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:bulletblack: How did you make the transition from stock photography to pure portrait work and other Photography?

I think I transitioned quite smoothly! It seemed like a natural step! Also, with stock you don't really edit and i enjoyed using concepts on myself that i planned for others and getting to know how to edit images etc.

:bulletblack: Do you have any other artistic talents?

YES! well, I studied illustration for 3 years at university, so i dabble in that from time to time! I also help to plan photoshoots too and I model occasionally! Thats it hah.

:bulletblack: Sounds like a fantastic variation of things!� What are your top tips for stock creators?

Make sure your quality is up to scratch guys! bigger the better :eyes: Also get to know the categories so you don't miscat anything! Finally, have fun! stock allows you to be really creative so have fun, and don't let anyone bring you down!

:bulletblack: What's the wackiest thing you've seen your stock used for?

Ermm oh god, a vampire character profile on some weird website. I was called David. It was very strange!

:bulletblack: How do you USE stock?

I use stock for reference! to draw from. But of course you can vector, or use them in a photo manipulation.

Anything else?

STOCK OR BE STOCKED? that is the question. Also more male stock plzkthx.


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