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Photography Weekly Header created by TouchedD

"Creativity, like human life itself - begins in Darkness "
-Julia Cameron."

I read a very interesting article this week debating Photography Vs Literature and which one of the two tells us more. Of course there is always the element that a picture could be accompanied by words but neither aspect is enough to tell a whole story. But as the article says, Photography has become a universal constant in the world today and is accessible to nearly everybody. Yet many still believe that only pure narration can truly tell a story. What are your thoughts? As Photographers we can choose to limit what we tell or show with a photograph, we can even mislead. Can we convey more with words? Or more with an image? You could describe a person with words but never truly give an accurate picture of who they are visually without a photograph...

Community Relations News

It's spirit day! You should have already heard about it by now, there is enough going on! But in case you hadn't, Spirit day exists to show support for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender young people who are the victims of bullying. But actually, spirit day can show support for everybody, regardless of sexual orientation e.t.c. Spirit Day has only been marked since 2010 - so this is the third year that we are joining together once more to show our support. What can you do? It's hard, in the great scheme of things, to know how you can make a difference. Ultimately you might not be able to do much -but the theme of Spirit Day is Purple. So why not change your avatar, your ID, your facebook profile picture - support Spirit Day in any way you can. The communityrelations team strongly supports Spirit Day so keep an eye on the group to find out what's going on today.

:bulletpurple: Spirit Day 2012
:bulletpurple: Every Day we're CV'ing!
:bulletpurple: Spirit Day Is Coming! (It's HERE!)
:bulletpurple: Traditional Tuesdays
:bulletpurple: Photomanip Happenings
:bulletpurple: Thank You UnicornReality
:bulletpurple: Artisan Crafts Features

:iconcommunityrelations: :iconcommunityrelations: :iconcommunityrelations:

News & Events from Chats

The Chat Events Calendar is beginning to fill up again. Check it out for news on our upcoming Halloween events and other bits and pieces. Don't forget that if you're running an event and would like some promotion, we are happy to pop it in the calendar and we always love receiving invitations!

Spotlight Deviant

Bagigi was reccomended for the spotlight this week by the Street Photography CV StamatisGR! Bagigi has a gallery full of absolutely fantastic moments captured in true street style  and it's worth having a browse and enjoying some of these wonderful shots!


Project Educate

The Project Educate Calendar shows you exactly what is coming up for the rest of the year. Have you been watching the articles coming from projecteducate? Did you know that you can contribute? Whether or not that means you contribute during our Community Weeks or whether you have an article to support a CVs week - we don't mind! We'd like to hear what you have to say. Please note the group if you fancy writing for us. Here's a list of what's going on this week as Photo-manipulation Month with Aeirmid continues.

:bulletpurple: A walk into a Dream with Caddman
:bulletpurple: Photo-manipulation: Exploring Texture
:bulletpurple: Dani-Owergoor and Flobelebelebobele On Their Art

Art History

Don't forget that ArtHistoryProject is looking for writers for the current and upcoming months. Whether you have a little bit to write about, or a lot - we'd like to hear from you and we'd love for you to get involved. Note the group if you fancy writing an article - and don't forget that Photography Month is coming up in January and you can get your name down now to write something!

:bulletpurple: Digital Art Versus Traditional Art
:bulletpurple: A History of Adobe Photoshop
:bulletpurple: An Interview with Sergi-Brosa

General Photography

Community Volunteers Kaz-D | 3wyl |

3wyl has released another issue of All Snapped Up and Photography Troubleshooting this week focuses on How to Photograph Food! If you want to see something Troubleshooted just send me a note.

People & Portraits

Kendra-Paige has critiqued her  own gallery in aid of creating a tutorial of what not to do when lighting your models! She has created a fantastic article exploring all sorts of things that should be avoided and rules that can still be broken. Check it out here! We have a couple of portraiture contests in the works now with the Seasonal Portraiture contest open for business and already seeing a few entries! Nyx-Valentine and DistortedSmile have teamed up to bring you the Halloweenie Contest!  DianaNohelova is out photographer of the week this week! Check out her work! People And Portraits Exposed has been submitted once again and this week includes a selection of the more recent popular images in the galleries. Monochrome Eyes is a weekly series that features people and portrait photography in black and white!

.. ...autumn by iliushka

Still Life

Once again the Photographer of the Week has been announced and there's yet another issue of Nom Nom out! A selection of images from our galleries this week have also been Featured and finally - we've turned our avatar purple for Spirit Week! Don't forget our challenges over at Still-Life-Stills with lots of awesome prizes to be won.
:bulletblack: Orange Contest
:bulletblack: Recipe Challenge
:bulletblack: Capture Your Pumpkin

Architecture Photography

Community Volunteer AnaNaszynska

dekorAdum has interviewed a fantastic Architecture Photographer this week - Check it out here to find out more and learn what makes Einsilbig tick!

Abstract & Surreal Photography

Community Volunteer DpressedSoul

WhoNeedsColour have put together their monthly showcase of features. Check it out here! Also :devabstractandsurreal: have submitted Abstract World III.

Artistic Nude & Fetish Photography

Community Volunteer Nyx-Valentine

The Halloweenie contest as mentioned above is in full swing and covers the artistic nude and fetish photography galleries! Check out the contest and get creative, you can enter with various different areas of photography! Check out the article for full rules and regs.


Conceptual Photography

Community Volunteer DemonMathiel

The group ConceptualPhotos has branched out to facebook so that you can share your conceptual work and favourite images with ease and with a broad audience. Check out their journal for more information!

Photo-Journalism Photography

Community Volunteer xbastex

Doc! Photo Magazine has been shared by xbastex It's a monthly web magazine devoted to Photography but focuses primarily on documentary style photos! Reccomended Artists is also out!

Street Photography

Community Volunteer StamatisGR

Friday night Street Specials v10.2 is out once more and gives you something different to look at! Head over to StamatisGR's page today for the latest edition this Friday! The Spotlight Artist in Photography Weekly this week is also Street Photography related and was suggested to me by StamatisGR


Photography Resources

Aperture is an interesting online Photography magazine of sorts that spans lots of different types of photography and brings to light many different aspects of the art form. Also in line with the Food Photography Troubleshooting this week I've got a Food Lighting tutorial to share! Check it out below.

News & Events From the Forums

:bulletblack: Finding Models
:bulletblack: Film Photography Techniques
:bulletblack: Any good FREE Adobe PS CS6 Plugins out there?
:bulletblack: What camera would you recommend?
:bulletblack: Films That Inspire Your Photography
:bulletblack: Present for a Photographer
:bulletblack: Renting props

Photography Books

The Art of Photography is definitely one for the Christmas wishlist this year. Bruce Barnbaum goes further and deeper into explaining the intangibles that make a great photograph than anyone else ever has. If you want to learn how to create powerful photographs instead of just snapping away and hoping something turns out later in your computer, this is the one book that you must read!

Weekly Features to keep an eye on!

There's so much going on around the community especially for Volunteers that sometimes the awesome news can be missed out. I hope to share any weekly or monthly features that are ongoing here so that you can browse them at your leisure. If you know of something that needs to be listed let me know!

:bulletblue: Project Comment's Under appreciated Feature from 3wyl
:bulletblue: Wonderful Wednesday from JamminJo
:bulletblue: Under 1,000 Views from Postmorteum


:bulletblack: What's Going On is a great article with projects, contests and happenings that can earn you points and prizes. Check it out for more info.

:bulletblack: Halloween Contests - Find One Here! is a roundup of all the currently announced Halloween events going on. Check back on the journal for regular updates!

:bulletblack:Capture Your Pumpkin! hosted in the Still-Life-Stills group this contest is still life photography based. But do not fear - if you've never ventured into the Still Life World it doesn't matter! You can quite easily pick up your camera and get creative on this one. Plus there's a category for best carving why not get creative with the carving knife (and your pumpkin!)

:bulletblack:Abstract Colours Contest has launched over at Abstract-and-Surreal and challenges you to capture colour in abstract!

:bulletblack:Recipe Challenge: Pesto be sure to check over at Still-Life-Stills for the recipe for this months challenge and the winners from last month. October will be encouraging to create something with Pesto! Don't know what that is? Check out the group for more info!

:bulletblack:Orange Still Life Contest is open at Still-Life-Stills and is for your Orange themed still life photography. Head to the group to enter!

:bulletblack:Seasonal Portraiture Contest  is open and is being hosted by communityrelations along with PeopleAndPortraits. Check it out as it challenges you to capture people in seasonal environments and creative ways! There is a fantastic prize list too.

:bulletblack: Reinterpretation Contest! - A photography contest about re-interpreting held by WintersRead! If you're not photography minded don't worry, there are many mediums you can enter with!

The Community Volunteer Team - Photography

General Photography: Kaz-D | 3wyl

Architecture: AnaNaszynska

Abstract and Surreal: DpressedSoul

Animals, Plants and Nature: IsacGoulart

Darkroom: TanyaSimoneSimpson

Artistic Nude and Fetish: Nyx-Valentine

Conceptual: DemonMathiel

Fashion: Pixel-Spotlight

Horror & Macabre & Cosplay: pullingcandy

Pinup and Glamour: DistortedSmile

Photo-journalism: xbastex

Street: StamatisGR

Groups to check out

:iconstill-life-stills::iconshopping-for-stock::iconphoto--assignment: :icongothictemple: :iconblackwhitephotos: :iconbeautiful-bokeh: :icondapn: :iconbestofcolor: :iconphotographersdream: :iconurban-and-rural: :iconabstract-and-surreal: :iconcommunityrelations: :iconprojecteducate: :iconthrough-a-lens::iconr72: :iconstreetsnapshots: :iconcritique-it: :iconbeyond-borders: :iconsweet-photography: :iconphotography-inc: :iconphotographyportraits: :iconcasualphotography: :iconphotographyworld: :iconbreathtaking-photos: :icongothictemple: :iconbeautiful-bokeh: :iconwater-dreams: :iconlovely-square-pics: :iconpeopleandportraits:

Get Involved...

You can get yourself into Photography Weekly just by sending me a note! Each week I look for:
:bulletblue: Spotlight Deviants
:bulletblue: Underappreciated Deviants
:bulletblue: Spotlight Groups
:bulletblue: Photography related news
:bulletblue: Themes & Topics
:bulletblue: Featured Tutorials

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Studioxil Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012  Professional Photographer
Thank you! ;)
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what a great honor!
Thanks for featuring the Inteview... :happybounce:
Kaz-D Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
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WhenPigsFry Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Do you have a link to the original article, sounds like a good, thought-provoking read.
Kaz-D Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
I've been searching and I failed :( it was some Philly blog. Taught me a lesson though, links included this week! :D
WhenPigsFry Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:D That's Okay, I lose links all the time! :shrug:
CurtisNeeley Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012  Professional Photographer
Photography does not need words to communicate but often works better for communicating when accompanied by words. I will add on extremely poignant example to my gallery. See, - I was inspired to post art by the literature written here and NOT the images here.

I am involved in litigation against the FCC that will change the way indecent photography is handled on internet wire communications FOREVER! This is WAY newsworthy but won't be mentioned by the news or media in hopes of keeping the status quo of porn accessibility.
Neeley Jr v FCC et al, (5:12-cv-5208)
StamatisGR Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012   Photographer
:icondeathhugplz: :glomp:
Kaz-D Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Xcetera Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012  Professional Photographer
I think that it's sort of redundant to compare literature with photography. Photographs are glimpses into something. Not saying literature can't be that, but it's so inherently different that it's really hard to draw any lines that solidly compare them. To say that a photograph "tells" a story is a bit of a stretch - a photograph suggests a story, I would say? And at that, maybe not even the same story for different people.
Kaz-D Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Aye I agree for the most part :nod:
Kendra-Paige Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012   Photographer
Thank you so much for featuring my tutorial and forum thread! :heart:
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