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August 7, 2011


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You may recently have seen  -> Our Favourite Memories and Moments an awesome article written by fourteenthstar bringing together lots of dA staff members memories and moments.

So The Community Volunteers got chatting and we decided we needed our own collection of memories - because we have some awesome ones!

With the merge of the Gallery Moderators and MN@ Volunteers has come the collaboration of one BIG team and it's lovely getting to know the 'other side' so to speak. So it's with great delight that I share our massive response to fourteenthstar's article with Community Volunteers - Our Memories



I cannot pick a single memory, but I would say that whenever someone tells me that the DD I gave them made their day and that they are so happy makes me smile. That, and the time I saw MyntKat's butt on webcam.



I really didn't lurk in the chatrooms until I became a Community Volunteer. I'm glad it was part of the job description, because it allowed me to have one of my favorite exchanges ever:

08:57:24 PM ** oblivion00  has left [connection reset]
08:57:27 PM ** oblivion00 has joined
08:57:27 PM ** oblivion00 has left [connection closed]
08:57:31 PM ** oblivion00 has joined
08:57:46 PM ** oblivion00 has left [connection closed]
08:57:49 PM ** oblivion00 has joined
08:59:46 PM <Halatia> oblivion00: do you require CPR?
08:59:54 PM <oblivion00> my internet might...
09:00:12 PM <zebrazebrazebra> I'm not giving the kiss of life to the internet. No idea what I might catch.
09:00:17 PM <oblivion00> probably 4chan…



I have a pretty amazing collection of memories surrounding being on deviantART but the main ones stem from joining the Community Relations team a year ago - Now the Community Volunteers bunch. Never a day goes past on deviantART when someone doesn't say something HILARIOUS. And they nearly always have me in stitches. More recent funtiems include me trying to send a DD suggestion to WDWParksGal and it ending up being sent over 2,000 times. :giggle: Nevertheless she featured it :')
NB: That is NOT the way to get your suggestions accepted!

I also love that people get quoted - Especially things like this when people make laughter from my pain :B
<Kaz-D> hangd on i just pokesd myself in th eyes i can esee
<Kaz-D> nbbr…



Some of my favourite memories of deviantART take place whilst chatting to fellow volunteers. I once asked the group what they thought would count as "visual arts". I received an unanimous response of "boobies".



Okay well, my favourite memory is probably being awarded deviousness. I'd already been seniored (twice) so I didn't really expect it. joannastar texted me at work and I ran screaming into the office to chuck my manager off her laptop so I could check. I then burst into tears and rang UnicornReality and ran round the back of the shop squealing. Customers were concerned.
My favourite thing about DA is definitely the community - whether you live on dAmn, the forums or just interact with people through comments, I've made firm friends from all of the above. In fact Lady-Twiglet suggested me for my first DD and now she's going to be my birthing partner - where else would a friendship like that develop from something like a nomination?



Favourite moment on dA was participating in Ghosthunt 2006 - it's what got me hooked to dAmn first off. Second off it was the first community event that I participated in and it was fun as hell trying to puzzle everything out. Especially since I knew hardly anything about dA volunteers, staff and seniors back then.



I have no funny memories! All of them were stolen by a yak! My Favourite moment is when fourteenthstar kidnapped me and put me on dAmn to help out. My favourite thing about dA is the community. No matter what happens they always pull together and get through it.



I have a few memorable moments during my time on deviantART. The first would have to be receiving my first Daily Deviation. I never thought I'd get one, so being featured by Shalora was a huge moment. I woke up to many messages from im-not-sana telling me to get on dA right that moment. The next one was becoming a GM. I'd always seen volunteers around, and I always wondered what it would be like to be one, so getting the opportunity to become one was a huge and exciting time! Then there was dA's 10th birthday. That was awesome. That was around the time I got into dAmn, so I met a bunch of awesome people who still remain close friends.



Running the literature group at the London HQ meet was a very unexpected experience but when you have managed to get 40 people not only playing wink murder, but writing too, it is definitely a devious moment I wont ever forget!
Achieving deviousness in 2008 was a huge honor, one which I still find a surprise and whenever I am down, I do still read the description to make me feel better. I love the community, especially the literature people who I have been part of for 6 years now and I hope continue to show off and share their writing with all of us!



I have 2. 1) I love April Fools Day every year.  I start a countdown in like... January XD  The Twilight/Seeker/Gaga avatars is one of my faves over the years.  Just watching the reactions (from "I'm leaving!" to "Who wants a vampire ride? :eyes: ) is always enjoyable.  2) When SpiritLullaby and I got married this past Valentines Day by Tachy-on.  From the derpy to the heart breakingly romantic, I loved hearing/reading everyone's vows.  It was truly memorable and a great display of community interaction and support.



My fondest memory was the 2010 one-stop-stock 24 hour funfair chat event I ran with Helly-stock We had no idea if anyone would even show or if we would stay awake for the whole thing, and a huge list of games and events planned. It turned out to be an amazing day and the more sleep deprived we got, the funnier it became. Some of our events led to crazy happenings and the turnout was huge. It was great to see so much support and love and craziness from resource providers and users!


In August of 2009 I attended the hq devMEET in LA. Up until that point I had very little interaction with spyed. There were a ton of deviants around, and yet it seems like he still made time to talk to everyone. At the end of the day, he even gave everyone a hug! ewm had told me in the past how much he cared about the community, but it isn't until you can see the look on his face when he talks about dA that you're able to truly grasp how much he cares.

Also bah, I windbagged. >:[



My fondest memory would be helping rydi1689 with all of her Fan Art projects. I especially loved helping her with trivia and making it fun for everyone. She was like my mentor before I became a Community Volunteer, and helped me discover what makes people happy in the community and because of her, I am still doing it today. Meeting her was one of the best reasons I stayed on deviantART. Also I do love that fact I got my CV hat on my last day in Hawaii! So that makes a nice souvineir does it not?



I think my favorite memory was the world tour meet in Los Angeles. It wasn't as populated or as fancy (in terms of computers and live music and what not) as the 10th birthday meet, but it was just as fun. Everyone was so excited to learn and talk about the upcoming groups feature after spyed demonstrated it. Around then was when smart phones were beginning to become more prevalent so it was interesting to see people show their art to others right there in person. I was able to meet with some old friends from deviantART like junoknight and ohnojaylo and meet new ones like haldron. I also met endosage, my now best friend and boyfriend, after conversing over some really awful snow cones and giving that bum a ride home. Also, ducks!



I've had so many good experiences on deviantART. One of my favourite memories has been when I attended a devmeet via NE-UK - a group for deviants in my region of the UK. It was the first meet up we had, so many different types of people, backgrounds, interests all gathering with the same passions for art. It opened my eyes to what's beyond the art and seeing further into the community and how you can connect with people who you wouldn't usually. As much as deviantART is about art, what makes it a good place is the people.


My most favorite memory is the devMEET in Berlin that we've organized with europeans last year. It was hell to get there (due to problems with public transport), but it was so awesome to see how many people eventually showed up, sharing their art, had fun together, got creative! There were so many people that I didn't even get to talk to everyone.
We'll retry today in Amsterdam! :heart:



My favorite moment is hosting the Berlin devMEET with my group, europeans, last year, to celebrate deviantART's tenth birthdAy. I had not hosted a devMEET before, so I was pretty excited.
We met up on August 6 for a dinner with a selection of deviants that had already traveled to Germany, and went to a pub afterwards with, amongst others, SimonSawSunlight and igy. After a LOT of drinks, a Greek guy came up to me, and told me that DIOS, God, was inside of me, and starting explaining the holy trinity and making triangle shapes with his hands while simultaneously patting me on the chest and back. The next day I woke up with one of the worst hangovers in my life, and on two hours of sleep and with half a voice, I still managed to let the devMEET run smoothly along with my awesome team.
Oh and to this day, the encounter with the Greek guy is still a running gag between the three of us.
Here's a photo of me getting slapped on the back by the Greek guy:…



For me, it would probably be a toss up between joining the the Senior MN@ team, recieving my Fella plushie from Dani-Sunshine and being told that I saved a deviant's life.



One of my favorite moments has to be the going to LA with Ikue for the 10th birthday and getting to see the deviantART HQ. I also loved getting to meet all of the HQ staff as well as alot of the remote staff that came. But most of all it was being at the Party at HOB and seeing all of the amazing deviants that came out.



UnicornReality was the last gallery moderator for Resources & Stock Images before me. Despite what I'm told it may look like, I hadn't really known many deviants before volunteering. I'm kind of shy. Anyway, I became a volunteer in June, just before my birthday, and to celebrate, I thought I'd try to organize a chat event in dAmn. I was so nervous that no one would even come because most of my watchers mainly just came for resources. I was sure it would be a flop, but when I got there, the room was full. Miss Fee had invited more people than I knew what to do with! I actually got kind of misty for the first few moments, I didn't know how to tell her that all at once she had eased my anxiety about being a new volunteer. I wasn't in a room full of strangers; I was suddenly part of a community. More than any meetings or training, that memory really got me through a lot in the past year.



dA gave me a point in life. My son had passed away in the spring of 2001, then 911 happened creating discomfort and a fear of vulnerability; my husband changed jobs.... twice..... my father started to fail, all in a few years. My daughter had tried to get me to join dA in the summer of 2005, but I perceived I couldn't compete with all the other wonderful artists on dA. I soon realized dA was not about competition but community.
dA gave me a point of focus, so I wouldn't spiral down. It allowed me to talk to other deviants, post art and help with my energy stores. Oddly enough, dA was "saving me" as I was trying to "save" my father from pain as he wasted away from cancer.
I have to thank dA, as well as my daughter, for providing me with a purpose again at the time I joined. For this I am thankful


My best memory of being on deviantART will always be how I started as a complete amateur, not knowing the difference between a shutter and an aperture and then picking it all up from fellow deviants and finally ascending to reality where I not only started shooting military, but have now landed a job at Reuters as a sub-editor at the pictures desk!


My favorite dA memories are of being in the forums and chatrooms, meeting and talking to people from around the world. Then for dA's 10th anniversary, I went to the Birthday Bash and got to meet some of the people I've talked to online, and a lot that I hadn't. Walking in there felt like a huge family reunion, where you may not know everybody, but your pretty sure that your related somehow. Not through blood or marriage, but through art and dA.
As for my favorite memories of being a volunteer, that would when Tachy-on asked if he have a little chat with me. I looked at the note for about an hour, trying to figure out what the hell I posted in the forums to have a $ wanting to talk to me. Luckily he just wanted to know if I'd like to volunteer. If I remember right I said yes!



Easily the best memory as a member would be all of the friends that I've made here. Over time I've found truly good people to surround myself with that remind me what's really worth going for in this community. I've been lucky, dare I say blessed, to have this website and the friends I've got that I can support just as much as they support me. That started with me just reaching out to gracious individuals, members, seniors, staff and volunteers alike. They were people that told me that I COULD change my current situation, and since then I've seen loads of progress with myself and my group, DACipher. My favorite memories as a volunteer would have to be the times I've just wandered into a chatroom on dAmn. Not to do any sort of administrative action or whatever, but just to hang out. It was awesome being able to just chill with people and even RP with some of them for the hell of it. It's awesome seeing people with smile emotes because a volunteer is doing more than what's expected of them... it's damned beautiful really.


When i first registered here i wasn't even able to properly utilize deviantART -> in all those 18 months my message center has created a pile of -hold your breath- 2 (!) messages and my pageviews have increased to a whopping amount of 12. I didn't know what favs were and how to add someone to my watchlist. When i commented on something or replied to someone, my lines usually started with an "soandso:", before i found out about the meaning and functionality of the "reply" button.

I then received a DD from mrrste that same mrrste who many months later said to me that he's so excited about the fact that it is me who will follow in his GM footsteps and that he's sure that i will do a great job. and that has been yet another one of my favourite memories here on deviantART.

07:29:36 PM <ScENeYmE> she left
07:30:34 PM <Kaz-D> She'll be back
07:30:40 PM <Hanratty-Stock> Like herpes.
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