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January 16, 2013
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In case you haven't heard already, ChewedKandi - our dedicated and definitely awesome Vector Community Volunteer has been working hard with Adobe! The result? Her book has JUST been published!

But that's not all - the book involves 30 emerging artists within the Vector Community and most of them are from deviantART! The book explores their work, their inspirations and some tutorial projects that will help those looking to learn a bit more. Whether or not you're seriously into Vector doesn't actually matter, because this beautiful showcase of works has something for everybody.

 Huge congratulations to shiropanda TraceLandVectorie03 Asher-Bee CrisVector Helbetico BreeLeman Zzanthia CQcat ivan-bliznak j3concepts dimary lounge-acting ChasingArtwork grelin-machin roberlan FlowisKing Ryannzha cronobreaker lanitta rafahu shoelesspeacock ssst NaBHaN crowded-teeth LimKis marywinkler and of course ChewedKandi who made it all possible! Here's her fayce!

All the cool kids have book photos! by ChewedKandi

If you'd like to buy the book (and you really should!) then check it out online here and use the code ILLMASTER for a fantastic 35% discount. Don't forget to drop by ChewedKandi's page and give her luff - we're immensely proud of her achievement! :heart:

^ChewedKandi has had her first book published with Adobe! Check out the article more information, a handy discount code and to find out just who has been involved in this fantastic creation!
TheGalleryOfEve Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, and the book is AWESOME! :nod: ... I got it, and I recommend it to anyone who loves vector greatness! :love::iconlainloveplz::love:
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