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Abstract and Surreal

f f by gnato

Sub Categories

:bulletred: Abstract
Dreamcatcher by DianaCretu

:bulletred: Surreal
Duel by DianaCretu

Spotlight On...Surrealism

"Surreal photography would be more about creating a world or image which goes beyond the physical world as we know it. It usually shows something which would be impossible in real life or tampers with the line defining what is real and what is imaginary. Surreal = beyond the real."  - Shalora Former Community Volunteer

DianaCretu has a gallery that explores the boundaries of many different types of art. In terms of surrealism however she has some intriguing and mystery pieces that help explain the limitations and broadening horizons that can be met whilst exploring surreal photography.
The world is burning by DianaCretu
Blurs, angles, shapes and shades all can combine beautifully to create surrealistic pieces of photography.
Fret by DianaCretu
Air by DianaCretu

lauren-rabbit has the gallery to look at if you really want to know what Surrealism is all about. I stumbled across her work when I became the Abstract and Surreal Community Volunteer in 2010 and again when I opened the pages of Black and White Photography magazine a month or so ago and saw her there.
Christine and I by lauren-rabbitYear's End 2011 Ghosted by numbers by lauren-rabbit
Palimpsest by lauren-rabbitSelf portrait in black + white by lauren-rabbit

Abstract Photography with DpressedSoul

a little boat on the lake by morgondotterBroken 1 by Rob1962dirty window and a fake-sun by EvaShoots

In contrast to conceptual photography, you don't have to "prepare" anything if you just sharpen your eyes for all the readymades out there. You just have to discover them the details that are easily overlooked like withered road-markings, cracks in the wall paint, broken windows or rust on a container.

nougat by alisinwonderUnderworld by FalseMariasurface V by Octavus

If you linger on the details of such traces of decay you will be surprised how many opportunities for great abstract photographs will open up before you. You can discover persons, animals, landscapes, textures and many more.

Also don't forget to "play" with your photos afterwards. Rotate them, flip them, make overlays or kaleidoscopic pictures – and you will see how amazing results you can achieve by taking a closer look on decayed everyday items.

Ophelia by AiniTolonenTrail by Poromaa:thumb282080196:

Helpful Tips

:bulletblue: DpressedSoul takes suggestions for Abstract and Surreal Photography Daily Deviations and is always happy to help out with your queries and questions.
:bulletblue: Sometimes it's difficult to categorise your work and you can struggle to know whether your work was abstract or surreal. Take time to consider what majority of your work has the element of which aspect and then classify it from there.
:bulletblue: If you used manipulation to create your surreal or abstract image then you probably need to consider classifying it as Digital Art - Photo-manipulation. However you can think carefully about this. If your work could have been created with old digital darkroom techniques you might just get away with it!
:bulletblue: If you want some feedback on your Photography then come along to our critique night - details below:

Abstract and Surreal Feature

The Slit by Hengki24
Begonian Waves by o-BlueMoon-oRecurrence by lostknightkg
Free Play by Hengki24
West Coast by Hengki24
Lambda by dginiaFeathered Ice by NettyC
Jogja by Hengki24
Unstable by lostknightkg
Bleeding and healing. by LeMatos
Amidst Chaos by lostknightkg
Bubble by Hengki24Kawah Putih by Hengki24
Through the Abyss by Markus43Escape darkness by lostknightkg
Up Up And Away by incolor16
Broken by Serend1pity
Barbed-wire Fences Won't Keep Me by DpressedSoul

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Very fine article, Katy! Thank you very much for this spotlight on the abstract and surreal category! :love:
And thank you very much for the feature... :faint:
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