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Gallery Descriptions: Still Life Photos

Sun Aug 10, 2014, 11:00 AM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:

Galleries month

There are four sub-categories to the Still Life Photography Gallery here on deviantART. There are plenty of places to categorise your work correctly and if you're not sure where to go then there's always the last resort of the 'Other' Category. For more information check out the Still Life Project Educate Gallery.

Still Life involves attention to detail and careful preparation in setting up various, inanimate subject matters to photograph. Things that are often taken into account are composition, lighting, inclusion of props and more. In this sense, Still Life is very much controlled. The main aspect of Still Life to remember is that nothing living should be within the photograph itself.

Still Life - Cut Flower and Plant Arrangements

Two main types of Still Life Cut Flower & Plant Arrangement exist on DeviantART - some follow the Traditional 'Still Life' set-up with classic tones, props and backgrounds. Others are more modern and often use Photoshop Actions to create soft tones and/or vibrant colours. It's important not to confuse this category with live plants (plants still attached to branches/trees, etc.) as these belong in the Animals, Plants and Nature Gallery. As the Gallery states, only cut flowers and plant arrangements are allowed.

Lunch in the field by Daykiney
pocket garden by akthuro

Still Life - Dolls and Figures

Photographs of inanimate dolls and figures that are often small in size. They are quite popular and often used to play with, design, dress and indeed photograph. Figures can involve ornaments, trinkets and popular characters like 'Danbo'.

April Showers by IcarusLoveMedley
Danbo Is Home by Lady-Tori

Still Life - Food and Drink

Food & Drink Photographs consist of food items, drinks and the objects usually associated with them in an arrangement. These objects can include utensils, cookware everyday objects such as cut flowers, and more. An important element of Still Life Food & Drink Photography is that the items associated with the food and drink subjects complement them to form a complete arrangement.

Mojito Lime Cupcakes by theresahelmer

Still Life - Other

The 'Other' Gallery feature objects and miscellaneous items that do not belong in the aforementioned categories, such as books, shoes, jars, pencils, toys, timepieces, baubles, kitchenware, instruments, and other objects that have no 'life' to them and are not animated.

Melodies on white keys by vampire-zombie


Galleries month

Conceptual Photography is a genre in which the photographer attempts to illustrate a specific concept or idea to convey a message. Some Conceptual photographs are seemingly captured with luck or spontaneity, but, for the most part, Conceptual photographs are created carefully and strategically - deliberately. There are many ways of achieving Conceptual photographs without the use of manipulation. The featured piece below is one of the most popular Conceptual photographs on DeviantART which perfectly sums up the genre. For further educational articles check out the  Conceptual Gallery at projecteducate

It's Just a Game by IbrahimAlrabeh

Portraiture - Humans to Animals

Fri Aug 8, 2014, 12:00 PM

"A good quality camera will help you produce good results, but in the end it's you who will make a photograph, not the camera."

Portraiture is no exception to the above musings, it's less about the right lighting and expensive equipment and much more about the subject you are photographing and how you interact with them. People photography is becoming more and more popular with people booking photographers to expand on their modelling portfolio, capture a newborn in the family or preserve some precious memories of many generations. But what about animals? Pet Photography is also becoming widely popular and there are many hints and tips that apply to capturing humans that you can also use when capturing someone's beloved pet (even your own!)


If you've been asked to shoot outdoors, which is generally preferable for capturing pets, then find out where their favourite location is. It might be a favoured walk or just a spot in the garden. If you're a stranger to the animal you need them to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible in their natural environment - same goes for people too!

Welcoming HOLIDAYS! by aussiefoto
Natalie [01] by beethy

Check that your background works well with the subject in front of you. Often bright backgrounds and white animals don't go, as is the same with fair skinned and fair haired people. You can utilise the sun as much as possible to work with your model but often it can be a bit too much. Make the most of then Architecture that you find around you such as archways, bridges, even walls. You can mix it up with wide angle shots and close ups - just make sure that you don't lose your subject in the surroundings around you. If you do find that you've lost a bit of the purpose of your photoshoot, you can use post processing techniques such as selective colouring, saturation or tone adjustment to highlight your model.

The Guard of Gors Fawr by Gaia-Illustrations
inside and outside the quiet o by LonelyPierot

"Develop your people skills and learn how to communicate with your subject..."


Often you can use natural light to enhance your photographs, but particularly when shooting inside it can be important to use something else. Evenings can filter some dull light and mornings can often be a bit slow to get started so consider using artificial light to boost your photographs here and there. Using only one light source can be the key to making your portrait look natural. Using a reflector to bounce light is also really useful and you can even make home made ones with this tutorial.Using a flash gun is definitely useful particularly when capturing people or subjects at events and there isn't time to properly set up lighting.

Citadella by Wordup

For natural looking shots when using a flash gun, try keeping to around 2 stops under the metered exposure that you set and make use of back-lighting to enhance a subjects outline and hair... or fur! 

The Golden Ratio...

This is something that was defined by the number Phi (1.618) which is used for all sorts of things such as building pyramids or creating compositions in photography. It's also known as the divine proportion, think rule of thirds but a little more in depth and thoughtful!

The above image shows how the ratio works and that by composing a photograph with the subject to the left or right of the frame it's possible to divide an image into three triangles of similar proportions and therefore the bits where they intersect fall upon rather prominent points. What's even better about this concept is that you can automatically turn the guide on when you're cropping your work in Lightroom. Just press the O button once you've clicked crop and the guide will appear like below..

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 18.31.14 by Kaz-D

If you use something a little more basic then Coral Painter X features the divine proportion tool and allows you to arrange your work according to the rules. Photoshop even has plug-ins available which can also be useful.


Preparing to take a shot, specifically of animals in particular, can help. If you're going to photograph something that's a little difficult to encourage to stay still then practice! Many of us have access to birds in the garden, animals out in the wild and so on that we can use to try and develop our skills. Operating your camera should be second nature before you start building up a portfolio of different kinds of subjects, wriggly or not! 

Flying Puppies by Witch-Dr-Tim
Flying kids from Brunei by anthonyasael


Galleries month

It's vital that you categorise your work on deviantART correctly in order for it to get the proper recognition it deserves and in order for you to know what you're talking about when creating art! Abstract and Surreal Photography here on deviantART can be one of those vague areas that people don't know enough about to venture into. Abstract Photography in particular is wildly misunderstood and under-appreciated at times. Hopefully this article can highlight some of the positive aspects about both Art Genres and help you categorise your work correctly in future....

Abstract Photography

Abstract Photography uses forms, colors and patterns to create a non-figurative image without reference to the actual world. On its own, this description can be incredibly vague, so below are some examples of correctly categorised Abstract Photography. Additionally, you may find that your work overlaps into more than one category. Architecture can often be Abstract and therefore it's best to choose the category you think explains your work in the best way. Check out the Abstract Photography gallery here at projecteducate for some helpful articles.

Tunnel Illusion by DrewHopper
Lost in the Greyness by scheinbar
Geometric Appeal by Einsilbig

Surreal Photography

Surreal Photography often crosses over into elements of Abstract Photography which is why the two are classed together. However, there is a difference: Surreal Photography involves taking actual subjects on an 'other-worldly' level which can involve dreamlike or fantasy scenes. Confused? It can be confusing! There are some examples below to highlight what Surreal Photography is. You can also check out the Surreal Photography gallery here at projecteducate for some helpful articles.

/ by RonnyEngelmann
Deuil by tuminka
Rain Man2 by lomatic

Urban and Rural Photography

Thu Aug 7, 2014, 7:00 AM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:

Galleries month

The Urban and Rural Photography Gallery here on DeviantART has several sub-categories which can be explored in order to promote and expose your work in the best way. There's a folder within the projecteducate gallery that already includes some Urban and Rural Photography information and we hope to bring you another PE week towards the end of the year focused entirely on this area. For more info visit this folder.

City Life

Photographs of specific urban and rural areas, life in those areas, skylines and urban exploration.

...praha XXXI... by roblfc1892

Cityscapes and Skylines

Photographs of skylines and (parts of) neighborhoods, such as skylines, city blocks and aerial photos of urban areas.

The bright colors of China by Tori-Tolkacheva
Salt Lake City Night by DezRay6

Country Life

These include photographs of the typical life on the countryside, including market stalls, farmers, rural business and everyday scenes typical to the area. Occasionally you can again find crossovers between this gallery and Animals, Plants and Nature particularly if people are photographing sheep on farms and so on.

Old Fence by RalfPfaarPhotography

Gardens, Parks and Cemeteries

Photographs of public and private gardens, parks, cemeteries and memorial sites are found within this gallery. Sometimes you may find crossovers between this gallery and Architecture particularly with reference cemetries as sometimes memorial stones and so on can be considered architecture too.

Clear my Mind by xChristina27x


Photographs of industrial structures and areas such as power plants, industrial parks, and refineries.
Gasometer by thebrokenview


Urbex is the shorter more common term used to described Urban Exploration. Urban exploration involves places that are usually out of reach; places that are no longer in operation, wasted, ruined or abandoned.

hope by PatiMakowska


As always, use this category as a last resort and consider whether your work fits better into any of the other categories first. It's always best to use the categories on deviantART appropriately to gain you the best exposure for your creations!

Don't forget to enter the Miscat Super-Hero Contest this month to be in with a chance of winning some deviantART goodies including points and money to spend in the prints store!

My DeviantART Story

Thu Aug 7, 2014, 5:53 AM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:

We come to DeviantART for many reasons, accidentally or on purpose. Here's mine... When I first joined DeviantART just over ten years ago, I simply filled in the sign up details and clicked a few buttons and forgot about it. I was pointed to DeviantART by a friend in America who was actually using the site in her art classes as part of their work. I wasn't sure how DeviantART would work for me. Then the July London bombings happened a year later and I was caught up in it, but luckily one train behind all of the action.

tube by Ben-Kelevra

I managed to safely relocate myself and make the journey back home amidst security checks, police searches, frightened passengers and confused people. Not least my parents who were unable to make contact with me because the phone networks were jammed. Unsure of my emotions, I decided to write about it and it was then that I realised I wanted a platform to launch such writing from. I logged back into DeviantART and headed to the Shoutbox (fond memories!) where I found someone else to talk to who also shared me disbelief at what had happened and whom had lost a friend in the bombings that very same day. It was from this moment that I launched my writing on DeviantART and things progressed from there, naturally taking a turn into the Photographic world where I find myself firmly and happily immersed today.

London Bus Blast by JamesBardolph

I've chosen some of these artworks because they are relevant to my story, but some also because they are what have inspired me over the years to keep going. DeviantART is full of inspiration, we come here for many reasons, some happy and some sad, but ultimately I believe we share a smile during our journey.

the seasons. by M0THart
Tree by SaintEagle
Weather by ploftdk

Architectural Photography

Thu Aug 7, 2014, 12:00 AM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:

Galleries month

The Architecture Photography gallery which can be found here on DeviantART is full of beautiful structures, man-made creations and details. There are often crossovers between some of the Architecture works found here and some located within the Abstract and Surreal galleries and again this demonstrates how Art can fit into so many categories at any one time. Here we hope to highlight the true descriptions of the Gallery and it's sub-categories. As always if you have any questions, ask away in the comments.

Bridges and Suspended Structures

Deviations that belong in this gallery are photographs where the focus is a bridge or a built architectural structure. It can be a close up of part of a bridge, or a complete shot encompassing the whole creation. Often, photographs found within this gallery could also cross over into galleries such as Animals Plants and Nature - Weather, due to the amazing shots you sometimes see of the Golden Gate Bridge and so on.

View on the bridge III by EmilStojek
angel's neighborhood III by VaggelisFragiadakis


This sub-category came about in February 2013 and an article published by AnaNaszynska explains more which can be foundhere. Deviations submitted into this gallery are photographs of architectural details, close-ups, fragments, or facades that do not fully express neither an interior or an exterior of a building or structure.

Curves by zuckerblau
bibliothek 3 by Ivan-Suta


This gallery is quite straight forward and features photographs where the focus is the exterior of a building or any finished architectural object.

perspective by arbebuk
Holocaust Memorial by MatthiasHaltenhof


Again, similar to Exterior this is quite straight forward and includes photographs focusing on the architecture of an enclosed space within a building.

Opera de Paris II by IsacGoulart
Going up ... by JACAC

Statues and Monuments

Deviations within this gallery include photographs of statues monuments, and mortuary stones.

Wolf Statue from Siena by WhiteSpiritWolf
Stonehenge by xMEGALOPOLISx


This category is for use as a last resort if you really feel that your work wouldn't fit into any of the others. Use this category when you've thought hard about whether you could use any of the others - it often features close ups of stone work.

Don't forget to enter the Miscat Super-Hero Contest this month to be in with a chance of winning some deviantART goodies including points and money to spend in the prints store!


Galleries month

Humorous Photography

The Humorous Photography Gallery is often misinterpreted and wrongly used. Lack of understanding, need for convenience and other things do not disregard the fact that if you take the time to properly categorise your photographs, you, as well as the community, will benefit. Remember your Community Volunteers do not give Daily Deviations to miscategorised pieces - not unless there's a clear idea that the piece can fit into more than one category. With that in mind, let's define Humorous!

"Photographs with a primary purpose for humor; to make the viewer laugh. This includes satire, physical humor and funny situations."

Below is a hugely popular 'Humorous' piece here on DeviantART that perfectly illustrates the true definition of the gallery.

:Enjoy_your_breakfast_ by nocturnalMoTH

The piece below is a more recent humorous piece. Humour is, of course, subjective. Our senses of humor vary between cultures, languages, religions and so on. But, in general, these are good examples of what you can find and should place in the Humorous Photography Gallery. No digital art or manipulations please!

My Cat Sleeps/Thinks/Dreams???I don't know by Lars004

Photography - Other

'Other' sub-galleries appear in many galleries on DeviantART which can be useful but, again, are often misinterpreted and wrongly used as a result of laziness, misunderstanding, etc.. We hope that promoting the descriptions of every Photography gallery on DeviantART will help reduce the useage of the 'Other' Photography Gallery. Nevertheless, as a last resort, if you really feel that your photograph does not fit anywhere else after you have thoroughly considered the Photography sub-galleries to determine where your photograph should go, you can place it here. For example, the image below is a popular capture with a fantastic concept, but there is no obvious place where the piece belongs.

I blew 'em up with love. by TinySkye

Don't forget to enter the Miscat Super-Hero Contest this month to be in with a chance of winning some deviantART goodies including points and money to spend in the prints store!


Galleries month

Due to the nature of some of the sub-galleries of People & Portrait Photography this article includes some images that are of Mature Content. Please ensure that your mature content filter is switched on if you do not wish to view these.
Today we're bringing you all things People and Portraiture! This article is a main overview of the People and Portrait galleries but stay tuned for later on today when you'll get more articles focusing on Artistic Nude, Pinup and Glamour. For more educational articles focusing on People and Portrait Photography check out the Gallery.

Classic Portraits

Photographs of people in traditional pose are often formal, refined and restrained in style while a plain and simple background is a popular feature for a Classic Portrait.

Dina Asimo by cbyn


 People appear as the character in Cosplay Portraiture, notably dressed as the character in costume, hair, make-up, etc.. The Cosplay gallery tends to sport the latest trend in characters that are often popular and well-known.

Dinglehopper by Ryoko-demon
Elsa and Jack Frost by LilSophie

Emotive Portraits

Emotive Portraits show an artistic insight into either the subject's or the photographer's life and personality through the subject. Focus usually centres on the face which captures and expresses a feeling of emotion. Although emotive Portraits focus on internal elements rather than external elements, Emotive and Expressive Portraiture are very similar and often overlap with each other.

L o v e by annikenhannevik
D473 by miobi

Expressive Portraits

Expressive Portraits primarily use the human form and overall environment to achieve expression in communicating an idea, emotion or concept. Focus usually centres on the model's stance, background and external elements.

Marina by BubbleguN-oo

Fashion Portraits

Photographs designed to display clothes and accessories for personal, portfolio or editorial use are Fashion Portraits. Emphasis is not only placed on clothes and accessories, but also the atmosphere and theme. Fashion Photography and Pin-Up Photography often overlap, thereby leaving the categorisation of your image up to you depending on whether the piece shows traits of either area.

Alone. Didone. #01 by AleLaTriller
In love with 50s by Anna-Marine

Fetish Portraits

Fetish Portraits centres around a theme of sexual desire and sexuality as well as alternative lifestyles, focusing on particular objects, items of clothing, parts of the body, etc.. Artistic Nude Portraiture can be included in Fetish Portraits if the piece has fetish themes.

Locked by armene
Sinful by NurseDVita

Infants and Children

Although photographs can involve family members and/or friends posing with infants and children, infants and children are the primary focus of this category. The category is commonly used for posed, newborn photographs.

blue birds. by CaitlinWorthington


'Other' is for portraiture that does not fit into the other categories in the People & Portraits Gallery. Consider the other sub-galleries before you choose this one. If you do have queries about where your photograph should go, please don't hesitate to contact the current General Photography Community Volunteers.

Not another smoke Harold by ennil

Self Portraits

Photographs where the photographer is also the model. Self-Portraits may include yourself only, you with friends and/or other models, etc.. To categorise your work in this area, you as the Photographer must have taken the photograph and be featured in the photograph.

106 by kosmodisk
pepitas. by Senju-HiMe

Spontaneous Portraits

People or portraiture photography that is spontaneous, unexpected and not posed, demonstrating an artful rendering of a well-captured moment. People within the frame must be caught unaware and in the moment. Spontaneous Portraits often overlaps with other sub-galleries, for example, there could be a spontaneous, emotive photograph. If this is the case, you should choose which proportion of the image is represented the most and place your photograph respectively.

you are my high by ciuky
At the same time, our thoughts elsewhere by hidlight

Wedding Portraits

Miscategorisation often exists between People & Portraits -> Weddings and Photojournalism -> Weddings. The People & Portraits -> Wedding sub-gallery consists of photographs that centre on the person or people, as set-up and planned with the photographer's intervention. If you are still confused, consider the purpose of your photograph and the content. Portraits of people (this can include wedding guests) and emotive, wedding portraiture are likely to be categorised in People & Portraits while wedding objects, iconic people and documentary photographs belong in Photo-Journalism.

wed by Hudyakov
Maria by cocainacola

Don't forget to enter the Miscat Super-Hero Contest this month to be in with a chance of winning some deviantART goodies including points and money to spend in the prints store!

Nom Nom 76# Crayfish

Mon Aug 4, 2014, 11:00 AM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:

Galleries month


Just a few days left to enter! So don't delay!

This month at projecteducate a group of Community Volunteers have worked hard to create gallery description articles for almost every Gallery here on DeviantART. Throughout August we will be bringing you these articles covering the definitions of galleries from Photography to Photo-manipulation, Artisan Crafts to Digital Dolls. If you have any questions about where to submit your work here on DeviantART then this month will be your chance to ask. Just head over to projecteducate, send us a note or comment on one of the articles as and when they are posted.

A whole month of articles at projecteducate deserves a celebratory contest, so we're going to host one that will hopefully get your creative juices flowing! Since the aim of this month is to reduce mis-cats and help deviants re-classify their work correctly, we thought that a fitting them would be …

The "Miscat Superhero" Contest!

Read on for more information!

The Theme

The theme is to create your own Miscat Superhero!

This is open to several galleries on DeviantART including the following:

  • Digital Art
  • Customization (Emotes!)
  • Traditional Art
  • Photography
  • Artisan Crafts

You can create your superhero using Muro if you wish, just ensure that your work is uploaded to deviantART.

To give you some ideas, especially the photographers, have you got a DeviantART Fella Mascot? You could easily dress him up creatively as a superhero - even turn your beloved pet or little brother into a miscat superhero! Miscats are Mis-categorised pieces of work here on DeviantART. They are works that have been submitted to the wrong gallery.

The idea of a Miscat Superhero is to have someone who can fight those pesky miscats! They may have a secret power, they may be you in digital art form, the possibilities are pretty much endless.

How to Enter?

  • Submit your piece to DeviantART.
  • NAME your super hero!
  • Ensure you include a link to this contest article in your artist comments.
  • Join projecteducate by clicking the 'Join Group' button on the front page
  • Head over to this folder at projecteducate and submit your work!

Please allow some time for your submission to be approved, if your submission hasn't been accepted within 3 days please send the group a note.
Remember, work must be your own and all used stock must be credited.
It must be correctly categorised in the poper gallery, after all the miscat super hero should not be a miscat himself ;)
There can only be one entry per person!


1st Place

2000 DeviantART points
1 Year subscription
$20 to spend in the DeviantART prints store

2nd Place

1000 DeviantART points
6 month subscription

3rd Place

500 DeviantART points
3 month subscription


We have a great panel of judges to work through your entries when the contest ends. Huge thanks to the following for their help:

:icon3wyl: :iconkaz-d: :iconlyricanna: :iconkovowolf: :icondistortedsmile:


The contest opens today!

And it will end on the 31st August 2014 at 12AM PST.

Judging will take place in the week after the contest ends and results will be announced by the 7th September 2014.

Good luck!

Artists Toolbox - Get Involved!

Thu Jul 31, 2014, 12:00 PM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:

Get Involved!

Our 'Artists Toolbox' weeks have been hugely successful in the past but with the schedule fast filling up at projecteducate we've decided we don't need to wait for a whole week before bringing you some awesome articles! With that in mind we're encouraging you to get involved. You can check out what we covered in the last week here.

What's the idea?

The idea is that we bring a series of Art Tool themed articles to your inbox's to update you on what's out there, what the best tools are for the trade (in our humble opinions) and how to use them. It's educational, but in a different way to our usual projects.

What do I need to do?

To get involved just send your idea via note to projecteducate. The aim of writing an article is to try and include examples both in words and visuals to illustrate to your reader what you are sharing with them. Articles can be lengthy or they can be fairly short. Don't forget we also have our Handy Hints and Tips Blog Series if you feel you'd like to write a short, concise blog on a certain topic. Here are just a few example below of some of our Artists Tools blogs...

Artist's Toolbox: Acid Dyeing (Shibori)Artist's Toolbox
Shibori is an ancient technique which essentially refers to dyeing and shaping fabric with a multitude of techniques involving "resists" - basically tying, stitching, capping, clamping, etc. the fabric, to allow dye to get only to particular areas of the fiber. Although shibori is not only done with acid dyes, I use acid dyes in my shibori work, so that's what I'll be talking about in this article! Hope you enjoy!
The process of acid dyeing silks and wool can yield beautiful results, but it can be tricky to figure out exactly how to get a particular 'pattern' with dye due to it's rather spontaneous nature. For some, letting the dye do as it pleases will produce their favorite results, but there are times when we need to restrict the dye at least a little bit. In order to do either of these types of dyeing, tools are a necessity!

A stitched 'pattern' on silk noil, called 'mokume

PE: ARTIST TOOLBOX: Water-based Media!Waterbased Media!
I love water-based media! What is “waterbased media” you say? Well that would be any kind of water-soluble ink or paint! There are many advantages to working with water-based media, the main one being that many water-based paints and inks are not extremely dangerous to work with (in comparison to oils which are not good to get on your hands people…wear gloves!), there is no need for special clean up or a specific work environment (on that note, please PLEASE do not paint with oils in your living room).  Another advantage to working with water-based media is quick drying times. This is a pro especially if you do illustrative works. A third pro to water-based media is that they are somewhat cost effective for us starving artists. Here are some types of water-based media: watercolor, ink, latex paint, and acrylic paint. My favorite type of water-based media is watercolor. Tip: you don’t need t

Artists' Toolbox: Shading and Highlighting in GIMPHello!
Today we're are going to review (and hopefully learn) how shading and highlighting can be extremely easy and give your work a distinct look depending on technique. This is focusing on using GIMP, but Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai have equivalent tools.
As some may know GIMP is a free and legal image editing program (I say image because the the full name is GNU Image Manipulation Program). It was not necessarily made for painting, but neither was the hair that was first used to make a paintbrush. ;) Despite that however, you can find brilliant ways to make your work stand out. You can check out the web site here
We have two techniques that use specific tools we can use that will each give your work a different appearance:
1. Shading and highlighting with the ink tool
2. Shading and highlighting with the paint brush

Using the ink tool can give you control over line thickness and clean edges

July Photography Daily Deviations

Thu Jul 31, 2014, 7:00 AM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:

  Here's the July roundup of all the photography daily deviations that I awarded throughout the month of July! There were some fabulous suggestions this month - keep them coming. Don't forget that both 3wyl and I are your General Photography CVs which means we cover all of the Photography galleries that don't have a specific community volunteer. 

I will always remember you by cloduy
1131 by kleineaster
Forever and always by Marloeshi
Calvary by eDDie-TK
As Words Take Flight by TheFoxAndTheRaven
Certain things.. by Khomenko
Fast Rope 2 by Natures-Studio
lift by DanOstergren
Runaway by myraincheck
shackled by Anna1Anna
M- 01 by atelier-de-figueline
Coalescence by jarodkearney
Navia Nama Anele by Anhen
The Dead Bride by surenabf
The Immortal Connection II/III by xBassxHarmingx
Night Coffee by MadalinaRoman
2012-31 by SmallFly
Firework by vinayan
Horse-fly by GreGa18
Detective Office by PoisonedHamster
self 4 by Nazrin-Polad
Small heart big love by aleexdee
lakeside serenity2 by piesong
love hate by a-b-n
- Diamonds - by S-Patriot
Wonder Part 3 by Roses-to-Ashes
St. Michael's Fireworks - July 4th, 2014 by linde-lazer
Father and Son by WTek79
Searching for Nectar by CaveCanem42
Light and Water 2 by Chulainn


Community, Respect, Excellence, Artists, Trust, Empower.


Your deviantART hub for all things Photographic!

Community Groups

:iconcrphotography: :iconcommunityrelations:

Please join me in congratulating ABXeye for his recent publication of a photography book called 'The sun under the shade.' Not only has ABXeye created this portraiture series to support a good cause but furthermore he is donating a significant amount for each sale of his book to the UTSS Education Scholarship Fund (ESF). You can read more about this cause and the history behind the creation of the portraiture series by visiting his journal here. Ebrahim can also be found on Facebook and the book can be purchased here. Congratulations ABXeye!

The Sun Under Shade 02 by ABXeye


More 'Hot off the Press!' announcements...

:bulletblack:ChewedKandi is in Print!
:bulletblack:Charlene Mattson is in Print!
:bulletblack:A Brave Unbodied Scheme
:bulletblack:Reaper-X is published!
Have you recently been published? Let us know by sending Kaz-D a note!


Community, Respect, Excellence, Artists, Trust, Empower.


Your deviantART hub for all things Photographic!

Community Groups

:iconcrphotography: :iconcommunityrelations:

Handy Hints and Tips!

Tue Jul 29, 2014, 12:00 PM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:

Get Involved!

As always projecteducate is ever evolving and developing new ways to allow Deviants to get involved whilst not having to tackle the (sometimes daunting!) task of writing a full length article, or taking on a whole seven days of Education! Therefore the Handy Hints & Tips Blog Series began a few months ago and we're reminding you again that it exists and encouraging you to get involved! Existing Hints and Tips articles can be found within the galleries located here.

What's the Idea?
Some of us love reading long articles, but many of us prefer to be able to read something short, concise and to the point perhaps including an image to illustrate the point - but nothing more. So the idea is that members of the Community Volunteer team and of the wider deviantART Community (YOU!) can start blogging a handy hint or tip related to Art or deviantART, via our blog. Check out the examples at the bottom of this article for more info...

How can I get involved?
All you need to do is note the projecteducate group with your Hint or Tip! This is so that we can be sure we don't have any double-posting going on and we'll always work with you to adapt your idea if someone else has proposed it already. Once you and the team are happy with everything, we'll invite you into the group as a contributor, help you access the journal skin and you can go ahead and post! It's that simple. :) (Smile)

What about normal Project Educate Weeks?
These won't be affected at all. We'll encourage everyone to look at the projecteducate Schedule before posting their blog to ensure they don't post in the middle of someone's week! Alternatively though, if your 'Hint or Tip' is relevant to an upcoming PE week then why not wait and negotiate a slot in the schedule to post it then?! If you need an idea of how it might work, check out the examples below!

Hints and Tips #3 : Paths in GIMPHints & Tips is a new series of articles here at #projecteducate designed to bring you short, concise articles that give you some great artistic advice. To check out previous articles in the series follow this link. If you want to write an article, note #projecteducate
First of all, I plan for this information to be for those fairly new to GIMP. Some folks who have been using it for years will find it inane and obvious, but really those who have GIMP as their first digital art/editing program will most likely not know these things. Feel free to read though if you wanna say "Pfft, I knew that" throughout.


First of all, most people either don't know or forget that almost everything you need can be found in the Windows drop down menu. You can find all your dockable dialog boxes there and all their features will open u

Hints and Tips #1Hello and welcome to the first instalments of 'Hints & Tips' and 
I hope these short and simple Tutorials will help boost and
inspire YOU to learn and create your own works in the many 
forms and mediums that you may work in.
SO... The first Hint/Tip is -
(lumpy or uneven surface)

1- The warped painting
2 - Turn the painting around and cover the back
with plenty of water from corner to corner
3- Place in a large hardback book between blank pages
4- Close the book and place something heavy on it and wait 
30 to 50 minutes so that the pages absorb the moisture
5- You open the book and the painting is flat

=to show that it doesn't remove paint, here is the finished piece=
I hope this helps
Bye :wave:

CRphotography needs YOU!

Tue Jul 29, 2014, 10:00 AM
As a central base for anyone and everyone who enjoys Photography, CRPhotography is always expanding and looking at taking on new volunteers to help out with various roles within the group. Below is a list of the sorts of things that we are looking for, if anything takes your fancy then please do get in touch. If any of these positions sounds attractive to you, please note the group with the following:

Subject: Application

Position: [copy/paste here one (or more) of the positions available above]

Why are you interested in this position and/or helping out CRPhotography?

What do you think you can bring to CRPhotography?

Do you have Skype? We have a skype group for typing/communicating

Name one photography discussion, tutorial, troubleshooting issue, topic etc. that we could tackle.

  • Targeted Comments Blog

    The idea of a targeted comment blog is that people can drop by with a piece of work and comment with it and some questions they'd like answered regarding how to progress or improve it. We need a team of people to regularly comment on the pieces that people have been asking for feedback on. You can find the current blog here to give you an idea. If you take on this role we would expect you to provide 1 -2 targeted comments per week.
  • Writing photography editorials/tutorials/informative blogs [once a month]

    We like to blog about specific topics and rather than flood you with constant blogs, pick a select few here and there. Some recent examples include Urbex and the latest All Snapped Up. If you've got an idea for a regular series of blogs that you'd like to contribute, then please let us know! In particular we'd like someone to blog a selection of our gallery entries each month, or do a contests, challenges and projects roundup each month.
  • Gallery Helpers

    We're looking for people to help out with choosing exemplar works for our galleries here at CRPhotography. We're looking to cover these categories: Architecture ~ Commercial ~ Conceptual ~ Fireworks ~ Horror & Macabre ~ People and Portraits ~ Street ~ Urban and Rural and Other. You will be required to do the following:

    Bullet; Blue Two photographs from your chosen category must be submitted into the appropriate folder every week.

    Bullet; Blue You are free to submit any and every kind of photograph on top of the two photographs that you are required to submit. However, only five photographs are allowed to be submitted to each folder, per week.
  • Chat Event Volunteers

    If you love Photography but also enjoy the deviantART chatrooms here on the website then this could be the role for you! We're looking for people to help run our monthly chat events. You need to have some knowledge of basic chatroom commands and be confident typing to a group of people! We host critique nights and games nights so having an interest in either or both would be useful.

Huge congratulations are extended to Reaper-X who has just published his very own first book featuring his Street Photography. It's called 'Nouns (of the Person and Place variety) and can be purchased from here or from here (for Australians!) Check out the 15 page preview here to see exactly what the book involves and some of Oslo's excellent captures. Well done Reaper-X!


More 'Hot off the Press!' announcements...

:bulletblack:ChewedKandi is in Print!
:bulletblack:Charlene Mattson is in Print!
:bulletblack:A Brave Unbodied Scheme
Have you recently been published? Let us know by sending Kaz-D a note!


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Your deviantART hub for all things Photographic!

Community Groups

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Project Educate News

We had a good handful of interesting entries to the Classic Captures Portraiture Contest which was designed to encourage people to explore one of the sub-galleries of the People and Portraits Photography gallery here on DeviantART. The idea was to use some of the tips you learned during the Project Educate week to capture a classic portrait. The theme had to follow the idea of Classic Portraiture which can be defined as follows...
"Photographs of people in traditional pose are often formal, refined and restrained in style while a plain and simple background is a popular feature for a Classic Portrait."

We had some great entries which can be found here and without further ado - here are the results!

1st Place

Tom's Urban Adventure by Pierre-Lagarde
By Pierre-Lagarde
Winning: 6 month sub + 100 points

2nd Place

rebloom by kerrybush
By kerrybush
Winning: 3 month sub + 50 points

A decade of Deviance

Mon Jul 28, 2014, 1:25 PM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:

So with everything going on, it's easy to lose sight of the milestones as they whoosh past (bit like deadlines really!) and there's so much going on in my life right now. I start moving into a brand shiny new house on Thursday with TouchedD - tomorrow marks our two year anniversary together so it all seems to be coming together all at once. I got my degree last week and finished uni officially forever (although we all know that's not true really!)...Next Tuesday I walk into a brand new managerial job :noes: which is kinda scary really, so is the salary (but awesome at the same time...) and today I have been on DeviantART for ten whole years. TEN. Wow. The last four of those almost to the day, have been as a Community Volunteer.

Time flies and oh how so much has changed since I first logged on ten years ago as a slightly troubled teen who annoyed the hell out of people in the Shoutbox. I came here as a writer, and will likely walk out one day as a Photographer (I'm not going anywhere right now I'm just thinking that the internet connection in the nursing home will be crap...) Things have changed so much around here and yet not really, when you think about it. The old faces are here, the old feelings are here and I still remember what attracted me to deviantART and what has kept me here throughout the good and bad times - Community. There are watchers that have been here since the beginning, and some who have joined just a week ago - the support regardless of how long you've been stalking this page, is epic. Thank You!

The journey ends today!!!

Thu Jul 24, 2014, 6:38 AM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:

Oh haider
I am officially Kaz-D Batchelor of Science (Hons) in Social Policy and Criminology, Upper Second Class Honours (2.1)
Four years, the last two doubled up to get it finished quicker and endless hours of self-teaching, self-studying and self-motivation. Fin. :')