new series of articles brought to you by your General Photography Community Volunteers! Kaz-DMrs-Durden and tiganusi are going to be exposing the popular and the not so popular galleries within main Photography gallery here on DeviantArt. For this 7th edition I've chosen to focus on Photography -> Surreal. Surrealism as an Art Genre was a movement that flourished in the early twentieth century and aimed at expressing imaginative dreams and visions which were outside of rational thought and control. When I hear the word 'Surreal' I instantly think of Salvador Dali, an influential surrealist painter, and Jean Cocteau who was considered a master of surrealist film. If you're looking for influential surreal photographers right here on DeviantArt then look no further than lauren-rabbit who has always amazed me with her ability to create outside of the normal realms of thinking. If you want to explore surreal photography and develop your own skills, check out What is Surreal Photography?
Run by moppaa
Winbow by Pierre-Lagarde
The Other Side by MarinaCoric
still by lauren-rabbit
Woodoo Master by gilad
f f by gnato

Previous Installments

Macro Photography - What's On!

Mon Aug 3, 2015, 8:57 AM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:

Macro Photography

This week we have lots of articles for you looking at Macro Photography, what it involves, how to get started and how to make some Macro tools yourself, easily and cheaply! DIY Photography is becoming very popular and we hope to address and deliver some fantastic tips for you. We also have lots of great interviews with some Macro veterans and rising stars which will hopefully provide you with insight and inspiration.

macro by M-MEL
Macro Sewing One. by AlexWelsh


:bulletpink: Getting started with Macro Photography by MarcosRodriguez


:bulletpink: Tiny worlds tutorials by Kaz-D
:bulletpink: An Interview with GrotesqueDarling13 by MarcosRodriguez


:bulletpink: An Interview with MarcosRodriguez by Kaz-D
:bulletpink: Macro Tools by MarcosRodriguez


:bulletpink: Cheap and Cheerful Macro by RockstarVanity
:bulletpink: An Interview with BokehLight by MarcosRodriguez


:bulletpink: DIY and Macro for less by Astrikos
:bulletpink: An interview with SheilaBrinson by MarcosRodriguez


:bulletpink: How I photograph Macro by MarcosRodriguez
:bulletpink: An Interview with Enkased by MarcosRodriguez


:bulletpink: Lightroom and Macro by Astrikos
:bulletpink: An Interview with IndigoSumerr by MarcosRodriguez

macro macro by 2chrisp

Photography Newsletter

Sun Aug 2, 2015, 4:00 AM
This month, silber-englein highlighted a fantastic article that showed most of the CRPhotography team something that we actually didn't know. It happens. But seriously, this was something very simple, easy and important that we had no clue existed. It turns out you can put your name in your camera. This is important on so many levels, but the article that highlighted it was just amazing. A Photographer had $15k worth of gear stolen and because he named his camera he was able to get it back. Find out more here - did you know that this existed??

Let's talk about Drones. In the past few years drones have become more afordable, popular and accessible for many and that has led to an increase in air activity. Drones can capture all sorts of useful footage, they can be used to document journalism or to capture damage to rooves - there are a lot of uses. But what about when they get in the way? Petapixel recently shared an article detailing how drones hampered rescue efforts in the recent California wildfire. You can read more here. What are your thoughts? Are drones more of a hinderance or more of a help? Do you own a drone?

Finally, a hot topic this month over at hq is all about Art Theft. If you haven't joined in already check out the article here. Aside from creating, curating and enjoying Art, the one thing we have in common across the galleries here on DeviantArt is that everything and anthing can be stolen. From digital to traditional, photographic to written. Art Theft is a very real issue. Join the discussion today!

Word of the Month

Format in Photography... Are we talking about the camera format? Or the photography format? Do we talk about the Image sensor format?

The image sensor format represents the shape and size of your sensor, check it out here in this table of Medium format.
This excellent article will give you some useful insight about the topic.

The digital photo file format is meant to describe the quality of your shot recorded on the memory card of your camera. How much photographic information will you wish to store within each of your image files? How much will be thrown away? The three main image file formats are jpeg, raw and tiff. You'll get details and useful information in this article about the different files/formats of photography.

Photographers of the Day

The photographers of the day that have been featured for the past month at CRPhotography are listed below. If you'd like to see yourself featured, or a friend, send us a note!

:iconkrzysztofmarciniak: :iconnightline: :iconpierre-lagarde: :iconmoomookittens: :iconbiocity2: :icondimensionseven: :icontanjamoss: :iconrayi-kun: :iconzelma1: :iconfiorof: :iconone-the-fringe: :iconkmetjurec: :iconfoldedwilderness: :iconsimsalabima: :iconjessicadobbs: :iconaanemoi: :iconvinxibit: :iconhelkathon:

Contests & Challenges

Check out rainylake's 10 x 10 challenge! It's a great chance to get more active in the community and at the same time potentially win some awesome prizes. You have until August 7th!

:bulletblue: Still-Life-Stills
:bulletblue: Abstract-and-Surreal
:bulletblue: CRPhotography

Abstract and Surreal

Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden: & tiganusi

9874 by dreamisdestiny1

This month we said farewell to justanothersomeone so head by his profile and thank him for his time on the team! Please send your Abstract or Surreal photography DD suggestions to the General photography team.

Animals, Plants and Nature

Community Volunteer JenFruzz

No photos! by Lion-Redmich

Check out these 12 Nature photography tips for upping your game. There's some great advice on how to improve as a nature photographer.

JenFruzz has taken up residence at SkyAndNatureClub to bring you APN themed discussions, contests, and more! She is also gathering opinions about the layout of the APN subcategories. Leave your input here!


Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

Blue mosque moon by lostknightkg

It was Architecture month at CRPhotography and Mrs-Durden put together some fantastic interviews. Furthermore, the latest issue of Photography Exposed featured some amazing architecture photographs from DeviantArt.
Artistic Nude

Community Volunteer Nyx-Valentine

*Our Artistic Nude section will often contain something that's Not Safe for Work (NSFW)*
Mrs-Durden has published another edition of The Human Form - an article series which highlights the beauty within the Artistic Nude gallery.


Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

Children are cruel II by SHA-1

Looking for inspiration? Check out thirty awesome conceptual photographs here! :la:


Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

Above it all by spilledpaint

A bizarre new EU Law could mean that you may face legal action for taking photographs of famous landmarks... At the moment, the UK, and several other EU member states, enjoy 'freedom of panorama', which allows pictures of copyrighted works in public spaces, such as the London Eye or the Angel of the North, to be used both privately and for profit (commercially).

However, the proposed changes to EU-wide law would require snappers to obtain permission from the copyright holder, even if the landmark, building or work of art is in the background of a picture. Read more here.


Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

[] * by mehrmeer

Paul Alsop is a darkroom photographer who has made the best out of the materials he had, creating his own camera and even his own Darkroom in a Caravan. He made his own 11 x 11 camera out of mahogany and brass, mixed his own chemicals and converted his garage into a darkroom. Then a 1950s Caravan came up for sale and he realised that becoming mobile and having a darkroom right there...was perfect! It feels a little like something from Breaking Bad... read more here!


Community Volunteer  Queen-Kitty

Searching for a little tenderness by jbfort

This month we have welcomed Queen-Kitty to the volunteer team! She has taken on Fashion Photography and already has her Daily Deviation guidelines up. You can read them here.

Check out Queen-Kitty's latest blog showcasing some Underappreciated works within the photography galleries.

Horror and Macabre

Community Volunteer pullingcandy

C-49 by bassqee

RockstarVanity has finally shared what we've all been waiting for! That Bloody shower tutorial! Ever wondered how she created her amazing inspiring photos?  Wonder no more! Check out the interview for full tips and guidance.

Exodus 7:19 by RockstarVanity


Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

Gustave Eiffel - Glasshouse {Infrared} by ToneeGee

It's Infared Month at CRPhotography. Check out this article to find out more!


Community Volunteer MarcosRodriguez

oo by marrgit

Macro week is coming up at projecteducate and we want you to get involved! For more information and to find out exactly how check out this article. For some Macro inspiration check out MarcosRodriguez's latest Macro Spotlight! Check out Behind The Scenes of Macro Photography by BokehLight.


Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

Aritsugu by SeGnagflow

People and Portraits

Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

Little Big Love by LyraWhite

Check out RockstarVanity's latest edition of Five on Friday. This week she has featured some stunning portraiture photography that was submitted via the group Human-Photography.

Light Stalking have recently shared an article exploring how to get sharper eyes in your portraits. Check out the article for some great tips.

It's wedding photography season - and Image Resource have shared some tips to beat wedding photography anxiety. Check out the article here.

Babies and pets - two of the trickiest moving things to Photograph! We'll work on the pets issue but for now check out these Tips for photographing newborns.

Pinup and Glamour

Community Volunteer DistortedSmile

PinUp Extrordinaire 1 by IAMTOODARKPARK

Some great tips to be found here if you'd like to feel like Marilyn Monroe.

Check out the latest edition of Lush!

Need some inspiration for your next pinup shoot? Here are 11 Classic Pinup Beauties From The Past.


Community Volunteer tanikel

Connection by JARTAS

This last month saw an awesome week of Photojournalism over at projecteducate. There were many insightful and useful articles and we got to learn more about the interesting and contrasting jobs of two of our Photojournalism experts here on DeviantArt. Huge thanks to tanikel and Timothy-Sim for sharing their insights and answering the questions that were asked of them. Thanks also to InayatShah and 1pen for their articles during the week too!

:bulletpink: What IS photojournalism?
:bulletpink: Photojournalism the Easy Way
:bulletpink: Photojournalism Questions and Answers
:bulletpink: An interview with Tanikel
:bulletpink: Basic Photojournalism tips
:bulletpink: Timothy-Sim Journalism insights and more
:bulletpink: Tim Sims fast processing tips in photojournalism
:bulletpink: The Pulitzer Prize Highlights

A recent edition of Photography Exposed focused on Military photography, what it is and some inspiring images to give you ideas about what it involves. Check out the article here.

Still Life

Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

Still Alice by Venesmir

claremanson's baking contest is back! If you've ever browsed her gallery you will see that there are so many tasty treats to aspire to create. So why not create your own??? Check out all of the information here.

If you haven't already met bittykate then where have you been?! Her tasty gallery is there waiting for you to explore it. Check out some of her work in the latest edition of Nom Nom.

Do you need advice on how to shoot food photographs with natural light? Then look no further than this article which gives you advice on how to do just that!


Community Volunteer hosagu

Kagranerplatz by batmantoo

A week was dedicated to street photography at projecteducate with the great participation of awesome and talented photographers: JACAC, IFedorovskaya, Batsceba and ZiaulKareem!
Check out some of these articles:
:bulletred: Let's talk about street baby
:bulletred: Origins of Street Photography and Jazz Music
:bulletred: The Masters: Mr Raymond Depardon
:bulletred: Tips and tricks for handling light and shadows
:bulletred: An Architect on Street
:bulletred: Eduardo Gajeiro - A Portuguese Photographer
:bulletred: Cliche's in Street Photography
:bulletred: The Masters S Leiter and A Fellig Weegee
:bulletred: Lukas Vasilikos, a contemporary street photographer
:bulletred: Gear for street photography
:bulletred: Emerging Talents in Street Photography

Also check out this incredible and beautiful selection of shots dedicated to stripes.

You'll find here a wonderful way of approaching street analog photography in this blog from Pete Davidson.

A must read and very original way of doing street photography with a fish eye lens! Check it out in this awesome article about Willem Jonkers.


Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

Open doors by Attila-Le-Ain

Jonathan Castillo brings a whole new meaning to the term 'Drive By Shooting' with his photo series of people in Los Angeles, sitting in their cars. Most people are oblivious to him and his unqiue set up - read more here.

Earlier this month, the entertainment world was rocked with the news of Amanda Peterson's death and it has been revealed that her last ever photo-shoot featured transportation. For a look at the images click here.

Nathan Fitch uses Transportation for his project taking selfies with strangers. He uses the reflection in car and train windows to capture many of his intriguing images. Check it out here.

Urban and Rural

Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

Cooling Tower C 04 by yanshee

If you're looking for Urban Photography inspiration then People have published a list of some Urban Photographers that you should be following on Instagram.

Educational Articles and Tutorials

We're encouraging you to share your 'hacks' for creating cheaper DIY photography tools or capturing awesome photos with handy hints or tips. Note CRPhotography if you have a 'hack' for next month! There are some other fabulous journals that have recently been posted and focus on educational information...

:bulletblue: Tips for Sports Photography
:bulletblue: 8 DIY smartphone tips
:bulletblue: 13 Exercises for Photographers that can Help Jump-Start Creativity

Photography Articles and News of Note

:bulletred:Frame your subject using natural objects
:bulletred:Best shutter speeds for every situation
:bulletred:The ultimate guide to image resolution
:bulletred:What is autofocus? Your camera’s AF options explained
:bulletred:An explanation of how crop factors and depth of field correlate
:bulletred:5 common mistakes beginners make when they share photos online
:bulletred:Storage for Photographers
:bulletred:How to recover deleted pictures from SD Card
:bulletred:What is Digital Asset Management and why do you need it?
:bulletred:Illuminating the face on location. With Peter Hurley.
:bulletred:Joe McNally explains TTL
:bulletred:Low budget light modifier trick for portrait photography
:bulletred:How to use your tablet or smartphone as a light source for photography
Post Processing
:bulletred:Photo editing for free – Pixls offers tutorials for open source software like Gimp and Darktable
:bulletred:Identify your habits with the analytics Dashboard For Lightroom
:bulletred:Capture One Pro 8 software review
:bulletred:Photoshop CC: 10 things beginners want to know how to do
:bulletred:How to process the Milky Way using Adobe Lightroom CC
:bulletred:The best tricks to reduce Photoshop file size
:bulletred:This tiny 4k camera is the size of a GoPro, is good in low-light, & offers interchangeable lenses
:bulletred:Sigma 24-35 f/2 HSM Art Review
:bulletred:GoPro Hero 4 Session
:bulletred:Review: The Canon 5DSR
:bulletred:AmazonBasics DSLR and Laptop Backpack
:bulletred:The world's first cinematic smartcase
:bulletred:Panasonic announces new Post Focus technology and two new lenses
:bulletred:How I built myself a large format 4×5 monorail view camera
:bulletred:8 DIY smartphone photography hacks for more creative photos
:bulletred:A $6 IKEA storage box makes for a thrifty collapsible laptop sun shade
:bulletred:The 5 minutes, $1.50 reflector and how to use it
:bulletred:DIY: making a simple but elegant leather hand strap for a DSLR
:bulletred:Understanding copyright and licensing for photography
:bulletred:How photographers can protect their copyright
:bulletred:Infographic: when do you need a model release?
:bulletred:Concert photographer, where did your integrity go?

Will you be travelling around this summer? Here are some tips for better shots. While we're discussing travelling and drones, be sure to check out some of these spectacular shots taken with drones for dronestagram.

If you're into wedding photography or would like to get into it, here are some useful articles:
:bulletblue: Post Production Workflow  :pointr: Here you'll find a useful video on the post production workflow photographer Ryan Brenizer uses for his wedding photography.
:bulletblue: Beat wedding shoot anxiety using advice from this interview with Scott Robert Lim.

Do you use watermarks for your photography? Or do you absolutely hate the use of watermarks and think they ruin the quality of images? Join the current debate going on at CRPhotography, here!

Have you ever considered self-suggesting your photography for a Daily Deviation? Mrs-Durden is calling for all photographers with photos within her area (General Photography) to send her self-suggestions! Learn more details about it here

New Equipment and Technology

Sigma dp0 Quattro Camera
Nikon D7200 Body
Olympus SH-2 Camera
Zeiss Batis 25mm f/2 and 85mm f/1.8 for Sony E-Mount
Zeiss Vario-Sonnar 16-35 and 24-70 for Sony Alpha
Manfrotto 190GO! Travel Tripod
Urban Approach 10 Mirrorless Camera Shoulderbag
Datacolor Spider5 Display Calibration Device
Epson Surecolor P800 Full-bleed 17" sheet/roll printer

Hosagu's App of the Month

Polarr is an absolute must have app on both android and ios systems. This is an app for editing your photos. There are plenty apps like these so what makes Polarr unique? Polarr is built using the same web technologies as websites: WebGL. The app was never designed based upon a specific code for ios systems or androids ones. It then means it has the ability to run on any system... Extensions and updates are then not limited.
With features matching many of those in Adobe Systems Lightroom, which sets the standard for photo editing, Polarr lets you tweak color balance, adjust specific colors, fiddle with contrast using tone curves, and a lot more. You can adjust sliders in the iOS version by tilting your phone or tablet to one side or the other, though there's a 16-megapixel file size limit. Polarr is free, with in-app purchases. Have a look on its dedicated website.

Forum Posts

:bulletgreen: Your Favourite Camera
:bulletgreen: Questions about making money!
:bulletgreen: Best camera in your opinion?
:bulletgreen: Photography and the Law
:bulletgreen: Backdrops for photography
:bulletgreen: Need Suggestions on New Camera
:bulletgreen: What is the absolute worst camera you've ever bought?
:bulletgreen: your workflow
:bulletgreen: Freedom of panorama in Europe?

Groups to Check Out!

:iconvenatoreslucis: :icondevpremium: :icondeath-chicks: :iconyoung-photo-club: :iconhuman-photography: :iconbokehlicious: :iconsoftness-art: :iconmodelmayhemmassive: :iconlightinspired: :iconbird-photography: :icondialed-in: :iconode-to-simplicity: :iconda-film-alliance: :iconfashion-show: :iconfashionelite: :iconstand-out-shots: :iconamazinglybeautiful::iconstill-life-stills::iconshopping-for-stock::icongothictemple: :iconblackwhitephotos: :iconbeautiful-bokeh::iconphotographersdream: :iconurban-and-rural: :iconabstract-and-surreal: :iconcommunityrelations: :iconprojecteducate: :iconthrough-a-lens::iconr72: :iconcritique-it: :iconphotography-inc: :iconcasualphotography: :iconphotographyworld: :iconbreathtaking-photos: :icongothictemple: :iconbeautiful-bokeh: :iconwater-dreams: :iconlovely-square-pics: :iconphotographlove: :icondevnews: :icondeviantkitchen:

Contributors this month: daguerreoty-pe, Mrs-Durden, tiganusi, Kaz-D, 3wyl, JenFruzz, silber-englein, MarcosRodriguez & hosagu.

Give me all your Lovin'...

Fri Jul 24, 2015, 1:52 PM
...And all your Daily Deviation suggestions too! I want your DD suggestions - whether they are self suggestions, you're best friends work or a complete strangers art. If it's photography and from one of the categories below then SEND it to me! You never know if you don't try... :)  I've even included ALL of the links below just to make life much easier for you...all you need to do is click and browse, what's hot, what's not, what's popular, what's not - you'll find some gems for sure.

:bulletblack: Abstract and Surreal
:bulletblack: Architecture
:bulletblack: Commercial
:bulletblack: Conceptual
:bulletblack: Darkroom
:bulletblack: Fireworks
:bulletblack: Humour
:bulletblack: Infrared
:bulletblack: Other
:bulletblack: People & Portraits
:bulletblack: Still Life
:bulletblack: Transportation
:bulletblack: Urban and Rural

"Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.”
- Marcus Aurelius


It's been AGES since I wrote a real journal with random pictures, words, and life things. Have you written one lately? Maybe it's time!

So where am I at the moment? I shall tell you. For the past six months or so, whenever I log on, my first stop is projecteducate. I live and breathe, projecteducate. Along with my fellow editing team (which is growing and is awesome) we plot and scheme and plan all sorts of weeks and if we're not running the weeks ourselves you'll often find us proof reading the articles or getting another week up and running and planned. We have Infrared, Macro, Still Life and much more coming up. I urge you to watch projecteducate - want to write an article? Note projecteducate - we want your articles!

Untitled by Kaz-D


A year has passed almost, since I moved into a brand shiny new house with TouchedD. Our bare bones house and garden which was a patch of green and nothing more has sprouted into something with plants, flowers, runner beans and even rhubarb! The house has a fireplace, furnishings, pictures, art and even a sewing box which I have yet to use... We're complete right now with our little bundle of fluff - Maisy the crazy doggeh. 365 days almost and so much has changed and we've come so far.
Untitled by Kaz-D
Untitled by Kaz-D
Untitled by Kaz-D
Untitled by Kaz-D
Untitled by Kaz-D


Maisy keeps us on our toes - we've watched two films together this week. Marley and Me followed by Life of Pi...she looooves the animals...
Untitled by Kaz-D
Untitled by Kaz-D
Untitled by Kaz-D


Last weekend I bought a new car - brand brand new. I never thought I'd get another brand new car but work got me a brilliant discount (corporate perks!) and I now have built in maps, heated seats, cruise control, city steering (which is pointless) and bluetooth! Spotify all the way! Sadly I've been grounded in the office at work due to so much paperwork to do and haven't had the chance to run it around too much....

Untitled by Kaz-DUntitled by Kaz-D


Work..where do I begin! It's also been a year and the longest I've stayed in one place since 2013...I have said it before, but I will say it again, I LOVE it. The only thing that would make it better would be if they funded me through my next degree (Social Work) but I'm going to try for that next year. I've just been given my first Supervisee - which is great experience. I just love it. Being able to go out to someone's home, assess them and make suggestions and changes to better their lives is amazing.

Holibobs and Photogs...

This week I'm on Holiday and I have another wedding to photograph...this time, one of my best friends. Pressure! The hen party was hilarious so I'm expecting big things from the wedding... the Hen party was just made up of women, then we found a bath and THEN all these men walked past having got back from the races (so dressed up) and they launched themselves into the photo...priceless!

Untitled by Kaz-D
Untitled by Kaz-D


My Grandad moved into a nursing home on Tuesday after seven months in hospital... he has just gone from strength to strength in the home and is absolutely having the best time. Short of not being able to walk, everything is amazing...
Untitled by Kaz-D
Untitled by Kaz-D

Serious Business...

And finally, that moment when the photographers stop being the photographers and use the photo-booth....first time ever!

2 by Kaz-D
1 by Kaz-D



 Photography CVs are planning a Still Life Photography education week here at projecteducate and we want you to get involved! We already have lots of lovely people to interview but we're looking for your tutorials, educational bits and pieces and more! Do you have some great tips for capturing the perfect Still Life Photos? Or maybe you have a bit of knowledge of the History of Still life Photography?  Whatever you'd like to write about, providing it relates to Still Life Photography, we want to hear from you! Just send projecteducate a note with your ideas and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Still Life Photography Week - August 31st - September 6th 2015

~ Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden and tiganusi.

Strawberry Brownie Cake by Tiefenschaerfe
Angel by SaikoXIX
One Love by frasbob