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Gallery Descriptions: Still Life Photos

Sun Aug 10, 2014, 11:00 AM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:

Galleries month

There are four sub-categories to the Still Life Photography Gallery here on deviantART. There are plenty of places to categorise your work correctly and if you're not sure where to go then there's always the last resort of the 'Other' Category. For more information check out the Still Life Project Educate Gallery.

Still Life involves attention to detail and careful preparation in setting up various, inanimate subject matters to photograph. Things that are often taken into account are composition, lighting, inclusion of props and more. In this sense, Still Life is very much controlled. The main aspect of Still Life to remember is that nothing living should be within the photograph itself.

Still Life - Cut Flower and Plant Arrangements

Two main types of Still Life Cut Flower & Plant Arrangement exist on DeviantART - some follow the Traditional 'Still Life' set-up with classic tones, props and backgrounds. Others are more modern and often use Photoshop Actions to create soft tones and/or vibrant colours. It's important not to confuse this category with live plants (plants still attached to branches/trees, etc.) as these belong in the Animals, Plants and Nature Gallery. As the Gallery states, only cut flowers and plant arrangements are allowed.

Lunch in the field by Daykiney
pocket garden by akthuro

Still Life - Dolls and Figures

Photographs of inanimate dolls and figures that are often small in size. They are quite popular and often used to play with, design, dress and indeed photograph. Figures can involve ornaments, trinkets and popular characters like 'Danbo'.

April Showers by IcarusLoveMedley
Danbo Is Home by Lady-Tori

Still Life - Food and Drink

Food & Drink Photographs consist of food items, drinks and the objects usually associated with them in an arrangement. These objects can include utensils, cookware everyday objects such as cut flowers, and more. An important element of Still Life Food & Drink Photography is that the items associated with the food and drink subjects complement them to form a complete arrangement.

Mojito Lime Cupcakes by theresahelmer

Still Life - Other

The 'Other' Gallery feature objects and miscellaneous items that do not belong in the aforementioned categories, such as books, shoes, jars, pencils, toys, timepieces, baubles, kitchenware, instruments, and other objects that have no 'life' to them and are not animated.

Melodies on white keys by vampire-zombie

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Great!! :) I really love for my side when photography comes so close to painting ("nature morte" for example) :)
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Oh yes me too :)
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I love all photos made by Daykiney. She is amazing artist! Can't wait to see something new :eager: And claremanson with her great and yummy food photos :squee: And sure this is a good idea to add recipes :nod:  
Cheesecake Shots (+recipe) by claremanson
Kaz-D Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Oh yes, both are awesome!
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i have always enjoyed your "education", thank you so much!
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