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Photography Bi-Weekly Header created by TouchedD

"Which of my photographs is my favorite?
The one I'm going to take tomorrow." ~ Imogen Cunningham

I'm loving jars this month. I'm not sure why, other than the fact that I saw some set up at a craft fair that I had a table at, and I just fell in love with them. A couple of large jars with some fairy lights nestled in them - the effect was immense. It was so simple too! Sadly the people weren't actually selling the lights, but once I'd made a little profit on my sales, I went over clutching my ten pound note and picked out a few. So I was delighted to see that on Flipboard today, there was an article exploring 19 great photos of jars. If you're stuck for inspiration, grab a jam jar (take the jam out first maybe) and start shooting. Shoot things through them, around them, in them - get creative! Jars are awesome. :D

Jar of Hearts by onwards-and-upwards
i keep them in a jar. by Camiloo

General Photography

Community Volunteers Kaz-D | 3wyl |

Firstly, we spent last week asking you for your thoughts on the photography galleries and how we approach, promote and deal with them as community volunteers. We're still gathering feedback, but you will see a few changes and more articles over the coming weeks as we work on your suggestions.

As you are likely aware by now, Photography weekly has become bi-weekly! Not for lack of news of course, but more for lack of time to put together the articles on a weekly basis. We're confident though that it will be much better this way and our efforts shall not waver! dekorAdum has put together a series of articles through the forums in which he asks you to share artwork along a specific theme, and then later on features those works through various groups. Check out the latest theme of Dogs and find out how you can get your work exposed. 3wyl has published another edition of To be Seen which focuses on hidden talent within the photography community.

This week our Troubleshooting article focused on capturing those pesky wriggly pets on camera. It's incredibly tricky sometimes, to know how to capture them at their best. Hopefully the article inspired by Talty's questions about photographing pets will be helpful. Check it out here. As always, if you have a query, let me know and we'll tackle it as best we can!

Community Relations News

We've said goodbye to a few volunteers in the past week or so and those include a lot of photography people whose terms have come to an end. Please give huge thanks to DpressedSoul for his work in the abstract and surreal gallery, DemonMathiel for his efforts in conceptual and StamatisGR for his amazing contribution to street photography. Other departures include WillowXD and ditto9 who we thank for their work in both 3d and Animation! That means that there are vacancies on the team for more volunteers. Check out the article here for info on what's available and how to apply.

Having said our goodbyes - we've also said our Hellos and Welcome Backs to a few faces! There have been some fantastic additions to the Community Relations team - take a look at these...
maytel - Artisan Crafts
arctoa - Abstract and Surreal Photography
rydi1689 - Manga & Anime
neiio - Skins and Themes
ValaSedai Icons and Handhelds
lost-angle - Chats and Forums
TheLastHuzzah - Vexel
PolyMune - Game Development Art
Katy-L-Wood - Chats and Forums
Endorell-Taelos - Chats and Forums
Nyiana-sama - Chats and Forums

Around the community, the first feature from group Arts-and-Health is up! Everyone is welcome to join and submit their own thoughts and ideas. Check out the first feature here. Another article of Did You Know? is out and highlights some things you probably didn't know about deviantART! The Digital Art Newsletter is out and rounds up lots of fantastic news from the past month within the digital art world. We've celebrated diversity once more this week with another article Exploring Diverse Works.

Spotlight Group

BWPortraiture is a brand new creation from DropxLife - it's new, it's exciting and it's waiting for you to go and submit your black and white portraiture RIGHT now! Head over to find out more.

Project Educate

Over at projecteducate it has been Community Week! It led straight into Darkroom week hosted by the wonderful TanyaSimoneSimpson. Community week has once again gone down well with the latest chat event well attended and well run by the heads of the community week team. Check out the news from the event here. Community Weeks are designed to bring a bit of everything to your inbox so that rather than focusing on a specific art form there are ample opportunities to learn about deviantART and various other bits and pieces. If you fancy writing an article for a future Community Week then please do note the group with your ideas and we'll get you involved!

:bulletblack: The Importance of Community Support
:bulletblack: Giving and Receiving Quality Feedback
:bulletblack: Interview with Jane Beata
:bulletblack: Groups Directory
:bulletblack: Interview with ScorpionEntity
:bulletblack: Mastering Typography
:bulletblack: The Importance of Good Artists Comments

Art History

It's still Stock and Resources month over at ArtHistoryProject but that's fast coming to an end and pretty soon - Artisan Crafts will be in full swing. January means Photography Month will be coming our way so if you're interested in writing an article please do note the group!
:bulletblack: Muses of the Masters
:bulletblack: Stock Provider & Stock User
:bulletblack: Need Faces?
:bulletblack: Clint Clemens
:bulletblack: Dreamy Theodor Kittelsen
:bulletblack: Need Textures?
:bulletblack: Need References?

Abstract & Surreal Photography

Community Volunteer arctoa

With the departure of depressedsoul the abstract and surreal community was briefly a little quiet and empty - but thankfully arctoa has stepped in to change all of that and take up where Florian left off! Head over to his page and have a read of his guidelines and suggest your Abstract and Surreal Daily Deviations his way!

Still Life Photography

Still-Life-Stills has opened up their gallery folders to allow Still Life Artisan Crafts shots! So if you've got something categorised as Artisan Crafts that's also applicable to Still Life Photography then you can now submit it! Tomorrow our new contest begins for December, you can probably guess the theme! But to find out more and enter, head over to the group tomorrow and see what we're doing.

Darkroom Photography

Community Volunteer TanyaSimoneSimpson

How to make a darkroom in your bathroom is a fantastic external link that will help you make the best out of a small space and a low budget. For those who are keen to delve into traditional darkroom, the article is the perfect guide!
It's projecteducate Darkroom week and already Tanya has brought you some fantastic articles. To get your started check out The Intro and follow it up with What is Traditional Darkroom and What is Digital Darkroom?


Fashion Photography

Community Volunteer Pixel-Spotlight

Merry has been working on a fantastic series of articles that exposes up and coming artists and highlights some hidden talent within the fashion photography world. Check out the latest edition here. Another awesome article is out entitled Fashion this week!

Pin-Up & Glamour Photography

Community Volunteer DistortedSmile

Lush! is out again and features a variety of works from the Pin Up & Glamour Community that have been suggested to DistortedSmile for Daily Deviations. Check it out for some incredible talent!

Photography Resources

OliviaMichalski has written a fantastic article this week on How To Improve your Closeup Photography. It's well worth checking out if you're looking for some hints and tips from a person that has incredible talent!

News & Events From the Forums

:bulletblack: Studio/Lighting Equipment
:bulletblack: Nikon D80
:bulletblack: Selling Prints
:bulletblack: What's more important to you?
:bulletblack: Pricing for one picture
:bulletblack: Canon or Nikon
:bulletblack: Nikon D5100 or Canon EOS 650D?
:bulletblack: Shooting underwater video
:bulletblack: How do you organize your photo library?
:bulletblack: Nighttime Stars
:bulletblack: Olympus E500?
:bulletblack: Ansel - Why do you love or loath him?
:bulletblack: First timer
:bulletblack: Tips
:bulletblack: Help~ Choosing macro filter

Photography Books

I was browsing for books this week and came across some fantastic E-books for photographers. These aren't free though, which is disappointing - but the quality is amazing and the content fantastic so I can see why! Golden Hours: A guide to photographing Sunrises and Sunsets is an E-book that does exactly what it says on the tin.

Weekly Features to keep an eye on!

There's so much going on around the community especially for Volunteers that sometimes the awesome news can be missed out. I hope to share any weekly or monthly features that are ongoing here so that you can browse them at your leisure. If you know of something that needs to be listed let me know!

:bulletblue: Friday Night Specials from StamatisGR
:bulletblue: Making a Difference from 3wyl
:bulletblue: dA Love for Everyone from Lintu47
:bulletblue: Project Porkchop from Astralseed
:bulletblue: Under 1,000 Views from Postmorteum
:bulletblue: Finding Beauty from RosleinRot

The Community Volunteer Team - Photography

General Photography: Kaz-D | 3wyl

Architecture: AnaNaszynska

Animals, Plants and Nature: IsacGoulart

Abstract and Surreal arctoa

Darkroom: TanyaSimoneSimpson

Artistic Nude and Fetish: Nyx-Valentine

Fashion: Pixel-Spotlight

Horror & Macabre & Cosplay: pullingcandy

Pinup and Glamour: DistortedSmile

Photo-journalism: xbastex

Groups to check out

:iconstill-life-stills::iconshopping-for-stock::iconphoto--assignment: :icongothictemple: :iconblackwhitephotos: :iconbeautiful-bokeh: :icondapn: :iconbestofcolor: :iconphotographersdream: :iconurban-and-rural: :iconabstract-and-surreal: :iconcommunityrelations: :iconprojecteducate: :iconthrough-a-lens::iconr72: :iconstreetsnapshots: :iconcritique-it: :iconbeyond-borders: :iconsweet-photography: :iconphotography-inc: :iconphotographyportraits: :iconcasualphotography: :iconphotographyworld: :iconbreathtaking-photos: :icongothictemple: :iconbeautiful-bokeh: :iconwater-dreams: :iconlovely-square-pics: :iconpeopleandportraits:

Get Involved...

You can get yourself into Photography Weekly just by sending me a note! Each week I look for:
:bulletblue: Spotlight Deviants
:bulletblue: Underappreciated Deviants
:bulletblue: Spotlight Groups
:bulletblue: Photography related news
:bulletblue: Themes & Topics
:bulletblue: Featured Tutorials

Photography Weekly has gone fortnightly and this is the first trial edition of the new pattern of articles! It's important that you let us know your thoughts on this, and what you'd like to see each fortnight and indeed whether you are happy with the change. Additionally it's up to the community to keep the article going with demand for topics and creation of fantastic articles and journals that we can share - keep your news, thoughts and feedback coming because we appreciate it all! This weeks edition covers new volunteers, fantastic conceptual photography inspiration, some useful Ebooks and more! :+fav: if you enjoyed it!
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