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Photography Weekly: Edition Forty Six

Fri Nov 2, 2012, 10:35 AM
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"Does Equipment Matter?"

One of the more recent articles on the topic of photography explores how an instagram photograph taken during Hurricane Sandy has been selected to be used on the cover of Time Magazine. Perhaps quite fittingly, the title accompanying the image on the front page is Lessons from the storm. Whilst many have learned a lot from Hurricane Sandy and many more are working on rebuilding their lives, one of the biggest lessons for photographers and the world of media could well be that iphone Photographers can be photo-journalists too. We've covered the topic of equipment, capabilities and qualifications many a time before now in Photography Weekly - but what are your thoughts on this article?

Source: Petapixel

Community Relations News

Welcome to Movember! Traditionally Movember is the month of hairy men. No really. Men across the world grow their beards and moustaches in aid of mens health - specifically prostate cancer. Here on deviantART we are having our very own Movember teams. Even if you can't grow a moustache you can still participate - Men and women alike! Check out this article for more info.
:bulletpink: Celebrating Diversity from DpressedSoul
:bulletpink: Manga and Anime CV
:bulletpink: Traditional Tuesdays
:bulletpink: Creeping Wednesday
:bulletpink: Craft a Moustache Contest
:bulletpink: Show me Bridges!
:bulletpink: CSS Did You Know?

News & Events from Chats

:bulletblack: Chat Tutorial: Requesting Help from dekorAdum is very useful and will also give you info on the other tutorials available!

Project Educate

It's Horror and Macabre Photography week over at projecteducate brought to you by the lovely queen of horror - pullingcandy The end of October saw the end of an epic month of Photo-manipulation and we move into Horror and Macabre Photography as Halloween is upon us. Next week is Cosplay, also with pullingcandy and then the next community week is up! To get involved note the group.
:bulletpink: Welcome to Horror and Macabre Photography Week!
:bulletpink: A brief History of Horror
:bulletpink: Suggesting Horror and Macabre DDs
:bulletpink: Anathema Photography
:bulletpink: Variations of Sinister

Art History

It's Stock and Resources Month over at ArtHistoryProject and there will be lots going on brought to you by various CVs and community members. Head over for all the recent upates.
:bulletpink: Interview with Sandara
:bulletpink: Welcome to Stock and Resources Month!


Community Volunteers Kaz-D | 3wyl |

Capturing Halloween was, this week, the topic for Photography Troubleshooting and hopefully gave some useful hints and tips for across the board photographers. We've also rounded up our Daily Deviations for October which you can find here and here. Also I put together an article this week about how to present your work - and how to make it stand out more in terms of Daily Deviations. Check out It's all about Presentation (Mostly). Also another deviant has put together a more in-depth article about Artist Comments which you can read here. And finally, 3wyl has once more put together a fantastic article of
five photographers from across deviantART that deserve to Be

People & Portraits Photography

Community Volunteers Kaz-D | 3wyl |

Check out the Photographer of the week over at PeopleAndPortraits and don't forget that you can still enter our seasonal portraiture contest - read the article here! This week in honour of it being Halloween we made sure that People and Portraits Exposed was a Halloween Special! If you're looking for some lighting tips for portrait photographer then look no further than Kendra-Paige's article Let's learn portraiture!

Abstract & Surreal Photography

Community Volunteer DpressedSoul

Abstract and Surreal DDs is a roundup of Octobers Daily Deviations for the category. The Surrealist from AFineWar explores a collection of surreal works from the galleries.

Horses im my dreams by iwanttobeevil

Conceptual Photography

Community Volunteer DemonMathiel

The Power of Ideas is out once more from DemonMathiel and explores some inspirational concepts from the conceptual photography gallery with a Halloween Theme.


Still Life Photography

Community Volunteers Kaz-D & 3wyl

November Silver Contest has opened for still life photographers so head over to Still-Life-Stills in order to participate!  Nom Nom this week had a Halloweenie Specialty to it! We've also got another roundup of Weekly Gallery Selections for you to enjoy.

Street Photography

Community Volunteer StamatisGR

A Roundup of the Street Photography Daily Deviations has been put together by StamatisGR and is out for all to see!

V by djailledie

Photography Resources

Light Painting with Tutorials is a fantastic article from JeanFan helping those who wish to achieve the wonderful photographic techniques.

News & Events From the Forums

:bulletblack: Forum Features: Contrast
:bulletblack: Monthly Photography Critique Thread
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:bulletblack: Ideal Wildlife Photography Lenses- Please recommend/help!
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:bulletblack: How to find free photgraphers for a starting out model ?
:bulletblack: Head Shot Tips
:bulletblack: HELP!? Wedding Photos for begginers??
:bulletblack: First Flash
:bulletblack: Advice about getting your first DSLR
:bulletblack: your opinion: fall folliage, kodak gold or kodak portrait
:bulletblack: First home studio kit

Photography Books

Painting with Light by Eric Curry is a brand new book that has had some fantastic reviews. Eric gives some fantastic tips that will help you on your journey of capturing light painting images. It's well worth checking it out, having a read and practicing the techniques shared.


:bulletblack: The Illuminated World  - Hall Place, Kent, England.
A fascinating exploration of early photography and a world that no longer
exists through a recently unearthed collection of glass slide lanterns
by Photographer - Arthur Boswell.
:bulletblack: Cartier-Bresson: A Question of Colour - Somerset House, London, England.
An extensive showcase focusing on ways that North American and European
Photographers have utilized Bresson's famous decisive moment concept in
their colour work.
:bulletblack: Ansel Adams: Photography from the Mountains to the Sea - National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, England.
Including many 'never displayed before in the UK' prints from the famous Photographer - a definite must-see if you're local!
:bulletblack: Lucas Foglia: A Natural Order - 3 Jubilee Place, London, England.
First UK exhibition of Foglia's acclaimed series exploring life off the grid!


:bulletblack: What's Going On? is a great article with projects, contests and happenings that can earn you points and prizes. Check it out for more info.

:bulletblack: <a <br="">Halloween Contests - Find One Here!  is a roundup of all the currently announced Halloween events going on. Check back on the journal for regular updates!

:bulletblack:<a"http:"" journal="" capture-your-pumpkin-contest-329098291"="">Capture Your Pumpkin! hosted in the Still-Life-Stills group this contest is still life photography based. But do not fear - if you've never ventured into the Still Life World it doesn't matter! You can quite easily pick up your camera and get creative on this one. Plus there's a category for best carving why not get creative with the carving knife (and your pumpkin!)

:bulletblack:Monochrome Surrealism has launched over at Abstract-and-Surreal and challenges you to capture Surrealism in Monochrome.

:bulletblack:Recipe Challenge: Pesto be sure to check over at Still-Life-Stills for the recipe for this months challenge and the winners from last month.

:bulletblack:November Contest: Silver  is open at Still-Life-Stills and is
for your Silver themed still life photography. Head to the group to enter!

:bulletblack:Seasonal Portraiture Contest is open and is being hosted by communityrelations along with PeopleAndPortraits. Check it out as it challenges you to capture people in seasonal environments and creative ways! There is a fantastic prize list too.

Weekly Features to keep an eye on!

There's so much going on around the community especially for Volunteers that sometimes the awesome news can be missed out. I hope to share any weekly or monthly features that are ongoing here so that you can browse them at your leisure. If you know of something that needs to be listed let me know!

:bulletblue: dA Love for Everyone from lintu47
:bulletblue: Wonderful Wednesday from JamminJo
:bulletblue: Project Porkchop from Astralseed
:bulletblue: Spreading the dA Love from Quolia
:bulletblue: Weekly Light Hunters from MarcosRodriguez

The Community Volunteer Team - Photography

General Photography: Kaz-D | 3wyl

Architecture: AnaNaszynska

Abstract and Surreal: DpressedSoul

Animals, Plants and Nature: IsacGoulart

Darkroom: RockstarVanity

Artistic Nude and Fetish: Nyx-Valentine

Conceptual: DemonMathiel

Fashion: Pixel-Spotlight

Horror & Macabre & Cosplay: pullingcandy

Pinup and Glamour: DistortedSmile

Photo-journalism: xbastex

Street: StamatisGR

Groups to check out

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Get Involved...

You can get yourself into Photography Weekly just by sending me a note! Each week I look for:
:bulletblue: Spotlight Deviants
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:bulletblue: Spotlight Groups
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WhenPigsFry Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Alright, time to respond to the question of the week! "Does equipment matter?" Before I get to that question though, I thought it would be good to point out...

:bulletred: Ben Lowy is a professional photographer.
Ben Lowy, the gentleman who captured the photograph that is being used for one of the Time Magazine covers is a professional photographer, as were the other 4 photographers that Time hired to cover the events of Hurricane Sandy as they unfolded. Time and the photographers used the camera phone technology, not because of it's capabilities to capture great quality images, but rather the abilities of the technology to achieve instant results. I'll talk more about that later.

Alright, now for the question, Does equipment matter?

:bulletgreen: Yes!

But, the answer isn't just that simple. There are many factors that must be considered including:

:bulletyellow: Reliability vs Functionality
:bulletyellow: Ability to Operate Equipment
:bulletyellow: Availability of Resources
:bulletyellow: Personal Preference

The first one, reliability vs functionality, was the big deciding factor in the Time situation. For instance, they knew there would be a great chance of power outages thus, being able to send the photographs via the phone's signal, instantly, greatly improved the chances of getting the photographs out to the audience the quickest and most reliably. Thus, they hired photographers that have chosen to use camera phones to capture their images.

Put yourself into this situation. You have been contacted to take photographs of guests that will be attending a fundraiser for a high profile organization. It's a black tie affair. Chances are, you're not going to show up with your iPhone or a $5 disposable camera from Wal-Mart to photograph the occasional. Instead, you'll likely go with a little more reliable and functional set-up that would include a higher end camera where items like shutter speed, premature, ISO, etc... can be more precisely controlled. This will help ensure more consistent and reliable results in your photography.

On the other side of the equation, you probably don't want to lug all that expensive and heavy equipment with you all the time, so if you're just walking down the street and see something you want to photograph, the tool of choice might be that compact phone camera that you carry with you everywhere!

Next up in the list is the ability of the operator to control and operate the equipment. There's good reason you need a license to operate different pieces of heavy machinery. If you don't know what you're doing, something horrible could happen. Now, while taking a blurry overexposed photograph isn't quite the same as running someone over with a dump truck, giving someone who has no clue as to what aperture, ISO, focal length, light balance, etc... a camera that can be fine tuned in such a manner is useless to the user. I know, many have automatic settings nowadays, but what is the point of having the ability to control those items if you don't have the knowledge to do so. My mother falls into this category, that is why she has a very simple Sony point and shoot digital camera. It works for her!

When it comes to the availability of resources, this too could influence our equipment. A young, aspiring artist that is new to the photography realm most likely cannot at this point afford the best high-end latest greatest camera on the market. They will likely have to make some sacrifices and go for a model that will have some of the capabilities and functionality they desire, yet lack in other areas. Will this guarantee they will not be able to take great photographs like the other guy that does have the best equipment? No, because the art form is much more than the tools we use.

Also, in this category comes situations where you might not want to take that super expensive equipment. For example, in 2005 I spent the year in Iraq with the US Army. Of course I wanted to take a camera with me, but I knew that sand has a way of getting into every little nook and cranny over there, so instead of taking my nice SLR camera I went out and bought a mid-grade point and shoot digital camera... I think it was a Cannon. It worked just fine for recording my time and events that transpired. And if you're curious, that camera does still function except there is something in the lens cover that doesn't allow it to move freely and usually has to be gently coaxed into the open and shut position when you turn the camera on and off. Had I taken my SLR (which is not digital) that problem would more likely be with the shutter not releasing properly inside the camera body, thus leading to expensive cleaning and repairs.

Lastly comes personal preference. If you venture over to Ben's website ([link]) and read the 'about' area on the right of the page, he talks about shooting with bulky digital cameras, but now shoots with an iPhone. The reasons listed include things like the functionality and being able to send the photographs direct to his blog from his phone. What stands out to me though is he says he chooses to use the iPhone because, "In the last few years I have discovered that my iPhone has allowed me to capture scenes without feeling that I am once again on the job. To “point and shoot” has been a liberating experience. It has allowed me to rediscover the excitement of seeing imperfections and happy accidents rendered through the lens of my handheld device." He feels something in the art he is creating and the tools he is using, and in the end, that's what makes our art enjoyable.

I too have been playing with the camera on my cellular phone over the last few months. In fact, the latest of my pieces in my gallery are all shot on my Android Camera Phone, edited with PhotoShop and then shared with the world on deviantART. It has been a fun experiment and I've learned a lot from having to work with the limited capabilities of the camera on a phone. I would encourage all photographers to give it a whirl.

So, there is my answer to the question of the week. Now for the question that I really think is trying to be asked.... "Is anyone with a camera, regardless of type, a photojournalist?"

It's very possible.

I just had a discussion the other day here on dA with a young photographer who was uploading images of the destruction that was left in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Basically she was just posting photographs, and they didn't really tell me much of a story. I asked her if she could elaborate on the photographs and she told me that it was heartbreaking. My response was, that is a great start, what makes it so heartbreaking, what were you and others thinking as they saw the destruction, etc... Her response was something to the effect of hmmm... that would take lots of thought.

Yes, yes it would. But isn't that what we're all trying to accomplish with our art? To provoke deeper thought both of the artist and the audience. Isn't that what makes art, art and not just crap on the wall? Photojournalism takes this a step further by doing the same thing while preserving a piece of history at the same time.

So, can some guy on the Eastern US Coast with an iPhone and an idiot in the tide with wakes being created by one of natures furious storms be a photojournalist? I say, yes. It's not the tools we use, but how we use them and the outcome at the end of the day.
WhenPigsFry Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
BTW, My Iraq pictures can be seen here on deviantART: ~jgfeller-in-iraq
Urus-28 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
In photography the most important is the sight of the photographer, good equipment make things easier but it's all about the photographer. =)
Kaz-D Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
:nod: I agree!
DemonMathiel Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012   Photographer
Luv Ya :hug:
dekorAdum Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you for including my stuff :love:
Kaz-D Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
No problem!
dekorAdum Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
electricjonny Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Hah, not sure what to make of that article. And I wasn't about to follow all the links to dive deeper.

So. Does equipment matter? Of course. Is it the most important aspect? I don't think so. And speaking of instragram, well, I've never used it. But isn't just an image sharing site? And it lets you slap filters on things to make things look old? Heh, well spiffy. But it strikes me as "the latest fad" rather than anything of great importance. Most of those filters, while aesthetically pleasing maybe, are just the icing on the cake. Or something. It's the same as adjusting curves. Sure, it finishes off the picture, but they're all so copy/pasted to each image. Feels like cheap sun flairs people add in just because they can.

This might be an "old man shaking his cane at all the youngin's" thing here, but here's an actual full frame image, shot with my Pentax K1000 [link] Do people even know what that frame border is supposed to be or how it was done?

Anyway, not really sure what to take from that article. It wasn't really the best "does equipment really matter" sort of article.
L0NE-W0lf Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012
Maybe it's only me but, under "Contests" this is what I see:

:bulletblack: <a <br="">Halloween Contests - Find One Here! is a roundup of all the currently announced Halloween events going on. Check back on the journal for regular updates!

:bulletblack: <a"http:"" journal="" capture-your-pumpkin-contest-329098291"="">Capture Your Pumpkin!
Kaz-D Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Yep i see it too! But I'm not spending another minute of my time trying to change it. It's a stash issue unfortunately.
L0NE-W0lf Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012
Yeah I had stash issues after using it twice for articles and decided to revert back to the standard submission. :P
House03 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
That's what I'm seeing too. :/
L0NE-W0lf Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012
Good to know I'm not going crazy. :P
1pen Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012  Professional Photographer
No, it's not entirely about gear. Heck, I've written about how I've worked professionally with a five hundred dollar camera body. But for full-time sports, I know it's almost impossible to do well without proper glass, and tricky without a proper body. As soon as I was able to invest in fast glass I did and most people also don't realize that I have to replace my camera bodies every three to six months because of how hard and frequently I work them. Talent trumps gear, but the need for proper equipment, depending on how far you want to take your photography, will eventually hunt you down and eat your wallet. It's like long track speed skating during the 80s with the invention of the klap skate. An olympian is an olympian, but even he knows when a new technology shaves seconds off of his time. Does that make sense? Expensive gear doesn't mean you don't have to work your ass off, but it can make a difference when your butt is on the line for your job.
WhenPigsFry Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I've noticed in that if you copy and past URL's you have to make sure it pasts as plain text, for some reason sta.shWriter wants to convert them to links whick causes the problem like in the Contest section. Will be back to comment on the question above soon!
Kaz-D Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
I give up with that section, I spent over an hour on it earlier :(
WhenPigsFry Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Eitvys200 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
There is mistake in contest section. ;) However article is awesome as always. :)
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