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Art History Photography Roundup

Wed Jan 30, 2013, 11:09 PM
Before we hand over the reigns to Film + Animation, firstly a huge thank you goes to all who contributed this month to make Photography Art History pretty awesome! We've talked about famous photographers, famous photos, people here on deviantART who are making history by getting published in the present day - we've brought you colour features, interviews, historical facts and much more! Here's a roundup of all the articles submitted during the past month...

Art History - Photography Month and CV's
Welcome to Photography Month in the ArtHistoryProject!

Here is a quick introduction on whats happening and your Photography CV's.

Things going on in the Community this Month!
Monthly Photography Critique thread - Kaz-D runs this excellent Forum every month, so make sure you get yourself involved.More involvement from our communityrelations Team and our Portrait hub @ PeopleAndPortraitsPhotography Sign up sheetChat events in #CommunityRelationsShapes Contest in #Abstract-and-Surreal
A History of Photography (Mostly)Art History Photography Month has begun and where better to start than with the History of Photography! I appreciate not everything is included, but here are some key main events and features, images and happenings that have impacted Photography across the years. If you don't want to read it all, scroll to the bottom for my tl;dr handy summary ;)
This is said to be where it all began with Alhazen inventing the first pinhole camera - known as Camera Obscura. Heard the phrase before? Now you know where it originates from! Aristotle observed and noted in around 330BC the optic laws that made pinhole cameras possible and questioned why the Sun could make a circular image when it shined through a square hole.
The First Panorama opens - the forerunner of the movie house invented by Robert
Famous Photographs: The Afghan GirlIf you run a google search on what are the top famous Photographs of all time, The Afghan Girl is sure to appear. She is truly a face from History and one that many across the globe have tried to capture within others time and time again. But what exactly has made this image and its photographer so captivating?
Source: Daily Mail/National Geographic/Steve McCurry
Eyes, they say, are the window to the soul. And capturing such a piercing and expressive look in a photograph is a highly sought after skill. The Afghan Girl exhibits suspense, suspicion and a sense of distrust at the person behind the lens, she gives off an air of maturity, a foreboding feeling - a vulnerability behind years of strength. That, is what makes her so captivating.
Sharbat Gula is her name, although few even know this rather important detail. Sh
Colour Feature: BLUE

Day 21 - At the divide by MonsterBrand
~ Cold as Ice ~ by Nilennain drops. by BlueberryblackSerenity by CecilyAndreuArtwork
Krokus4 by feigenfruchtWinds of Aiolos by AiniTolonen
.:White as Snow:. by Manon-BlutsanguenPapillon en blue sur bleu by hyneige
Friday Feature: Issue 006A Collection of -
Recent Discoveries

Paranoid Dusk by FxSanyi
High voltage by Saradesbois
SWAMP by puken
Eyeline by leapintotheboundless
these woods breathe evil. by slavic-frost
:iconChaosFissure: :iconParasit3: :iconchriseastmids: :iconxthumbtakx:
:iconra-gro: :iconizaaaaa: :iconinsolitus85: :iconfabiokeiner:
:iconraps555: :icontxay: :iconFxSanyi: :iconrieadd:
:iconsarahaitali: :iconpuken: :iconleapintotheboundless: :iconohyda:
Featured Artists
Other Entries
Famous Photographers: Julia Margaret CameronSource:Wikipedia 
Julia Margaret Cameron was a British Photographer born in 1815 and living until 1879. She's relatively unheard of though, despite the faces that she photographed and the developments she made in her short career (spanning just eleven years.) Unlike many modern photographers and prodigy's, Julia is quite unique in that she didn't start photographing until she was 48 years old and was given a camera as a gift. Her style was not appreciated in her time, but like many who have made an impact on society, she became more famous and recognized long after her death.
Location: Inside Dimbola Lodge, Home to Julie Cameron
Source: Kathryn Dawson Photography
I was lucky enough last Summer, to be able to visit Julia's former home - Dimbola Lodge - on the Isle of Wight, England. It was here that I discovered the photographer and was both warmed and proud to find that a woman had made History with her
How photography helped end a warIt's said that a picture says a thousand words, but this isn't always true. Sometimes they say far more than that. Un-edited photography is the closest medium we have to capturing reality, and for that reason it's incredibly powerful. On a personal level, photographs help us capture memories of our loved ones, and of times gone by. On a larger scale, pictures can tell stories of hardship, suffering and hope in a language that transcends culture. Photography can evoke emotion - but more than that, it can move people to action.
The power of photography was maybe never clearer than during the Vietnam war (1955 - 1975).
There are three pictures in particular that became iconic. They showed the human side of war, and the inhumane side of it. They showed the true horror that people endure and what kind of brutalities it makes people commit to other human beings. As the war dragged on, there was a growing movement of people who opposed the war. These pictures served as a powerful catalyst, an

Mature Content

Photography - Sunday InterviewsIt's Photography month at ArtHistoryProject to celebrate I will be publishing interviews on every Sunday of January. These four interviews will feature very different artists.
Interview with Nilanja
How did you first get into photography?
I have been around deviantArt for quite some time but mainly drew, except a few (really bad) self portraits. Then I found some really great photos and wanted to take some myself - of course I couldn't with a point-and-shoot-camera but I still tried. I wanted a reflex camera so bad but I waited a few months until I was sure that I would take photography serious because such a camera isn't the cheapest thing. At christmas 2011 I finally got one! And so I started shooting...

Please tell us about the photography equipment that you use
for most shoots.

I have got a Canon EOS 600D and always use a 50mm 1.4 lens. Besides I als
People + Portraits Exposed #19 Emotive...

By vampire-zombie
Self Portraits...

By bailey--elizabeth


By juliadavis
Infants & Children...

By EliseEnchanted

By TrueMalyugin

By bwaworga
Colour Feature: YELLOW

Cement Plant Grodziec1 by bastet78In The Forge by goRillA-iNKIn All Ways Orange by darren-francis
But come back, come back in from the cold... by cichutkoautumn by krista-perse
A Thousand Years by faintsmile28
She dreamed of paradise... by moniplnmeet me halfway by inessa-emilia
Famous Photographs: Lunch Atop A SkyscraperWhilst the most famous photographs from across the years often feature famine, death, destruction and war, it's sometimes refreshing to catch a glimpse of one or two that don't exhibit depression, demise and conflict. Photo-journalism can work both ways to brief the viewer of an image on what it's like to step into somebody else's shoes. It can shock, bring a tear or even, by some miracle - a smile.
Lunch Atop A SkyScraper does exactly that. It provokes a smile, it features across the world in postcards, books, greeting cards and other formats and ultimately it tugs at that part of your heart that knows there can be good in the world. So what makes it famous?
Source: Wikipedia
The Photograph itself shows eleven working men eating lunch, sitting on a steel girder. Nothing extraordinary about that right? Wrong. Their feet are dangling 256 metres above New York City. Nobody actually knows w
Nom Nom 29#

Strange Laundry by uosiek1
Roasted Red Pepper Soup by UrbanMasala
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Thoughts about Photography - part 1In here you will find a few examples of works specific to different types of Photography, followed by various artists' opinion about what they think it's most important regarding their art and how to make it. You will come to see that while on some types of Photography many artists have similar opinions, on others their thoughts differ a lot, so read them all carefully and enjoy the article! - lintu47
Abstract & Surreal

AndyDragonPark says: "Abstract Photography is not something people immediately think about when you tell them you are a photographer. Most people ask " do you do landscapes, action, portraits or weddings". The truth is I do all these things but my favourite is Abstract Photography. Many definitions on abtract art will tell you that an abstract is one without a
Friday Feature: Issue 007A Collection of -
Recent Discoveries

Lifelines: Signs of static and sound . x by sophiaazhou
etu46 by Heardbydeaf
Droidography 013 - Cries on the Wind by DpressedSoul
directions by CasheeFoo
bubbles by crh
Star by Phoenixstamatis
:iconsteve2727: :iconalexandre-bordereau: :iconschnotte: :iconjfdupuis:
:iconwhiteviolet: :iconchalee9533: :iconmodernmilk: :iconsolefield:
:iconsp0oki: :icontuxedowerewolf: :iconsophiaazhou: :iconheardbydeaf:
:icondpressedsoul: :iconcasheefoo: :iconcrh: :iconphoenixstamatis:
Featured Artists
Other Entries
Colour Feature: GREEN

120 by YanaBondareva
Strange Island by MonsterBrand
Homage V by LuciaConstantinMadame Poupee by MADmoiselleMeli
Ross creek 16 by shadowfoxcreativeThe Cauldron by vincentfavre
Vintage wind by AlexandraSophie
Famous Photographers: Dorothy Bohm"A World Observed..."
Dorothy Bohm was born in Konigsberg, East Prussia and has lived in England since 1939. She was recently elected an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and is considered one of the most respected women of British Photography. I stumbled across her work accidentally, as is often the case when you discover something great. I was astounded to find that the book I had discovered was the first major retrospective exhibition of her work - in book format. Her career began in the 1940s with  A World Observed becoming the title of her soon to be famous collection of photographs.
Source: Dorothy Bohm's Gallery
Bohm has achieved quite simply, what many of us have tried and do strive to do through our Photography. Document an ever-changing and fast disappearing world. Bohm is said to be influenced by the art critic and th
Saturday Spotlight: Volume 007An Interview with-

Dyloulee's Gallery
> Please introduce yourself, in your own words. What are your interests?
I don't consider myself as a photographer, but rather as an image-maker. I always love art. Whether it is the visual arts such as painting or photography, but also music and literature. I love dreams and I need to get away from it all.
> Where did you begin with artistic endeavours? How did you come across Abstraction or Surrealism?
I'm totally self-taught and I got to photography and digital art intuitively. In my youth, I used to make collages; that's really fun. Later, I found the same pleasure with photo-manipul

Photography - Sunday InterviewsIt's Photography month at ArtHistoryProject to celebrate I will be publishing interviews on every Sunday of January. These four interviews will feature very different artists.
Interview with imitate-rain
How did you first get into photography?
I remember enjoying taking photos when I was young but never really thought about photography until studying it at high school and really seeing the creative opportunity it has. I decided to take it on more seriously at University, this is when I began sourcing models and creatives for shoots

Please tell us about the photography equpment that you use for most shoots.
I usually use a 5dmrk II, and 85mm lens or 50mm 1.8

Do you have a muse?
I don't have a specific muse while shooting, but am inspired by many different ar
Art History : MC Photography Chat Live:iconarthistoryproject:
Ok, Nyx-Valentine, DistortedSmile and some of your other CV's are waiting for you in #communityrelations to talk Mature Content, critique and discuss the Pinup, Fetish, Art Nude && Glamour galleries.
All welcome!!
Long-Exposure Photo Feature

Dead Zone in the Sky by justeline
jewel by ildiko-neer
Green by AndyMumford

Energy - Film Long Exposure by Cameron-Jung
Disorder by BenHeine

Thoughts about Photography - part 2In here you will find a few examples of works specific to different types of Photography, followed by various artists' opinion about what they think it's most important regarding their art and how to make it. You will come to see that while on some types of Photography many artists have similar opinions, on others their thoughts differ a lot, so read them all carefully and enjoy the article! - lintu47

canismaioris says: "The most important in Architectural Photography for me is:1. Finding the right perspective. You should always look for an interesting foreground, first plan can totally change perception. 
2. It's good to use wide angle, show as much as you can, use a wide angle lens or make panorama, but this trick doesn't work in every case and situation. 
Food Photography - back to basicsFood is a necessity for daily life and good health (the right kinds anyway), but food is also fast becoming something of an Art as well as many turn to their cameras once a mammoth baking session is over and capture the delightful dishes in attractive and alluring ways. Since the beginnings of Still Life Photography, food has been a subject and whilst the topic has remained the same - methods, equipment and ease have changed in varying degrees across the years. Food Photography is still a genre that is vastly overlooked and majorly underrated in the art world.
It all began with Still Life Paintings back in the 17th Century. They were as far from commercial as a style could get and certainly weren't created with selling in mind. However the skill and main aspects that realism painters took back in the 17th Century are kept close to the hearts of Food Photographers today as they grip onto Realism, effects of light, composition and arrangement. Props have always been an important part of
Famous Photographers: Clyde Butcher+The EvergladesClyde Butcher is fondly, by locals, referred to as the Grizzly Adams of the Everglades. Butcher takes images of the Florida Everglades that he calls home, and blows them up to enormous proportions to create fascinating and in-depth wall art.
Source: Wikipedia
But his history, and the inspiration behind his Photography is perhaps what makes him such an interesting person. His story is modern, his son died during a collision with a drunk driver and it was this carelessness and disregard for human life that is said to have driven him to the Florida Everglades, seeking solitude and a different kind of peace.
Source: Clyde Butcher's Website
Butcher began his career in Photography using colour. Yet it's said that his transition into Black and White Photography is attributed to the death of his son. He entered a world devoid of colour, and it was perhaps fitt
Colour Feature: RED

Between Red and Water by helios-spadaGoldilocks by Emmatyan
drapings by mirlimiSilent Life by TheDreamClubMurdererCambodia - Expressions by lux69aeterna
Bitten by CrisAlexMUAMordor by DeFuturaInspiration for damask by Lazulyte
Blood flow. by AmibaRaging fire by NemoPhantom
Friday Feature: Issue 008A Collection of -
Recent Discoveries

It's getting dark under the smoking hill by BoiledFrog
bridge by adibudojo
Freedom 2 by konspix
Beautiful Thorn by Rawangtak
3,1 36 3,8 by Writto
Watercolor texture in red and cyan by jane-beata
:iconConceptualMiracles: :iconCarlosMoreira: :iconeintoern: :iconencorine:
:iconfr31g31st: :icondilekgenc: :iconpurplesplee: :iconinfunkwetrust:
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:iconkonspix: :iconrawangtak: :iconwritto: :iconjane-beata:
Featured Artists
Other Entries
Photography Fortnightly: Edition Fifty OnePhotography Weekly Header created by TouchedD
"No photographer is as good as the simplest camera."
~Edward Steichen

Since getting my first D-SLR, three years ago now, I have never been completely comfortable with the methods I use to transport it. With the camera came a bag, typical camera bag, over the shoulder type. But it's still not quite right. There are a wide range of camera bags out there now. Including one from deviantART - the dA Pro Camera Bag, but nothing has ever been quite what I need. The three common types of carrying a camera bag seem to be across the body, two straps on the back or even a belt. What do you use?
Is it snowing where you are? Check out the snow tutorial that I got to put into practice today - Photography Troubleshooting - Capturing Snow. Much of the UK has been blanketed in the stuff w

Nom Nom 30#

Many thanks to pica-ae for this weeks suggestion of NUTELLA!
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Saturday Spotlight: Volume 008An Interview with-

Megalithicmatt's Gallery
> Please introduce yourself, in your own words. What are your interests?
Hi, my name’s Matthew Davidson - I go by the moniker Megalithicmatt because I like visiting ancient sites such as stone circles and standing stones. I’m a geochemist, not an artist or designer by trade, so my photographs are taken purely as a hobby, though I have considered becoming a working photographer in the past. Aside from history and archaeology, I enjoy hiking, rock climbing and anything that gets me out into the countryside.
> Where did you begin with artis
Tilt-Shift Photography Feature

The Promenade Tilt-Shift by ScENeYmE
Kalyani Nagar square - tilt shift by nuklar
Tilt Series IV by KrisSimon
Tilt shift by binouse49
Still Life PhotographyStill Life Photography is much like Still Life art in general, in the sense that the photograph (instead of a canvas) depicts inanimate objects and subject matters overall. Often, objects are grouped together for this portrayal, which the photographer exploits to really create a fantastic composition. Photography allows the artist more of a chance to arrange the objects for capture easily.
However, Still Life Photography isn't as easy as it sounds. One must think about the lighting, composition, and other matters to really make the photograph attractive and engaging. This is similar to Still Life art, in which Still Life Photography is founded upon.
You could say that Still Life Photography is influenced from the romanticism of traditional painting techniques. Still Life isn't simply the arrangement of objects, it is the presentation and illustration of the natural world, something more than a simple record. Photographs represent more than just what is there, they represent ourselves t
Photography - Sunday InterviewsIt's Photography month at ArtHistoryProject to celebrate I will be publishing interviews on every Sunday of January. These four interviews will feature very different artists.
Interview with lieveheersbeestje
How did you first get into photography?
I always enjoyed taking pictures, a few years ago I started to get more serious about photography. I saved up for my first SLR camera at the age of 19. That is when it started, I never stopped taking pictures and learned a lot in 3 years. And I really enjoyed the progress.

Please tell us about the photography equipment that you use
for most shoots.

Canon Eos 500D is the camera I always use.
Sigma 105mm F/2.8 is a macro lens I used for roses often, it's quite sharp but gives a certain softness.
Canon EF 50mm F/1.4 lens is one of my favorite lenses ever, great bokeh! Great for my animal portraits.
Canon EF 50mm F/2.5 lens is the lens I always used for my l
Jerry Uelsman and Why Surrealism is ArtJerry Uelsman established his unique and famous Photography style in the 1940s by using multiple photos to create a surrealistic and impressionist composite image. He's what we'd call 'old school' and is a modern day photographer with old style equipment. Even though he lives in an era when digital Photography is widely available, he chooses simply to stick with his film cameras and is famously quoted as saying...
"I am sympathetic to the current digital revolution and excited by the visual options created by the computer. However I feel my creative process remains intrinsically linked to the alchemy of the darkroom."
Uelsman exhibits up to this present day with his work being showcased across much of the USA. His exhibition is famously titled, Faking it: Manipulated Photography before Photoshop and serves as a poke that perhaps we can learn a thing or two from this great man.
Source: Uelsma

Mature Content

Hot Off The Press: Megalopolis by Martin Stavars!After the exciting news of ChewedKandi publishing Adobe Masterclass Illustrator - there's even more amazing news from yet another member of deviantART!
Huge congratulations to xMEGALOPOLISx for publication of his book 'Megalopolis' this month. The book offers an amazing collection of photographs which capture the complexity of the world's  biggest metropolises.
" this book is a compilation of photographs from fourteen megacities:  Dubai, Incheon, Seoul, Busan, Chongqing, Shanghai, Singapore, London,  Toronto, Montreal, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, and Istanbul. Revealing the  complicated nature of the world's largest metropolises is the ultimate  challenge undertaken in Megalopolis. In his photographs, Martin Stavars  attempts to grasp this complexity and the networks of intertwined  spatial relationships of urban or
Colour Feature: PURPLE

.:Blown with the Wind:. by Manon-Blutsanguen
Reflections by derek-kThe Blueberry Fog by DaXXe
Blue lagoon by pqphotography...nicetoknowu... by J-AustinPurple Pearl by Birthstone
no name by JasperGromVintage midinette 006 by olivier-ramonteu
Purple Fields by NataschaaClosed Circuit by Nightwalker50
Timeless by SketchupAE
Famous Photographers: Yann Arthus-BertrandIf the Earth had formed a year ago, Life would have appeared - on February 26th, Dinosaurs would have arrived on December 10th to vanish just 16 days later and Homo Sapiens would have showed up very late on December 31st. A few minutes later, in less than one minute, Man would have drastically altered the fragile balance between land, seas and atmosphere. Humanity is on the march, earth itself is left behind."
~ David Ehrenfeld, 1978
Source: Earth from the Air
Yann Arthus-Bertrand undertook probably one of the most fascinating collections of Photography that I've ever come across. He first started shooting from the air whilst in a hot air balloon. In more recent years, he has been able to use a helicopter. Whatever his methods have been, he has never ceased to snap creative, inspiring and other-worldly type images.
Photography Troubleshooting: LandscapesI first started out with landscape Photography and it's something that I particularly enjoy now whether that's rolling hills, rolling clouds, or a bit of both on a stormy day. Photographing landscapes can not only highlight the natural terrain of the earth, but also what's going on in the sky and the weather effects of the day. o-kaykay asked for some Landscape pointers - so here are some handy tips on how to achieve great landscape shots:
1) Use a Tripod
There are times when you just won't have the time. But equally if you've got a fantastic scene in front of you and you have a moment or two to set things up, then please do. You'll honestly be more pleased with your results. Where you may have a landscape that involves a bit of water, you might need a longer shutter speed. The tripod will help stabilise you. Consider also using a shutter release to help you as well. For a bit more information on tripods and when and where to use them
Friday Feature: Issue 009A Collection of -
Recent Discoveries

On Fire by PoLazarus2
Windmill by LutherBash
Hopeless by tholang
Playground Underwater by SweetPeaPhototc
The Rejected Purpose by CoffeeToffeeSquirrel
Falling Star by Thinking-Silence
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:icontholang: :iconsweetpeaphototc: :iconcoffeetoffeesquirrel: :iconthinking-silence:
Featured Artists
Other Entries
Thoughts about Photography - part 3In here you will find a few examples of works specific to different types of Photography, followed by various artists' opinion about what they think it's most important regarding their art and how to make it. You will come to see that while on some types of Photography many artists have similar opinions, on others their thoughts differ a lot, so read them all carefully and enjoy the article! - lintu47

pestilence says: "Photography, combined from the Greek words, Φώτο - γράφω, writing with light, as the above sentence suggests the pure essence of photography is light, without light there can be no photography. I have been asked many times what are the details of a good capture, what are the elements that compose a good pictur
All Snapped Up .6 ~ WojciechDziadosz~ An interview of a talented artist in our General Photography Community

Tell us a bit about yourself, WojciechDziadosz! How did you get into photography and why?
With photography I had to do when I was a little boy.
My father let me take pictures on our trips. Then it was gone, but over five years ago, it came back and continues to this day. It taught me to express in some way, and above all, it gives me satisfaction.
Why are you on deviantART? What do you most like and dislike about it?
I signed up to dA almost five years ago. I never thought that when I got to that level at which I am now that my work would be on the main page in the "popular 24" section. It made an enormous impression on me and gave me inspiration.
I like the availability of my work so that thousands of people can see them.
Today I do not like how the dA level prevails here. Everywhere, cats, ponies, an
Saturday Spotlight: Volume 009An Interview with-

PsycheAnamnesis' Gallery
> Please introduce yourself, in your own words. What are your interests?
I was born into this world around 20 years ago and the name I have had since then is Alexandra. Art is nowadays the driving engine of an otherwise sordid existence, with photography being the focal point of my interests.
> Where did you begin with artistic endeavours? How did you come across Abstraction or Surrealism?
My appetite for artistic endeavours started to grow from the moment I came into posession of my first point-and-shoot camera a few years ago. I see photography as a way of se

History of Wedding PhotographyThe 1840s was the beginning of wedding photography. There was little commercial photography at the time for the wedding day itself. Instead, it was all about creating memories of the wedding day. As the photographic equipment was limited (i.e bulky and heavy), wedding photography remained in the studio for more than a century. In the 1800s, the only kind of wedding photography there was was a daguerreotype portrait on a tiny copper sheet.
With limited resources, photographers used glass plates, tin sheets, and copper sheets for their photographs. One of the very first couples were Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1840. Couples who were poorer did not hire a photographer to record the actual wedding, or to capture them in pose for formal wedding photos. Instead, photographers captured them before or after their wedding, out of formal wedding dress and into their best formal dress. These were always taken in a controlled environment, like a studio, and the photographer would position
Thoughts about Photography - part 4In here you will find a few examples of works specific to different types of Photography, followed by various artists' opinion about what they think it's most important regarding their art and how to make it. You will come to see that while on some types of Photography many artists have similar opinions, on others their thoughts differ a lot, so read them all carefully and enjoy the article! - lintu47
Still Life

AmbientExposures "Still Photography is one of my favorite forms of photography. To achieve better results in still photography or product photography, I use various equipments. These are some of the essential equipments I use in my photography. Tripod: the tripod is very essential to still photography. I find myself working with very high F-stops (8-22) to produce sharpn

Mature Content

Colour Feature: NO COLOUR

The Descent by Heraklid
triangulation by bracketting94
A Forest Of Stars by ChrisEvoPhotoNightmares by the River by anaPhenixilusion by blablagustina
Rocks and Islands .... by abhishek82
XIII by lukaspeterecLamenting about yesterday's sad ending by DeadOhioSky77
Sorrows Drown-Mono by 11thDimensionPhoto
Nom Nom #32

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Famous Photographers: What we can learnThere are things that we can learn from everybody, whether it's as they say - sitting at the feet of an elderly person - or indeed reading from a book, looking at history in photos and so on. But what, if anything, can we learn from the Famous Photographers of the past? Well, plenty.
Julie Margaret Cameron
She was a shrewd business woman, and her fame came from having the only photographs of some very famous iconic people in History. And how did she manage this? By meticulously keeping details and registering her copyright with every single Photograph she took. We can learn a lot from her actions, particularly in an age where anything can be replicated, if you have the right tools. Equally, we can also learn the value of the equipment we have around us, and how easy it is now to capture a photograph and share it with the world. Julie's time in Sri Lanka served as a testimony that without pure water and chemicals, she couldn't continue with her craft and a

Photography vs. paintingThe late 18th and early 19th century was a time of rapid social change, maybe more so than ever before in a timespan of a mere hundred or so years. Coming on the heels of the First Industrial Revolution followed the Second Industrial Revolution, which gave us the assembly line, the rise and fall of many markets, high unemployment rates, and the birth of the middle class. Advances in medicine lead to a higher life expectancy and lower child mortality rates, and Sigmund Freud shone a bright spotlight on the human mind, essentially marking the beginning of psychology as a serious science. Technology was rapidly changing and evolving, and with it so did social values.
It is this time period that sees the birth of abstract art. It started off with the paintings of Manet, whose technique involved painting in patches of color, rather than the layered technique that was common and accepted for the time. Monet (similar name, different guy) focused on the color and the way light plays with the s

And a huge thanks to all of our contributors this month too! ~ DistortedSmile Kaz-D 3wyl STelari arctoa Armonah Nyx-Valentine maytel lintu47 dekorAdum.

Now we hand over to Film + Animation - and it's not too late to get involved! Do you think you could write an article for the Film/Animation month during February? Check out this article to find out exactly how YOU can get involved! :heart:

Photography month over at #ArtHistoryProject saw lots of awesome articles being shared and a fantastic chat event! If you missed something do check out this blog for a full round up of what's going on - and get ready for Film & Animation which starts tomorrow!!!!
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