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Photography Weekly Header created by TouchedD

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.  Art is knowing which ones to keep. 
~Scott Adams

I was fascinated this week by an article about the Photographer who survived a year only on Penguin Steaks. When I read further I was enlightened about an exhibition to the Antarctic that I had never before heard of. In 1914, Sir Shakleton along with 27 men, 69 dogs and a cat sailed from Buenos Aires to Antarctica. They wanted to be the first to cross the Antarctic Continent on foot. However their boat became trapped and they lived on the ship for 10 months. Some of the photographs captured of those moments are wonderful - timeless creations of moments when all you really have to keep yourself occupied with, is thinking and existing. To cut a long exhibition short, they spend almost two years (some of them) existing on penguins and biscuits. But the whole time they were there, Frank Hurley, a Photographer, was taking and developing photographs in a make shift darkroom which he created in the ship's refrigerator. My point is that many of us shy away from being ambitious (me included!) or doing something differently because we're unsure how or we think it will be too much trouble. If a man existing entirely on penguins, for two years, in a shipwreck in the Antarctic can develop photographs in a makeshift darkroom - then we have no excuse! Read more about it here.


:bulletblack: What's Going On is a great article with projects, contests and happenings that can earn you points and prizes. Check it out for more info.

:bulletblack: Halloween Contests - Find One Here! is a roundup of all the currently announced Halloween events going on. Check back on the journal for regular updates!

:bulletblack:Capture Your Pumpkin! hosted in the Still-Life-Stills group this contest is still life photography based. But do not fear - if you've never ventured into the Still Life World it doesn't matter! You can quite easily pick up your camera and get creative on this one. Plus there's a category for best carving why not get creative with the carving knife (and your pumpkin!)

:bulletblack:Abstract Colours Contest has launched over at Abstract-and-Surreal and challenges you to capture colour in abstract!

:bulletblack:Recipe Challenge: Pesto be sure to check over at Still-Life-Stills for the recipe for this months challenge and the winners from last month. October will be encouraging to create something with Pesto! Don't know what that is? Check out the group for more info!

:bulletblack:Orange Still Life Contest is open at Still-Life-Stills and is for your Orange themed still life photography. Head to the group to enter!

:bulletblack:Seasonal Portraiture Contest  is open and is being hosted by communityrelations along with PeopleAndPortraits. Check it out as it challenges you to capture people in seasonal environments and creative ways! There is a fantastic prize list too.

News & Events from Chats

Be sure to check out the Chat events Calendar and follow communityrelations for constant updates! Our schedule of Halloween events is coming soon!

Spotlight Deviant

DropxLife hasn't even been here for a full year yet but has a fantastic collection of inspiring works in his gallery. Working with black and white he captures emotion and feeling seemingly effortlessly.

Chuck Lewis III by DropxLifeChuck Lewis II by DropxLifeCarlos Francisco by DropxLife

Spotlight Group

rawFASHION is a new face on deviantart! rawFASHION is the tribal and animalistic side of high fashion. It is a group for fashion photography, artisan crafts and fashion design. This
is not about the pretty, modern, sleek and clean types of fashion - this is RAW!

Tribal princess by ceekay89

Project Educate

Check out the Schedule for upcoming weeks and head over now to projecteducate to get in on Photo-manipulation month! Also we're now recruiting for community week bloggers! If you're interested then note the group!

Art History

We're calling for all History Enthusiasts to get involved with the next few months of Art
History! Read the article and head over to
ArtHistoryProject to send a note and get involved. Don't forget it's Digital Art Month currently which means lots of historical info about Digital Art is emerging - follow the group for more information!

General Photography

Community Volunteers Kaz-D | 3wyl |

This week in Photography Troubleshooting we talked about how to capture mist effectively. It's a tricky topic, not least because mist is wet and affects the cameras! But there are ways around exposure problems and so on. If you're interested then please do check out the article. In the coming weeks we're going to focus on Halloween and then Fireworks. In the meantime if you'd like to see a topic written about or want to contribute, just send me a note! Don't forget to check out the latest edition of Celebrating Diversity!

People & Portraits Photography

This week I got a bit sad when browsing the People and Portraits gallery, that it was full of young people! Don't get me wrong, I'm not jumping on the age bandwagon, plus I am only 23 still - but it was sad that the older generation get buried in favour of modernism and vibrant young people. So I wrote an article Celebrating Age and I might even keep the series up who knows! We've focused on the male model this week in People and Portraits Exposed and I do encourage you to send me Daily Deviation suggestions for both male and female pieces! The former is vastly under-appreciated lately. Finally, don't forget to check out the People and Portraits Contest!

Still Life Photography

I love the reception that the Nom Nom Articles seem to get each time I publish one. You people really love your food! So as always, if you want to see a particular food featured just note me! This week we went for an Autumn warmer - Soup! Scroll up this page to check out the contests that we have going on in particular related to Still Life Photography. There's much happening at Still-Life-Stills as we have an awesome team over there doing all the things. claremanson put together a Still Life Music feature and maytel put together a feature of our Gallery Selections this week! Also there has been a new Photographer of the Week announced - head over to check out who it is!


Abstract & Surreal Photography

Community Volunteer DpressedSoul

The team at Abstract-and-Surreal have been very busy this week as usual. Check at the top of this article for the current contest going on and get involved! Check out Square Abstract and Abstract World for some fantastic features this week.

stack em by awjay

Darkroom Photography

Community Volunteer RockstarVanity

Another issue of Darkroom Exposed is out from RockstarVanity and exposes some under appreciated artists in the darkroom community! Check it out for more info.


Horror, Macabre & Cosplay Photography

Community Volunteer pullingcandy

Serenade me sinister is out once more with some wonderful horrific works and lyrics! Also pullingcandy has contributed to our Halloween Photography Troubleshooting article - keep an eye out for that in the next few weeks.

spying thru by princessrat

Street Photography

Community Volunteer StamatisGR

There's something new in town! Check out TheStreetSweeper and find out more about what it involves in this Article from StamatisGR There's also an issue of Friday Night Specials out too!

two_one_three by OskarAlfons

Photography Resources

Photographing Cityscapes is a really useful tool for doing exactly that. It's on a website that TouchedD showed me recently and actually the website itself is incredible. I'm surprised I haven't stumbled across it before. Do go and check it out, for there is a tutorial for almost everything photography related. It also inspired me to begin the Photography Glossary - a fixture for each Photography Weekly Article that explores a certain term - just briefly - for those who might not know what it means...
"Gamma is a technical term that measures the midtone brightness of a
digital image. Gamma is an adjustable value that allows you to alter the
brightness of the middle range of gray tones without radically changing
the image's shadows and highlights. "

News & Events From the Forums

:bulletblack: How to look for models
:bulletblack: Photographers whose work you admire
:bulletblack: Present for a Photographer
:bulletblack: Desensitized to saturation
:bulletblack: Alaska Wildlife
:bulletblack: First DSLR
:bulletblack: Should I upgrade now, or wait?
:bulletblack: First time photographing people at a shoot- tips?
:bulletblack: Best way to preserve memories?
:bulletblack: How to...?
:bulletblack: Types of portraits in photography
:bulletblack: Macro Lenses

Photography Books

If you're after light bedtime reading then The Tao Photography - Seeing Beyond Seeing isn't the first book I'd recommend! But it's fascinating in itself and looks at the Chinese Philosophy of Taoism and how it relates to Photography. Many regularly venture to such a book when they find their creativity waning and need a little boost. The caffeine of the Photography world as it were.

Weekly Features to keep an eye on!

There's so much going on around the community especially for Volunteers that sometimes the awesome news can be missed out. I hope to share any weekly or monthly features that are ongoing here so that you can browse them at your leisure. If you know of something that needs to be listed let me know!

:bulletblue: Making a Difference from 3wyl
:bulletblue: Weekly Light Hunters from MarcosRodriguez
:bulletblue: Wonderful Wednesday from JamminJo
:bulletblue: Project Porkchop from Astralseed
:bulletblue: Under 1,000 Views from L0NE-W0lf
:bulletblue: Square-ish from OliviaMichalski
:bulletblue: Colours from miontre

The Community Volunteer Team - Photography

General Photography: Kaz-D | 3wyl

Architecture: AnaNaszynska

Abstract and Surreal: DpressedSoul

Animals, Plants and Nature: IsacGoulart

Darkroom: RockstarVanity

Artistic Nude and Fetish: Nyx-Valentine

Conceptual: DemonMathiel

Fashion: Pixel-Spotlight

Horror & Macabre & Cosplay: pullingcandy

Pinup and Glamour: DistortedSmile

Photo-journalism: xbastex

Street: StamatisGR

Groups to check out

:iconstill-life-stills::iconshopping-for-stock::iconphoto--assignment: :icongothictemple: :iconblackwhitephotos: :iconbeautiful-bokeh: :icondapn: :iconbestofcolor: :iconphotographersdream: :iconurban-and-rural: :iconabstract-and-surreal: :iconcommunityrelations: :iconprojecteducate: :iconthrough-a-lens::iconr72: :iconstreetsnapshots: :iconcritique-it: :iconbeyond-borders: :iconsweet-photography: :iconphotography-inc: :iconphotographyportraits: :iconcasualphotography: :iconphotographyworld: :iconbreathtaking-photos: :icongothictemple: :iconbeautiful-bokeh: :iconwater-dreams: :iconlovely-square-pics: :iconpeopleandportraits:

Get Involved...

You can get yourself into Photography Weekly just by sending me a note! Each week I look for:
:bulletblue: Spotlight Deviants
:bulletblue: Underappreciated Deviants
:bulletblue: Spotlight Groups
:bulletblue: Photography related news
:bulletblue: Themes & Topics
:bulletblue: Featured Tutorials

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Thanks for the link!
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