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March 16, 2012
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Photography Weekly Edition Fourteen

Fri Mar 16, 2012, 12:11 PM

Photography Weekly Header created by TouchedD

"Take Only Photographs, Leave Only Footprints." - Urban Explorers Creed

Sometimes it's easy to forget the things around us that were once iconic and useful. In everyday life that could include a multitude of household objects, bits and bobs, clothes, gadgets - all sorts. But in Photography - a specific aspect of Photography - people close doors and board up buildings sometimes with little or no notice. They erect a fence around that old asylum and ship everything out or they install security guards at the boundaries of an army camp. Those places get forgotten and one day there will be nobody left that will remember them. That's where Urban Exploration comes in.

I'm not telling you to go out and scale the wall of your nearest derelict hospital in the name of photography. It takes a certain kind of person (and agility!) to do that anyway, but there are many depths to Urban Exploration some which are misunderstood or overlooked. You can get those shots without trespassing, breaking in, or doing damage. In fact one of the biggest rules of the urban explorer is as I quoted above - Take only photographs, leave only footprints. The idea is to capture for the sense of preservation.
Left To Nature by Kaz-D
A year or so ago I would never have dreamt that I would be wandering around an abandoned hospital with my camera, finding beauty in rotten decaying things. I never thought I would be crawling around in an abandoned army camp or standing on the edge of a cliff on the Isle of Wight taking photographs of a house that was falling into the sea. If you'd asked me a year ago, if I would even consider walking down a landslip with camera in tow - I'd have laughed. manically
Ventnor Radar Station by Kaz-D
The point is, lots of things are there for the shooting - you don't have to take risks or put yourself in danger to be an urban explorer . In Hampshire UK, where I live - many places are so accessible you can pull up in your car, jump out and shoot something amazing... At the bottom of this article you'll find some useful links to take you to urbex forums in your country (mostly) and some awesome resources!
The Green Mile by stengchen
Some of you might not be aware that you can suggest Urban Exploration pieces for Daily Deviations - send them to itsfrits You can also upload your own to the gallery found Here!

General Photography News

The rather fantastical ScENeYmE is going on a little Hiatus for a few weeks so head over and give her some luff. This means that I would have been on my lonesome with the General Photography Galleries had the awesome Pixel-Spotlight not existed! She's stepping in to help feature Daily Deviations for General Photography so send your DD suggestions to myself and her please!

Project Educate

There are just a few days left to enter the Project Educate Photography contest on Beauty! Lots of awesome prizes to be won. Check out the rules though.

Also over at Community Week this week JamminJo has posted  a Groups directory that is well worth checking out. And Echostar08 has introduced the famed Link System!

Photographers Wanted over in AshleyxBrooke's forum post. Ashley is planning to start up a Feature Friday news article and invites you to post thumbs of your work. Be sure to read the guidelines though!

Detail Of Kiky by AlienDragonLover
Sunset above Boston by bozonio
-- Photography -- by AshleyxBrooke

Spotlight Deviant victoriaaudouard

the underwater dream by victoriaaudouard:bigthumb282512955:
:bigthumb282541510:stuck in the ice by victoriaaudouard

victoriaaudouard is one of those photographers that beautifully combines Conceptual thoughts with Surrealist techniques. Recommended by the Abstract and Surreal Community Volunteer himself victoriaaudouard is certainly an artist to keep an eye on.

Spotlight Group Urban-and-Rural

I did try finding a group with a focus of Urban Exploration but all the ones that I did find appear to be inactive - some having journals posted from back in 2010! So the spotlight this week is on Urban-and-Rural

A group with all the gallery folders that span the Urban and Rural Photography Galleries including one especially for your Urbex shots
Hallway I by NichofskyThe wheelchair by ZerberuZUrbex 4 by Letchbo

Don't forget to check out their latest spotlight...Member Feature with Geolio!


Community Volunteer xbastex

There are two fantastic articles out by xbastex that explore masters of photography. Be sure to check them out and keep sending your photo-journalism DD suggestions his way.
Masters of Photography Part I
Masters of Photography Part II
Chinese New Year 2012 by ImpytheBiscuitHoli - Festival of Colors by ehabm
Happiness? by Con-G-fanMardin by MustafaDedeogLu

Conceptual Photography

Community Volunteer DemonMathiel

A rather beautiful article has been put together by the wonderful Mathias so be sure to check out Jewels Of the Night
Pearl Necklace by wishinbubbleWeb of pearls. by dzika-koala
Spider Necklace by JimmyJaszczurka.05882.p2. by zeenon

Abstract And Surreal Photography

Community Volunteer DpressedSoul

A new article is out over at Abstract-and-Surreal which explores Abstract Photography - Diagonal Lines
on the fence by Daisy919
Splinter by silverroses222
Spiraling up by T1sup

WhoNeedsColour's monthly feature is Out!
Girl by VideoCoco:thumb287544035:REM by zenibyfajnie

People & Portraits

Community Volunteers Kaz-D Pixel-Spotlight (Fashion) and DistortedSmile (Pinup and Glamour).

A beautiful article exploring Masculine Beauty was brought to my attention this week.
Albino me by maarkblivando by feel-urbanTurning Blue by schmoo15

Street Photography

Community Volunteer StamatisGR

Maid in Montreal by NestR
This week StamatisGR has reccomended a fantastic Street Photographer to keep your eye on. myraincheck has a wonderful gallery with some fine examples of the type of photography that makes street photography what it is.
Superman by myraincheck
Twins by myraincheck
Triplet by myraincheck

There is also some useful news to share from the Street Gallery Friday night Street Specials v3.2 is out again and the LIGHTHOUSE GALLERY
by the The-Yard-Collective group is worth looking at!

Artistic Nude and Fetish

Community Volunteer Nyx-Valentine

The Wednesday Feature this week explores Artistic Nude and Fetish Portraits with Tattoos.
Tattoo by lawrencew
Tattoo by NuDigi

Horror, Macabre and Cosplay

Community Volunteer pullingcandy

:bulletblue: Cosplay news includes The A, B, C's of Cosplay by pullingcandy worth having a look at and joining in with suggestions!
Lydia wedding dress by KifirCrazy leg by Ryoko-demonBetelgeuse 1 by RockySamson

:bulletblack:Horror/Macabre updates include Serenade Me, Sinister: Florence and the Machine.
Clean up your mess by artbyclarabellafaire
The River by xExcaliburx

Deviants to check out this week

Each week several deviants will get featured whose work follows the majority of a specific theme. This week it's Black and White Photography!

adagio by kevinsaintgrey

hungry by SimonSawSunlight
off granville by SimonSawSunlight
dog beach by SimonSawSunlight

Times square by lostknightkg
Haunted Highway by lostknightkg
By the lamp by lostknightkg

This Weeks Tutorial

Street Photography ... by cweeks
from cweeks
A useful pdf file to help you establish Street Photography
time square serene... by cweeks

Shinjuku by xMEGALOPOLISxCloudy Urban Test by kittycrime
Shattered 2 by TheSecretWhisper
Chateau Clochard - 2 by Makavelie
Once burning by Marco-art
Labyrinth School - The Hallway by DimitriKING
D E P O T by burningmonk
Connected by MiisammFading light on a dying Tower by Asgardrunner
Cell Block by B10ndevampHallway I by Nichofsky
Gargoyle II by stengchen
Agnus Dei by kKimago:thumb289161254:
.. by LaurentGiguereAbandoned 41 by Banderoo

Useful Urban Exploration Forums:

Urbex Forum UK
Whatevers Left UK
28 days Later UK
Forbidden Places Worldwide
Derelict Places - UK
Everything Goes Quiet - Blog
Interview with `Greenie - Urban Exploration Photographer by ^ScENeYme
Sick Britain
Canada Based Urban Exploration Forum
New Zealand Forum
American Forum
Polish Site

The Community Volunteer Team - Photography

The Community Volunteer Team -  Photography

General Photography: Kaz-D  
(ScENeYmE on hiatus see Pixel-Spotlight)

Abstract and Surreal: DpressedSoul

Animals, Plants and Nature: trevg and shuttermonkey

Architecture, Urban and Rural: itsfrits

Artistic Nude and Fetish: Nyx-Valentine

Conceptual: DemonMathiel

Fashion & General Photography: Pixel-Spotlight

Horror & Macabre & Cosplay: pullingcandy

Macro: hellfirediva

Pinup and Glamour: DistortedSmile

Photo-journalism xbastex

Street: StamatisGR

Groups to Check Out

:iconphoto--assignment: :icongothictemple: :iconblackwhitephotos: :iconbeautiful-bokeh: :icondapn: :iconbestofcolor: :iconphotographersdream: :iconurban-and-rural: :iconabstract-and-surreal: :iconcommunityrelations: :iconprojecteducate: :iconthrough-a-lens: :iconabstract-high-key: :iconr72: :iconstreetsnapshots: :iconcritique-it: :iconbeyond-borders: :iconsweet-photography: :iconphotography-inc: :iconphotographyportraits: :iconcasualphotography: :iconphotographyworld: :iconbreathtaking-photos: :icongothictemple: :iconbeautiful-bokeh: :iconwater-dreams: :iconlovely-square-pics:

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