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Photography Weekly: Edition Four

Fri Dec 9, 2011, 12:03 PM

Photography Weekly Header created by TouchedD

Project Educate: Transport Photography

This week has been Transport Photography week for Project Educate and has brought a contest that so far, has little or no entries.
Please please please get submitting before Sunday for a chance to win some amazing prizes.
You've nothing to loose! Check out This Blog for more info.
Here is a summary of the articles so far - please do check them out:

:bulletpink: Vintage Cars
:bulletpink:Photographing Cars
:bulletpink:Stock Photography and Transport
:bulletpink:Transport Photography and Military
:bulletpink:Artist Spotlight Dmack
:bulletpink:Transport Daily Deviations
:bulletpink:Planes and Trains
:bulletpink: Photographing Boats

Discovering Photography

kinipelahh got inspired by Moonbeam13's Discovered journal series and started to put together journals featuring Photographers found using just the Discovery Tool
You can check out her latest article Here.
skymonger by schnotte
On a side note - if you use the discovery tool and find someone post them here - next week we'll feature the discovered artists :D

Theme of the Week at Through-a-Lens

The theme this week is Animals so head over and submit your work to the folder!
Owlets by LadyCarnal Summer wind by LadyCarnal Blue sky by LadyCarnal

Pin Up and Glamour

DistortedSmile has brought another feature this time looking at Lust Beauty and Envy Please check it out and don't forget to fav!
august blues by mebilia Ethereality by regularflavor

Mature Content

waters by AncaCernoschi

Artistic Nude

Nyx-Valentine has done two weekly features Artistic Nudes - Unique Poses and Fetish Feature - Masks

Mature Content

Torture by Lucisang

Mature Content

Fetish shiek by satinephoenix

Mature Content

The Mask by deluxa

Urban and Rural

fritsenator is Asking for your feedback in a journal that marks a few months since taking over the Urban and Rural Gallery.

Urban-and-Rural have come to the end of their weekly themes but do not fear! Instead they are encouraging you to submit your work for a chance to be featured.

Shanghai street by yanjin New York - Night by DarkSaiF A man dowtown by cameraflou

Street Photography

Friday night Street Specials v12.1  is another article brought to you by StamatisGR

Spotlight Group

From the second you land on ahorafotografia's page you'll be inspired and wow'd. I can almost guarantee it! Founded only five months ago the group is already popular and explores many genres of Photography. Please head over and see for yourselves!
Walk in the fog by Chris-Lamprianidis
Thanks to kinipelahh for the suggestion

Spotlight Artist Fladfisk

Eye surgery by Fladfisk
Fladfisk is a Photographer from Denmark who explores traditional methods to create surreal, poignant and sometimes haunting images.
Far away by Fladfisk

Featured CV Choice

Both myself and DpressedSoul have been amazed and astounded by this young artists work and I'm sure many other Community Volunteers will agree that her dedication and hard work suggesting and unearthing hidden gems within the photography galleries is fantastic. OliviaMichalski is  a young German photographer, dedicated to fine art. She's also doing great "Squareish Features!"

Your Photography News

Have a weekly article you'd like to see here? Note me!

Pierre-Lagarde has been creating colour themed entries and Make it Purple is worth checking out!
S T A I R S by gariox13

Point of Simplicity Project

POINT OF SIMPLICITY is a free e-magazine about fine art photography, run by a tiny group of volunteers here on DA.
It features beautiful photographic works from fellow deviants and talented photographers from all over the Internet.
There have been five issues so far, each of them has its own theme.
The magazine considers photography submissions for upcoming issues,
so you are welcome to take a chance and send in your works!

ISSUE 5 PINHOLE is OUT by teyasaveleva
Thanks to :devSavatey for bringing it to my attention!

Tutorials and Thoughts

Finally, since we're so near to Christmas I decided to include a couple of Christmas related tutorials from youtube that you might find useful this season!
Photographing Stock is an excellent time lapse video from Tanya Reynolds. Not so much a tutorial but more of a festive insight! And Photo-Extremist Light Tutorials shares six excellent ways of capturing light exposures this season with Christmas trees and other festive glows!

I was recently reading some feedback quotes from Annie Leibovitz who was the Staff Photographer for Rolling Stone Magazine for Ten years. Leibovitz is said to have a way of reaching inside the soul of her subjects and bringing it out in her photographs. A traditional Photographer at heart she mentions in her writings something about how Photography is surrounded by computing, shortcuts, quick ways and replacement methods but in reality it will always be chemical. Whether that's endorsed in the methods we use such as digital darkroom or whether it's part of the reaction between Photographer and Subject. Still develop using old methods and manipulate using in camera techniques? Excellent! Keep it strong people :heart:

The Photography Team

:bulletpink:General Photography
Kaz-D kinipelahh and pullingcandy
:bulletpink: Animals, Plants and Nature
trevg  and shuttermonkey
:bulletpink: Artistic Nude
Nyx-Valentine and ClickClickBangUK
:bulletpink: Fetish
Nyx-Valentine and serpentinekiss
:bulletpink: Abstract and Surreal
:bulletpink: Urban, Rural and Architecture
:bulletpink: Cosplay, Horror and Macabre
:bulletpink: Macro
:bulletpink: Pinup and Glamour
:bulletpink: Street
:bulletpink: Conceptual Photography
:bulletpink: Fashion Photography
You can find the rest of the CV Team at communityrelations

Photography Squares

I feature a random selection of appropriately sized images from the Photography gallery every few days or so. Got a square you want included? Note me :)
:bulletgreen:Photography Squares 1#
:bulletgreen: Photography Squares 2#
:bulletgreen:Photography Squares 3#
:bulletgreen:Photography Squares 4#
:bulletgreen:Photography Squares 5#
:bulletgreen:Photography Squares 6#

Previous Articles:

:bulletred: Photography News 1#
:bulletred: Photography News 2#</a>
:bulletred:Photography News 3#

Winter by tomeq
The winter... by mechtaniya
Winter by voorikvergeet
Winter Flight by IgorLaptev
Winter eyes by Citrusfrukt

Skin by trezoid (modified by Kaz-D)
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gariox13 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2012
thanks :)
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Oh my god, thank you so much for featuring me.. :blush:
It's a great honor to be chosen from the CV's! :faint:

I love you all! And I love to suggest DDs. :heart:

You're awesome!

I really like to read your NewsArticles :)
trevg Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011  Professional Photographer
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Very informative! Lots of work on your part... thanks!
Kaz-D Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you kindly! :)
DpressedSoul Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Great article and very nice features, Katy! :aww:
Kaz-D Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you! :)
schnotte Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2011   Photographer
thanks for putting my picture in this nice feature!
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