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Kendra-Paige has been on deviantART for over eight years now and has made a strong mark on the people and portraits gallery especially with her fashion work. Her kit consists of a Canon 5D Mark II and a Canon EF 85mm 1.2L II lens using various other lenses and focal lengths but repeatedly gravitating towards the 85mm. She uses a combination of lightroom and photoshop to post-process her work although she keeps her editing as minimal as possible as she doesn't enjoy the post-processing bit of photography!

Why did you choose people as a photographical interest?

I have always found people to be fascinating, and I have a particular interest in expressions and eyes. The eyes tend to be the focal point in a lot of my work, and typically dictate the image. Aside from this, it’s the collaborative effort that I enjoy in portraiture. When you take images of animals and nature, there is only so much control you have with the subject - a lot of it is luck. But in portraiture it requires teamwork between the photographer and their human subject, and there’s an interaction there that’s very unique.

Sweet Lolita III by Kendra-Paige

What themes and genres within people and portrait photography do you gravitate towards the most and why?

Most of my work belongs to the Fashion, Emotive, Expressive, and Glamour categories, primarily because my work involves beauty and subtlety in fashion. As I’ve become a bit more comfortable with photography, I’ve done a few more concept shoots. The first, and most frightening concept shoot I did was for a 1920’s gold digger theme called 'The Black Widow.'I didn’t know what I was doing, but threw myself into the mix with experienced models and made the best of it. The results were well received, and overcoming that challenge was the biggest step I took in photography.

Enjoy Your Tea, Darling. by Kendra-Paige
Lolita II - On Fire by Kendra-Paige

People are alive and moving which makes them harder subjects than say, still life. What do you find are the challenges of staging your subjectsand setting up studio type equipment?

I used to practice taking photographs of butterflies, as sort of a ‘photography bootcamp’ for myself. I figured that if I could capture those creatures in all of their unpredictability, that I could capture the instants I wanted with the people I photograph.

What photographing butterflies didn’t teach me was communication skills, which is really the crux of portraiture. I used to be very shy and reserved, and being the sort of person that likes to address my deficiencies and correct them, I took a job in sales. Pushing myself into a foreign environment like that helped me in many ways. I opened upand learned different ways of improving
the way I communicate with others.

Portrait photographers have very different ways of approaching their subjects, but I’m the sort that uses a balance of instruction and spontaneity. Each person has various nuances in the way they present themselves for the camera, and while I aim to capture the images in my head, more often than not - it’s the genuine snapshots that I enjoy the most.

Flower Maiden by Kendra-Paige

Are there any portrait photographers on deviantART that you admire?

I have been inspired by larafairie from my early days on deviantART as a young teenager, being able to witness her incredible journey into the fashion world from afar. Other Portrait Photographers I admire are robinpika zemotion and EmilySoto

Snow White by Kendra-Paige

Likewise are there any groups that you find help out with your type of photography?

I would say justportraits Portrait-Love and iPhotograph have really been my go-to groups for portraiture, but there's so many great groups out there that I know I'm forgetting a lot.

Pocket Full of Sunshine by Kendra-Paige

You're going on an all expenses paid holiday and can take an Artist, a Writer and a Singer with you. Who do you take?

I’d have to hop in a time machine for this one, but I’d take Jerry Uelsmann, Kurt Vonnegut, and if I could sub out a singer for a musician, it’d be Andre Rieu. Jerry Uelsmann for being so ahead of his time in photography, Kurt Vonnegut for his intellect and black humor, and Andre Rieu for his otherworldly persona and the beauty of his violin.

The Black Widow III by Kendra-Paige
Passion by Kendra-Paige
Miki - Casual II by Kendra-Paige
Pinup by Kendra-Paige
Vintage Glamour by Kendra-Paige

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