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Clyde Butcher is fondly, by locals, referred to as the Grizzly Adams of the Everglades. Butcher takes images of the Florida Everglades that he calls home, and blows them up to enormous proportions to create fascinating and in-depth wall art.

Source: Wikipedia

But his history, and the inspiration behind his Photography is perhaps what makes him such an interesting person. His story is modern, his son died during a collision with a drunk driver and it was this carelessness and disregard for human life that is said to have driven him to the Florida Everglades, seeking solitude and a different kind of peace.

Butcher began his career in Photography using colour. Yet it's said that his transition into Black and White Photography is attributed to the death of his son. He entered a world devoid of colour, and it was perhaps fitting and enhancing for his career as he explored a world in black and white. The Everglades served to provide inspiration and solitude but also a different kind of fight for Butcher as he worked hard to preserve something that, at the hands of the wrong people, was fast disappearing.

I was first introduced to Butcher's work when my parents visited one of his studios in Florida and returned with a post card and his book. I was inspired, like I am by many Photographers plights, of his story and what had inspired him to begin creating in a certain kind of way. His book entitled "Seeing the light" is one that I only have to look at the cover of to feel inspired and motivated to create, and to find beauty in the strangest of places.

Butcher is a fine example of how we can work with Black and White Photography and historically has set a precedent that many strive for and many can be inspired by. I hope that you too can find some of the inspiration I have found, when browsing his work.

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